Hortolândia started vaccinating children aged 4 years, this Thursday (28/07)

The occasion will likely be held at 7pm at Jardim Amanda’s Arlindo Jadi Cultural Unit.

The public can try totally different types and genres of music on the “Winter Recital” promoted by City Hall. The occasion will characteristic displays by college students and academics from the town’s music colleges this Wednesday (27/07). The recital will happen at 7 p.m., on the Elizabeth Keller de Matos Theater, contained in the Arlindo Jadi Cultural Unit, positioned at 280 Graciliano Ramos Street, Jardim Amanda. Admission is free to the general public, with free indicative scores. The prefecture reinforces that it’s obligatory to put on a masks to look at the displays.

The recital brings collectively artistes, college students and academics from personal and public music colleges within the metropolis. The goal is to present visibility to the formation and creation of various types and genres of music happening within the municipality. The curatorship was created by the academics Dalet Dias (Escola Almeida Dias) and Adeline Silva (Escola Musical’Art). The occasion kicked off this Monday (25/07) with a workshop and present by gospel musician Leonardo Gonsalves (photograph).

The recital schedule continues by means of Saturday (07/30) (see schedule beneath). The program can be out there on the Secretary of Culture’s Mapa da Cultura web site and through the QR code within the hooked up file beneath.

During the occasion, the general public will be capable of follow solidarity by donating one kg of non-perishable meals. (*4*) campaigns will likely be promoted by Funsol (Social Solidarity Fund), a company at City Hall. Donations will likely be meant for socially susceptible folks.

Check out the schedule for this Wednesday’s “Winter Recital” beneath:

7:00 pm: Professor Jacqueline Cavalcante and college students (School Fingering Feelings)

– Lauane Pereira Gonçalves Batista (Organ)

Music: “Canon in D Major” (Johann Pachelbel)

– Gabriela Vitoria de Oliveira (organ)

Music: “Rondo Alla Turka” (Wolfung Amadeus Mozart)

– Jamie dos Santos Guimaraes (organ)

Music: “Minuet III” (Johann Sebastian Bach)

– Andrew dos Santos Soares on welfare (organ)

Music: “A Thousand Years” (Christina Perry)

– Camila Silva Ribeiro Soares (organ)

Music: “Nocturne” (Frédéric Chopin)

– Ana Beatriz Rodríguez dos Santos (organ)

Music: “Minuet in G Major” (Christian Petzold)

– Helóizy Marilia Martins (organ)

Music: “Minuet V” (Johann Sebastian Bach)

– Maristella Chaparim (organ)

Music: “Married Life” (Michael Giacchino, theme from the film “Up – Altas Aventuras”)

– Professor Jacqueline Pereira (Organ)

Music: “Ballad pour Adeline” (Paul de Cenville)

19:30: Professor Leandro Souza and college students

– Kayo (cello)

Song: “Song of the Wind” (Suzuki Book 1)

– Peter (cello)

Song: “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” (Suzuki Book 1)

– Stelly (cello)

Song: “French Folk Song” (Suzuki Book 1)

– Anderson (cello)

Music: “Barcaroll No. 47” (Friedrich Dotzauer)

– Donizet (cello)

Music: “Dotzauer” (Donizet)

– Cello Ensemble (Cello Group)

Song: “Lemon Cake” (group author)

– Hamilton

Music: “Prelude 2 Cellos” (Dmitri Shostakovich)

20h: Professor Felipe Tono and college students

Enzo Ramos (violin)

Music: “First Movement of Concerto in B Minor, Op. 35” (Oscar Riding)

20:30: Professor William Albert and college students

– Marcia Boracci (piano) and Giovan Boracci (guitar)

Songs: “Blue Bossa” (Kenny Dorham) and “Fly Me to the Moon” (Burt Howard)

– Lucas Costa

Songs: “Pro Romero” (Deborah Gurgel) and Crystal” (Cesar Camargo Mariano)

Winter Recital Schedule:

7/28 (Thursday):

– 7 p.m.: Teacher Estefany Nunes and college students

– 7:30 pm: Teacher Belise Cunha and college students

– 20h: Teacher Sibele Peruso and college students

– 20:30: Professor Wilson Dias and Damaris Martins and college students

Day 29/07 (Friday):

– 7pm: Hortolandia Caipira Viola Orchestra

– 20h: Professor Lemuel Cordeiro and college students

– 20:30: Professor Camille Valle and college students

Day 7/30 (Sunday):

– 10h: Professor Lane Silva and college students (Musical’Art School)

– 11 a.m.: Teacher Dalet Dias and college students (Almeida Dias School)

– 3pm: Professor Jennifer da Silva Mendonça and college students (Escola Ateliê da Música)

– 4 pm: Liara Mendes Teachers and Students (Liara Musical Teaching School)

– 18:00: Professor Mizael Alves and college students

– 18:30: Professor Selma Epifania and college students (Instituto Perugini)

– 7 pm: Symphonia Music School

This article was submitted by the municipality of Hortolandia

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