Heels Hold Hofstra in NCAA Opener

Mac Horvath (Photo: Jim Hawkins / Inside Carolina)

CHAPEL HILL, NC – No. North Carolina 10 seed has scored in one of the first five innings to win the first two home runs and win No. 4 Hofstra district, 15-4, in the first Chapel Hill Regional games.

The Pride did well for the first time against UNC founder Max Carlson, tearing up two separate singles in the first two innings. Tar Heels responded each time with a personal shot. Mac Horvath hit his 14th race in 33 games 409 yards from the center to build a fast pace together. Then, following a 2-1 lead, Tomas Frick hit his second game of the season to concede two each.

Horvath bounced back into the basement under the third inning and set up the first pitch he saw behind the center wall on the left to give his team a 4-2 lead, and the UNC lead would not stop.

The insurance policy came down to the UN’s 7th inning when Colby Wilkerson picked up on the basis of one record, Angel Zarate scored two from one to the right and Wilkerson scored in the wrong attempt to start. As the dust settles in the seventh inning, Tar Heels added seven more runs to escape the game, ending with Vance Honeycutt’s three times.

All nine of Tar Heel’s first record hits and eight of the first nine won.

Carlson returned from the start to win (4-2), his third victory in the postseason (victory for Clemson and NC State). Two home runs are the only ones they get that are allowed by the right starter.

The UNC used Gage Gillian, Connor Bovair and Connor Ollio to close the gap after capturing Hofstra twice and running one final 3.2 innings to secure a Tar Heel victory. UNC staff killed eight Pride fighters.

Horvath Leads Home Running Derby

In Charlotte for the ACC Tournament, a new record was set at several conference games. The attack continued at Boshamer Stadium.

UNC played five home run games under sophomore Mac Horvath who started his day 2-for-2 with two home runs and three RBI in the first three rounds. He was the first Tar Heel to have two homers in the NCAA tournament as Aaron Sabato had two in Game 3 of the 2019 Chapel Hill Super Regional against Auburn.

Horvath finish line: 3-for-4, 4 RBI, 3 runs, 1 stolen base

Hofstra scored three of his four runs through long ball and Tar Heels finished with five runs, most of them from five wickets against Liberty in 2019. This is the second time in four UNC games that he has collided with at least four runs in a game.

Carlson Bounce Back

It took a sophomore 44 pitches to pass the first two innings; two innings with two separate innings from Kevin Bruggeman and Santino Rosso.

This was his third consecutive four-day break and his recent debut against Wolfpack in a thrilling ACC match. He quickly lost confidence in his running ball, then lost control of his off-speed. But he also struggled in the third inning to take a 1-2-3 break and hit three straight in the fourth after winning twice.

What began to look like Carlson’s quick exit became a 108-pitch match for 5+ innings to give the UNC bullpen a comeback.

Honeycutt Is Hot

The new star added to its impressive run with three home run races down to seven. In the last 16 games, Honeycutt has 12 home runs and 28 RBI with the ACC Tournament MVP award.

He finished the day 2-for-6 with three RBI and one run. Honeycutt are two indoor players who do not like to chase a one-time home with 22 dingers this season.

Show Drama

Up Next

UNC meets winner No. 2 seeds Georgia and No. 3 seed Virginia Commonwealth in the bracket on Saturday 7pm Brandon Schaeffer kicks off at Tar Heels.

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