Herta takes the victory, shortening the Indy GP season

Gambling boldly to start and sell Firestone rain tires to lower 26 other drivers before jumping Colton Herta out of 14 to allow Andretti Autosport driver to steer most of the Indianapolis Grand Prix as a non-stop damage, spins, and friction. the wet road track made more drama in one afternoon than the NTT IndyCar Series has brought in all season.

At least eight drivers have faced major challenges in eight yellows games. Trouble did not end after Herta crossed the finish line with a 3.0s margin of Simon Pagenaud of Meyer Shank Racing and 7.1s on Team Penske’s Will Power when Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing’s Christian Lundgaard crashed into a pit wall.

“It must have been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do,” Herta says.
For Pagenaud, it was a great success, from the 20th to the second, and for Power, his steady hands not only brought his first podium a year but also raised him to lead the Drivers race. Herta and Pagenaud teamed up to crush Chevy’s strength this season by giving Honda a 1-2 finish.

The top six finishers were Chip Ganassi Racing’s Marcus Ericsson who sang on the back of the field until fourth, with Conor Daly who started fourth and came back in the fall after falling off a rock when asked to reduce and save fuel for the first time. a rival with his team Ed Carpenter Racing, and Felix Rosenqvist of Arrow McLaren SP, who was picked up by teammate Pato O’Ward and had to fight again in the sixth.

IndyCar’s small end team, Juncos Hollinger Racing, released its best results by taking the seventh with Callum Ilott.


Delayed by the rain, the Indy GP was announced as a wet competition with IndyCar, which means the whole region should start with Firestone rain tires.
Christian Lundgaard left Turn 1. The force fell to the fourth back straight while Alex Palou grabbed the front. Will Power knocked down his teammate Josef Newgarden on the grass while Pato O’Ward took P1 from Palou at the end of Lap 1. Newgarden fell from P3 to P8.

O’Ward pulled out 2.6s from Palou. Rosenqvist passed Palou to buy P2. Electric camera back to P4 after. Herta stayed on Lap 3 to make some tires. Graham Rahal, Marcus Ericsson and Lundgaard went into the grass and / or twisted.

The leaders continued to run 1m26s laps while Herta struggled to drive the car straight and walked 1m39s on dry dry tires. O’Ward and a few others fired dry tires and Herta passed by O’Ward holding a large slide. In the remaining field dug dry tires.

Palou and Kirkwood felt themselves flying. Palou stopped the car and gave us our first warning on the lap six. The competition leader summarized in P27.

In contrast, Herta jumped from P14 to P1 with her first gambling experience.
The race also started with Herta at the front, O’Ward at P2, Rosenqvist at P3, Power at P4, Daly at P5 and Newgarden at P6. Dixon climbed from P21 to P15. Ilott fell from P7 to P14.

By the end of the 11th, Herta leading O’Ward was 1.1s and 2.1s ahead of Rosenqvist. Lap 12, Newgarden took P5. Daly was trained and fell to P12 at the end of the leg, claiming to save fuel. Daly’s P15 on lap 14. Herta’s lead rose to 3.3s. Lap 15 saw Kirkwood climbing on the grass again.

Rossi and Harvey hit Newgarden on lap 16 as they ran three-way, breaking Newgarden’s rear tires and causing him to stop around – the second yellow in the day. Newgarden’s Day took place. Marcus Ericsson arranged for his damaged rear wings to be replaced. Harvey’s left wing, which was connected to Newgarden, looked slightly broken.

The repetition of lap 21 saw Sato take P4 from Power into Turn 1 and, after passing, a link between Ilott and VeeKay sent VeeKay on the grass. He turned around on his way back to the tracks and was hit in the back right by Devlin DeFrancesco, who just looked innocent.

The repetition of lap 25 saw Herta jumping well on the O’Ward unchanged forward as the rain approached the road. At lap 30 Jack Harvey took P5 from Rossi. O’Ward was not far from Herta, living within 0.7s on each level. Daly fell to P23.

Strength revived Rossi at P6 on lap 32. Herta sat at the end of the lap while O’Ward received guidance. O’Ward sat at the end of lap 33. We were about to see how the entrances and exits from Herta and O’Ward went. O’Ward had to hold on for a minute or so, waiting for Rossi to shoot in front of him, before taking off. Rosenqvist stood at the end of lap 34 from the front.

Herta did not change at all with Rosenqvist as he jumped across the O’Ward. Rosenqvist was injured in P2. Ilott left on lap 36 and continued as Dixon entered the street, running out of fuel. Kellett left and stood up. After a long wait, a third warning arrived.

Ericsson and Kirkwood, both faced challenges, decided to move and move to P1 and P2 ahead of Herta, Rosenqvist, O’Ward and Harvey.

Palou then dropped and took rain tires. Rossi did the same thing and the rain started to fall again. Heavy rain was about to arrive.

The race resumed on the lap 42 and chaos ensued when O’Ward attempted to pass Herta in Turn 1, unstoppable, and was then hit by teammate Rosenqvist who stood up and dropped heavily. Sato also twisted. Yellow again. O’Ward sank to P11. Kirkwood closed the rain tires on lap 45, giving P2.

The resurgence of lap 46 saw Dixon free himself and Herta take the lead from Ericsson. Lap 47 – Ericsson fell to P5. Rossi, on wets, was 24 seconds from the front; to P10 and Lap 48; 47 seconds down and lap 50. Rossi finally shot dry tires on the nose 51. Gambling did not work.

Grosjean tried to get in with Harvey at P4 and Harvey fed him a wheel sending Grosjean around P12. It looked like Harvey hit the Grosjean at least four times with side-by-side, wheel-and-wheel system. Ilott went to P7. Pagenaud was running P3!

Rahal hit Kirkwood in the back and wrapped him around 56 feet.
Herta pulled 6.8 seconds on McLaughlin as we turned yellow due to a spin by Jimmie Johnson.

The whole field stops at the end of lap 59. Rain or slippery? McLaughlin beat Herta out of the P1 pit, both on slippery ground. Lap 61 – VeeKay circled. Rahal also circled. Water time. Dixon, Rossi and Palou were among those who got wet. Herta and many of the other leaders made a hole. McLaughlin, O’Ward, Ilott and Grosjean were left behind. Harvey was ordered to the back of the field to be connected to the pit. Ilott rained down and fell to P15.
Behind McLaughlin, O’Ward and Grosjean, all other maritime leaders are led by Herta, Pagenaud and Power. McLaughlin circled cautiously as he approached the green. O’Ward took the lead.

The new restart system was: O’Ward, Herta, Pagenaud, Power, Grosjean and Daly.

The race was a sure moment, and at the end of 66 it was Herta who took the lead from O’Ward in Turn 1. McLaughlin jumped and stopped, and warned again. Rossi, Calderon and Dixon were forced to give up the road to avoid it. McLaughlin dropped from P1 to P20.

At lap 68, carefully, O’Ward tossed in the trash, falling from P2 to P4.
The race resumed on the lap 70 when O’Ward and Grosjean met in the rain and Herta won until ahead of the 2.0s. Rosenqvist climbed to P8. Ericsson picked up the P4 from Daly on lap 71 with the remaining 3m45s to hold. Herta extended his lead to 3.5s away from Pagenaud.

Montoya fell well with 1m30s left. The warning flew and the victory went to Colton Herta.


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