Happy Child: The program includes 500 beneficiaries in Jundia

Happy Child: The program includes 500 beneficiaries in Jundia

Posted on 06/04/2022 at 08:58

Founded in Jundiaí in 2017, the Criança Feliz Federal Program has already benefited 500 children in the city who visit home periodically to monitor their growth. With a proposal to create and strengthen family ties, the program helps caregivers to ensure the full development of childhood, and in Jundia, it integrates the initiative of the municipal program Cidade das Crianças.

The young Joachim de Oliveira, a five-year-old, was one of the first to receive a home visit, as he lives in the village of Nambi, the service area of ​​the Social Support Reference Center (Cras), one of the first to receive the program. Despite his age, Joachim is still on the program because he is a special child, and today he is accompanied by visitor Luana Pereira.

Waiting for Lucas to be born in July, Joaquim’s mother, Patricia Lopez, celebrates his participation. “We really missed the inspection during the program. But even during this time, visitors continue to bring materials for activities and practically share instructions, which I have accessed with the help of my older children. We played with balloons and recyclables, as well as activities to stimulate the sense of smell and hearing. But it was very important that the tours came back, “he said.

Joaquim was one of the first children to visit, has been to this day, now with visitor Luana

Lasting about 30 minutes, the face-to-face visit resumes and continues with the following frequencies: weekly for children from zero to three years of age (primiracima infancy); Bi-weekly for children aged three to six years (early childhood, for children with certain types of disabilities); And also fortnightly for pregnant women, with visitors creating a network of pregnancy care, anticipation of the arrival of the baby, and guardianship and support.

“Jundiai is a city of children, because here we understand that children are not only the future, but also our present. And this concept, which is very clear to us, starts from encouraging the child’s cognitive, motor and social development in the first years of life, when they Reaching the municipal school system, refers to a series of investments until they are encouraged to oversee the program. Innovative schools, “commented Mayor Luiz Fernando Machado.

The program has been referred to the municipality by the Social Assistance and Development Management Unit (UGADS) through the Basic Social Protection Department. With a presence in six cross-regions, the program currently has about twenty viewers, contracted education and psychology interns and supervisors Celia Amedia da Silva and Larissa de Souza.

City Hall has already announced plans to visit the families of the beneficiaries of the program, such as Fábrica das Infâncias Japy and Mundo das Crianças.

More happy baby
Maria Brant, UGADS’s manager, also reiterated the importance of other initiatives for the program. “We have partnered with the Culture Management Unit (UGC) to promote the program, a series of activities with families aimed at promoting fundraising and public utility allocation. That’s why we visit places like Fábrica das Infâncias Japy for children and their carers, a new place dedicated to childhood and exciting play, “he said.

Patricia and Joachim, along with other program beneficiaries, took part in a tour of Mundo Das Creans. “We didn’t know the place and the whole family had a great time. I even went to the toboggan and fountain with my husband Joachim so he could play, “said Patricia with a smile.

In June 2019, at the request of the Ministry of Citizenship and the Dutch Bernard van Leeu Foundation, Jundiai received a visit from the Ethiopian government, which included the presence of Health Minister Leah Tades. In addition to learning about City Hall’s various initiatives through the Cidade das Crianças program, the delegation followed Criansa Feliz’s home visit to the weak neighborhood.

Ethiopian official delegation

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