History of the last ball, Azzurri di Santa Croce champions against the Reds: 11.5 to 7.5

Florence, 24 June 2022 – Santa Croce Azzurri wins image 2022 of the historical past of Florentine soccer, which got here after two years of the plague that hampered competitors. There is nothing to do Rossi, who’re tolerant regardless of their extraordinarily spectacular habits. The greatest soccer recreation in historical past, for some of the most lovely in recent times.

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San Giovanni Fire in Florence, the place you’ll be able to see them

Stability appeared Azurewho stored the camp at the same time as they traveled in hassle at the starting of the recreation. They didn’t separate however started to return. From then on the warmth, fatigue and decline in the quantity of Reds led to victory. However, respect for the two teams who’ve set their hearts on the area.

And it’s a burning blue, with followers coming down in the area embracing their heroes. As the gamers increase the Palio, the ultimate cup.

Great day about traditions, which happens recurrently on the day of the saint of Florence, San Giovanni. In the night one other nice second, of firefighting, however for now there are the most necessary and heartfelt matches. Follow life with us. A victory that makes historical past soccer resume after two years of inactivity.

Azzurri Party (New Press Photo)

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19.17 hours: The recreation ends, consultants from the Azzurri di Santa Croce.

7.15 pm: it’s the last minute and fatigue is heard however the Azzurri mix possibilities. Long-term scoring for Bastians.

19.12: the Reds will not be discouraged and may discover one other hunt.

19.11: one other blue fighter, with an excellent ball that leads to this new alternative.

19.09: trying to find the Reds, who rating far. We have seven minutes to go.

19.06: one other hunt for the Azzurri, which is ubiquitous.

19.04: blues who begin scoring a brand new hunt that leads them to develop alternatives.

19.02: one other blue fighter with good operating motion. Blues who appear to be taking benefit of the new modifications and the quantity of numbers.

7 pm: the blue alternative to have a brand new fighter written on, in addition to on the passage.

18.58: alliance between the Azzurri and Costa. Good crossing after which searching. Draw 5 and a half hunt.

18.57: half search Reds.

18.53: superb recreation with the new Red Hunt. Teams play freely and the present advantages. Slight outcomes: 4.5 to 5.

18.52: new Azzurra warrior. Few outcomes: 4.5 to 4.

6.49 pm: one other hunt for the Reds, who’re again to the entrance with Manuel Lopez, their man in all places. A recreation with out a single minute of relaxation.

18.48: half to chase the Azzurri, who had simply gained the Reds for some time. Necessary return.

6.46 pm: one other expulsion of the Azzurri, who led 3-3. An excellent aim for Azzurra, the workforce wants braveness. Real matches, with a thousand concepts.

6.44 pm: a brand new Azzurri hunt, by far.

6.42 pm: a 3rd hunt for the Reds, who rating simply after a throw.

6.41 pm: one other pink shooter emerges from the cot after being nailed. Rossi in the meantime in a two-digit decline.

18.39 pm: searching the Azzurri too far. This passage turns into searchable. The leap of the ball causes the ball to enter. 1-2

18.34: I’m nonetheless searching for the Reds, who appear to be failing. Lorenzo Fattori has scored. An exquisite flower with strings, the ball is very moved by the Reds who’re successful them with steady change. 0-2

18.30: A floor shooter. Leonardo Fattori is rescued from a stretcher and brought from a area.

18.29: Manuel Lopez instantly goes trying to find the Reds. Once once more, who had already scored in the semifinals. A recreation that opens immediately. 0-1

18.26: the recreation has begun. Medium-to-medium battle.

Before the recreation

18.21 hours: the “Davide Astori” choir went up in reminiscence of the viola singer.

18.19 hours: it’s a crying time, for the boss, a troublesome second main the match.

18.18: the Reds and Azzurri meet to obtain the newest recommendation and up to date discussions. There have been a number of line modifications on each side due to accidents and obstructions from the semifinals.

18.08: the warmth of Rossi and Azzurri started. It’s one of the hottest days in Florence.

18.02: in accordance to custom, all 4 areas enter the area. As a outcome there are additionally Whites and Greens, who have been eradicated after the last two video games.

18.01: there’s a Rossi entry into the area.

17.59: Gabriel Omar Batistuta can be in the ultimate phases. The memorable Batigol is in Florence at the second and didn’t need to miss the recreation.

17.58: some of the guidelines of soccer historical past. The recreation lasts 50 minutes. There are 27 gamers on every workforce.

17.54: the participant enters and the downside comes to life. You have a couple of minutes left to deal.

5.33 pm: “It ‘s exhausting for me to discover such a ravishing San Giovanni – says Mayor Nardella -” Now we’re proud of the last one. ”

5.30 pm: Bruno Astori speaks, at the website of the funeral of his brother David. “This sq. – he says – means loads to us, the metropolis has by no means been so shut to us, and so unimaginable. Thanks to everybody for the alternative to be current at the occasion, David can be proud of this invitation.”

17.27: Happy Antonioni, talks to Tuscany Tv. “I’ve seen soccer a number of occasions, I’ve been an important supervisor. For Florence, after Fiorentina soccer, the finish of historical past stays an important factor.” And to his brother Davide Astori messere the lovely: “I’m glad Bruno has this function, Florence by no means forgets, although typically not the Fiorentina recreation”.

17.26: there are two reside TVs. One of the Tuscany Tv, whereas in Italy and Europe is the Dazn gathering, which has entered right into a partnership with a historic soccer that will probably be offered to viewers for an important interpretation. New this yr.

5.21 pm: the ceiling begins to fill. Enter the mayor of Florence Dario Nardella.

17.10: historical past is approaching Piazza Santa Croce, whose stops are filling up.

16.57: The group additionally features a particular visitor, Giancarlo Antognoni, who can be approaching Piazza Santa Croce.

16.53: historical past has reached Piazza della Signoria. Filippo Giovannelli, historian, begins the ultimate section of the parade, which can happen in Piazza Santa Croce.

16.50: Open the gates to the stands in Piazza Santa Croce, followers start to enter. Small help teams that oppose the solar prematurely and put themselves on their toes. Meanwhile, in Piazza della Signoria, the whole lot is prepared to obtain historical past.

4.44 pm: outdoors Palazzo Vecchio mayor Nardella awaits historical past with a ravishing ultimate messere, his brother Davide Astori, Bruno. A approach to bear in mind and pay tribute to the memorable Fiorentina captain who died 4 years in the past.

16.31: The group stops at the Palazzo Vecchio Stadium, in Piazza della Signoria, to salute the flag of Florence.

16.19 hours: began from Piazza Santa Maria Novella to Piazza Santa Croce. With the parade additionally followers of Rossi and Azzurri, who will redecorate the stands in the present day.

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