How Smart Home Products Can Help Routines With Children

In early February, we published an article here showing 5 technologies that make routine at home easier. Now, along Positive smart homeWe bring some examples of how products Smart home Can help with routine Children.

The dream of every parent is to make their home safe and comfortable for their children, especially when they are small or children. In this way, using technology like smart devices can make daily life easier for both parents and children. Whether monitoring or setting up a routine, these devices are a great help for families.

Learn more about Smart home productsCheck out the list below along with the main items that can help parents and children in their routine.

  • Smart Camera (Child Monitor) via Wi-Fi

An option for those who have children Smart camera Work through that WiFi. Serving as a baby monitor, this type of device can be easily installed next to the crib, and can be very useful when the baby is alone in the room. So if the child is awake in another room of the house, parents can see it in real time through the mobile app.

There are several options available on the market for such products, e.g. Smart camera bot Wi-Fi 2nd generation, Which emits two-way audio for anyone watching via the smartphone app. This particular device captures 360 ° images in FullHD and works in dark environments.

Regarding this product, Jose Ricardo Tobias, who is responsible for Positive Casa Intelligent, revealed: “Because they are Wi-Fi cameras, they monitor in real time and the pictures can be viewed directly from the smartphone, from anywhere. They can detect movement and create real-time notifications for those who are caring for the baby, as well as allow the user to remotely change directions to 360º. “

  • Security products: alarms and sensors

For parents, child safety is a priority. And to help with that, Alarm system and sensors Smart can help them to ensure that children are not endangered at home. Such equipment can detect the presence of children in hazardous places, such as the laundry room or kitchen. These products are primarily for toddlers who already know how to walk and who tend to mess with everything because of their age.

The Safe house kit For example, it has a smart alarm center, a remote control, motion sensors and alarms for opening doors and cabinets, to help parents keep their children away from the dangers of daily life.

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“These devices signal to parents or caregivers that the child has crossed a certain area and can even notify the opening of a clean product cabinet, for example. It enhances the safety of children and the peace of mind of those who care for them. “Tobias explains.

  • Smart plugs with electronics usage limits

Controlling children and adolescents seems like an impossible task, in addition to conversations, parents usually take more drastic action if they are disobedient, for example, Usage control Excessive use of video games or computers. To do this automatically, parents can connect these devices to one. Smart plugWhich acts like a switch to turn off non-smart appliances.

That way, through the mobile app, parents can set an agreed time for their children to use an electronic device connected to an outlet. According to Tobias, with the app, Positive Casa Intelligent’s smart plugin Energy consumption.

The device still works via voice commands Google Assistant And gives alexa.

  • Routine with smart bulbs

Letting young children sleep can be extremely tiring for parents, so in some cases waking them up is virtually impossible. Therefore, different models Smart light bulb This can make the task a little easier. Although it may seem simple, the body wakes up or calms down when the lights are on or off in a room.

According to Tobias, positive lighting devices have voice assistants, e.g. alexa Or Google Assistant Which allows parents to set all lights on or off automatically.

  • Voice assistant for storytelling

We have already talked about the importance of voice assistant in some previous items, however, this feature can be used in other ways, now for the children themselves. The assistants like alexa Or Google Assistant Small ones can be used for entertainment for a long time.

Among the functions available, both the child and the parent can request that the devices contain Stories. In addition, the assistants also play Song And may point Prank And Games Children


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Source: Positivo Casa Inteligente


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