Heat-76ers: Gun shooter Duncan Robinson is a hot topic, but cold shooting is one of Miami’s stories.

If you want to make a case that Duncan Robinson should play for time, you can start with the first Miami Heat shot in Game 4 in their second series. In an attempt to get Kyle Lowry to go and film the Philadelphia 76ers, he kicks him to the ground and shoots him with Bam Adebayo, but Lowry opens with 3:

Lowry is a very good shooter, but he came from a back injury in previous games and is not close to good health (will miss Game 5 due to a hamstring problem). He did not make a 3-point shot, and Miami as a team shot 14 to 65 (21.5 percent) in two games at the Wells Fargo Center. On Sunday, Lowry missed one of his patent 3s, one with Jimmy Butler looking at him in public and the other with James Harden choosing to appear:

Here’s the simple difference: In their first game on March 5 against Philadelphia, the Heat chases Robinson out of the show. He lets it fly from where Lowry did, Joel Embiid looks in the same direction, and enters:

Robinson is one of the best shooting players in the world, and he has stopped circling. Three weeks before his DNP-CD debut on Sunday, he opened the game with 8 to 9 shots from the depths and recorded 27 points in 23 minutes against the Atlanta Hawks. On Monday, his team celebrated a 19-month celebration of a 26-point improvement in Game 5 of the 2020 NBA Finals and competition. tweet full of emoji and subtext. I wrote about Robinson after the game, and saw how he fights for defense and the movement of the ball – in one game, he made two Los Angeles Lakers defenders chase each other.

Philadelphia’s defense did not look the same, although its 7-foot anchor sat on the ground. It has been a fearless game play, trapping Tyler Herro and falling against everyone else. Adebayo, whose two-man game with Robinson was a major part of the Heat attack, struggled to make the most of Embiid one-on-one, and on Sunday put him on the field every minute Embiid sat down.

Butler dropped 40 points for 42 minutes in 4 games, but that wasn’t enough. Considering how everyone else shoots, shouldn’t coach Erik Spoelstra put Robinson out there?

“Obviously by now you know you’re looking at a lot, that’s a simple fact,” Spoelstra said after the game. “But we had a really good look.”

Spoelstra said he decided to sign Robinson. He agreed that Robinson could help Adebayo. But he was more concerned about the rest of the world.

“We ‘re a big team to score 3 points, we couldn’t beat them,” Spoelstra said. “The big issue was not being able to protect them, disrupt them, get them off the free line at the right time. I think our offense would have been enough to give us a good chance, even as we were.

Lowry and Butler both said they were getting a good shot and were confident that the 3s would fall in the next game. The video shows that Herro, Butler, Victor Oladipo and Gabe Vincent all missed the open form:

And PJ Tucker fired a plane from his corner office:

If the make-or-miss-league stuff remains uncertain, it’s because Miami could not always release Herro and Max Strus, and the Sixers don’t seem to be worried about anyone behind the arc. Despite all of this, Heat earned 110.2 points per 100 goods – not the biggest, but much better than risk (89.8 per 100) which was Game 3. Miami had a 48-34 chance in points in color and a Value of 24-11 m ‘a changing place.

“Look, we are proud to have so many different answers to win,” Spoelstra said. “And this one, we saw if we could push to get this one in the mud, in the mud.”

The heat provided the opportunity to defend themselves from the moment he pulled Robinson off the line at the end of March, and also when he pulled him around around Philadelphia. He would have given Robinson 32 minutes for Oladipo on Sunday, but at what cost? You may disagree with Spoelstra’s analysis of Miami cases, but they are definitely right in safety. It has been going down the entire series, with the Sixers scoring 120.8 points out of 100 points in Game 4.

Over and over again, Spoelstra brought many of the latest clock games that prevented Heating. The numbers are staggering: Philadelphia shot 13 for 17, plus 6 out of 8 from three phases, with six seconds or less on the shot clock, pa NBA.comJohn Schuhmann and Second Spectrum. Among them were five hats in the last six minutes: A Harden step-back 3 against Adebayo, Harden drive against Adebayo, Harden spot-up 3 on Oladipo, lob from Tyrese Maxey to Tobias Harris after a bad revenge and Harden . side-step 3 against Oladipo.

“Too much security we couldn’t touch them,” Spoelstra said. “It’s not true in the first half. They were very fast and could get anywhere they wanted, including their players. We were able to disrupt such a race a bit in the second half, but again the game at the end of the clock was very crippling.”

The Sixers scored 112.4 points for every 100 points in halfcourt On Sunday, the sign that would lead the league with more limits in the regular season. If Spoelstra was particularly concerned with fixing the problem, it is understandable that he did not turn to Robinson, whom Harden would have immediately wanted.

It is understandable, however, to wonder if the exchange would be appropriate. Perhaps Robinson would have dropped a few consecutive 3s, giving Heat more power and more space for a security deficit. They could have put him when Harden went to the bench. He could have put him in and played more defense. If he gets the chance and the heat, maybe Philadelphia will go on to play defensive midfielder Matisse Thybulle in a matter of minutes, destroying his position and making Miami easier to stop.

Disagreements against defense are “what every team should look for during a game,” Spoelstra said, referring often, not to Robinson. But not every team that has stopped the 6-7 relegated players has signed a $ 90 million contract last summer and played in the final. Robinson scored more minutes on Heat than anyone else except Herro and Lowry in the regular season, and played just 55 seconds of waste time in the second half. This is a big change, even for a player who has already been downloaded.

Basketball is not a competition for regular teams. If Spoelstra does not find Robinson’s place, the missions will only get worse and Miami will not be out of the list, the second estimate will be bigger. With Lowry separated from Game 5 on Tuesday, is Robinson more important or less important? If Harden is already choosing Herro, is it too difficult to give him another target? These questions have no black and white answers.

Spoelstra also knows everyone how Robinson can fire. However, they would rather win bad luck than lose the most beautiful mistake. And he described Strus, Herro and Vincent as “without fire” in their own right.

“They see a number of drops, which can be four, five, six like that,” said Spoelstra, cutting off his fingers. “And that’s what I want our guys to think about. I want them to be gunmen, shooting.”

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