How About Cubs Bullpen, Morel Still Awesome, Bad Day Choosing All Priorities, And Other Baby Shots

It’s one Saturday where the break-up of Kid Activities is just around the corner, and we’ll be walking around all day. All is well, though, so I do not care. I just mean I have a head on the swivel.

• It seems there is only one moral victory for Ana this year, and last night’s 10-minute innings at the Bullpen’s Yankee Stadium for Ana Daniel Norris, who was due to come back to play immediately after Wade Miley’s injury). They all I looked well, too. Chris Martin looked ready to be shaken, even after being fired. Mychal Givens did this amazing feat when he didn’t throw a single running ball in his best innning (so it was fun). David Robertson had the best movement on curveball that I have probably seen all year. Brandon Hughes and Rowan Wick grabbed their stuff through two innings each. Scott Effross, I mean, does what he does.

• Even Norris, who has had a frustrating year, also showed some bad things. Did you realize he has a 34.1% risk this year? Heck, 4.35 His rest ERA is no longer Bad (only 5% worse than the league average). If your support for the WORST is small and beats more than one-third of the fighters, I would say you have formed a very good bullpen team. And that is despite the fact that Codi Heuer, Brad Wieck, Manny Rodriguez, Ethan Roberts, and Adbert Alzolay were temporarily injured!

• Real fun (?) Fun on the Cubs’ bullpen all year: they have the best xFIP in baseball, which IS a FIP measure that attempts to eliminate inconsistencies in home runs (sometimes the same touch leaves the same ball point. without leaving one, sometimes there are weather items, sometimes there is a ball, etc.). In other words, if the running trees at home were working as expected of Ana, they would have the best bullpen in baseball. But, with the ERA, they are not in the top baseball team. That is to say: The Bulls have been very good, unless they have stopped their expulsion. As a result it may be bad or it may be immutable or it may be a combination of the two. Do with what you want.

• * (Speaking of the unbeaten run home at Yankee Stadium, I just noticed that one Jason Heyward was 96.3 mph from a passenger and had an average strike rate of .330. I swear I won’t do any extra work to stay strong on Heyward. and, well, it appeared for obvious reasons.)

• Chris Morel is always funny and fun and kind:

• Now past the 100-plate shape mark, Morel hits .303 / .388 / .528 / 154 wRC +, which is just a waste. The most interesting thing for me, depending on how they are growing, is that they are going 11.7% of the time and only hitting 21.4% of the time. He has not been successful or beaten since he was 18 IN the DOMINICAN SUMMER LEAGUE. I just brought out my thoughts that I was looking at there.

• Often, the boys who hit the ball as hard as Morel do, and who put up such numbers are the same. stars. I don’t know if he can continue all this season, but once you pass the 100 plate mark, it makes sense.

• Willson Contreras was free to pursue a lawsuit against Ana. According to NBC, he was not worried, but did not want to hear bad things about himself and then think about it later.

• Note – Homage buys one, get 40% off today and shipping for free. Tons of baseball equipment (even tons of other random items, too).

• Kevin Alcántara, still unfulfilled, has a lot of power that is ridiculous. Opposite field, high-rise, no douter:

• We see this story being played over and over again on the farm this year, and here’s what you want to see: Guys are forced to get promoted, suffer first at his new level, and then start in a week or two. (This tweet was inspired by Alexander Canario, who is RAKING at Double-A now, but would have had almost no hope.)

• You have to click on the tweet to see all the words, because it goes on and on and the picture is cut, but here’s Tony La Russa trying to defend his deliberate move to Trea Turner in the 1-2 count and two come out to face Max Muncy, who came back:

• The shocking news of the 2017 first-choice Royce Lewis, who is back this year looks very good – not playing since 2019 – to make this happen:

• It was a bad day for the first elect. The guy who was first taken next year? Tommy John’s surgery is performed, although in a special case:

• I always get nervous when I meet Aaron Judge. Frank Schwindel SI young:

• Just wait until Khalil Mack stops next to Aaron Donald one day on the street:

• Ben Joyce, a college firefighter who everyone loves, is now extending to more than 60 square feet:

• There has been a team that wants to give him a chance to start small leagues, so make him as big as those who have chosen compensatory / competitive balance after the first round. I’m just skeptical. I don’t think he will stay on the board by the time the Cubs select a second division, and I don’t know if you can use your choice if you think it is useful. Dang if he doesn’t like to follow, though.

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