Hector conquers adults and children with thematic experiences at Hamburgueria Gramado

Hector Drago has already succeeded Gramado (RS) With its thematic pizzeria. Now, the model’s innovation, Hector Hamburguria, has been inaugurated within the final month of October. Diario do Turismo visited the restaurant in early November.

The magical world superior by the Hamburger Shop is a prepare station led by Hector, the dragon wizard who left Trillion Island to pursue his adventures with extra characters. Professor John, arcane biologist; Professor Stan the Alchemist; Teacher Dora Archmage; Hasdrubal, the goblin; Kóry, monitor; Kines, touring instructor; Keoma, is aware of all; And the fortunate Felix amongst them.

Inside the automotive, the waiters are immersed of their characters. Among them is Lady Lince, a really humorous cat who spits fireplace out of books.

Lady Lynx and Apprentice Kareena (Photo MEA)

It is a themed place for all ages. At first, it might even appear infantile, however adults can have simply as a lot enjoyable.

Good expertise assured

At the doorway to the expertise, there’s a house devoted to taking pictures with previous suitcases and the signal within the background. Next door, Fabi receives field workplace tickets that have to be bought prematurely by the Hector Hamburgueria web site.

There are fastened instances for each lunch and dinner. In all, the expertise lasts 120 minutes.

Interior design of Hector Hamburgueria themed train (Photo MEA)
Interior design of Hector Hamburgueria themed prepare (Photo MEA)

Anyone who buys a R$ 119.90 ticket is assured an on-board service and a combo, which incorporates the next objects:

  • 1 globe of taste (hamburger);
  • 1 portion of Eternal Crispy Sticks (Fries) with Eternal Cheddar Sauce Spelled;
  • 1 Elixir of Stone Order (magic cocktail with out alcohol).

To guarantee reservations, the property asks prospects to reach at least quarter-hour previous to entry time.

A brownie with dragon egg, gold leaf exterior and yellow fruit and white cream inside (Photo MEA)

Hector Hamburguria’s fantasy world

Within minutes of boarding the prepare, we’re greeted by the guides, who inform us a bit about how the journey will work, which states we are going to move by in the course of the journey.

There are eight flavors of hamburgers (globes of taste) all made with brioche bread, names like: Ogre quer bacon, Globogouda, I adore it rather more, Herbivoglobo, Pedra-queijo, Cebolizados caramels, Globozola de Fogo, Agrada Filhote, value R$34.90 From R$54.90.

Hector Hamburguria
Hector Hamburger’s Combo (Photo MEA)

The style buds are scrumptious. They come with very tender and ripe meat, juicy and heat fillings. Also, you’ll be able to select the purpose of meat.

The portion of Bastonetes da Cricância Eternal (French fries) is precisely because the identify says: “crispy”. According to the key restaurant, truffles with lemoncello are fried in oil. This dish is accompanied by a farofinha with a mini cheddar cauldron. Delicious and plentiful.

The drink, which seems like a laboratory method, is known as the ‘Elixir of the Stoney Order’. This is a magic non-alcoholic cocktail, out there in flavors: Topaz, Ruby and Emerald, R$ 34.90.

Stone Order’s Amrit, Topaz, Ruby and Emerald Flavored Non-Alcoholic Magic Cocktail (Photo MEA)

Even if you happen to purchase the combo prematurely, there are different choices on the menu ready by Chef Junior Peto.

The entry-level in-flight service menu, along with Crunchy Sticks, contains Brottos de Micronianos, small rooster drumsticks, with out batter, with Sriracha mayonnaise. On the day of the tasting, they had been scorching exterior and freezing inside.

Dragon Hunger with Micronian Sprouts and Glowing Cubes (Photo MEA)

There is a phenomenal presentation of tapioca cubes with incandescent cubes, colho cheese and pepper jelly. It has firmness exterior and cheese curd inside, very tasty. It is feasible to order half at Fome de Dragao, an erupting volcano.

Drinks embrace: Water R$8.90, Orange and Grape Juice R$14.90, Mid Juice R$24.90, Soft Drink R$9.90, Chopp dos Anões da Montanha R$16.90, with Pilsen or Apa choices.

The scrumptious and constant Mana Shake will be ordered in Unicorn, Nutella and Dulce de Leche flavors. They are good and served at the precise level of sugar. The presentation can be Instagrammable.

Unicorn Mana Shake (Photo: MEA)

It’s straightforward to hitch the enjoyable, the structure of the wagon already transports you to a standard place, the characters place you within the enchanted world of Hector the Dragon Wizard. A spot to eat with pleasure, enjoyable and dragon urge for food.

And talking of dragons, a should strive is the dragon egg, a novel dessert within the magical world, the nest is manufactured from burnt coconut, it is a blue egg with gold leaf, yellow fruit and magic inside a brownie flavored with white cream. .

A brownie with dragon egg, gold leaf exterior and yellow fruit and white cream inside (Photo MEA)


Reporting by Mary Ellen Aquino / Editing by Clara Ribeiro Silva

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