Half of the children who need to be corrected for heart disease are left without care

The case ought to be recognized throughout fetal life, the knowledgeable stated. – (Photo: Reproduction)

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According to the Society of Cardiology of S সাo Paulo (SOSEPO), half of the newborns who need surgical procedure to appropriate congenital heart disease are left unattended in Brazil. The entity estimates, nonetheless, that the share might rise to 70% throughout the Covid-19 epidemic.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), some 130 million children worldwide have some congenital heart disease.

According to the Ministry of Health, in Brazil, there are ten circumstances per thousand dwell births or one youngster for each 100 births with cardiovascular defects. According to Site Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz), the equal of about 30,000 children with congenital heart disease annually, of whom 6% die earlier than the age of 1 yr. After start, extreme varieties of the disease could be accountable for up to 30% of deaths throughout the neonatal interval. Birthday Heart Day was celebrated final Sunday (12).

In an interview with Agência Brasil, Isabela Rangel, medical director of the NGO Pro Criança Cardíaco, defined that congenital heart disease is a defect in the construction or operate of the heart. “It merely got here to our discover then. [da criança]”

Isabella stated there isn’t a particular trigger for congenital heart disease, which is attributable to a mixture of genetic and environmental components. “Genetics, we discuss once they have sufferers with different syndromes, which might be related to cardiac defects. “Environmentally, when moms use sure sorts of medicine or medicine, they carry ailments like lupus, diabetes or some viruses that may infect a pregnant lady and trigger intracardiac abnormalities.” Doctors additionally level out the need to be conscious of the historical past and genetic inheritance of heart disease in earlier pregnancies.

Genetic syndromes are additionally associated to intracardiac abnormalities, resembling Down syndrome, the place a share of sufferers could have atrioventricular septal defects amongst different heart ailments. Advanced maternal age is taken into account a danger issue for congenital heart disease.


Isabella Rangel confused that there isn’t a remedy, however stated that each lady who desires to turn out to be pregnant ought to know her well being situation, in order that her physician can comply with and prescribe medicine and medicines that ought to not be used throughout being pregnant. The lady ought to preserve a nutritious diet and habits, keep away from alcoholic drinks and smoking, which might alter fetal improvement.

It can be necessary to verify the immunization schedule and see if any vaccinations are wanted earlier than you turn out to be pregnant.

Isabella emphasised the significance of wholesome consuming, citing current analysis displaying that the consumption of sure meals containing folic acid was related to a discount in the price of congenital heart disease.


Congenital heart disease is recognized when the child continues to be in the womb. Isabella stated the NGO she runs is attempting to make all professionals working with pregnant ladies conscious of the significance of performing morphological assessments succesful of diagnosing congenital heart disease and performing fetal echocardiograms.

Fetal echocardiography is a process that’s succesful of detecting structural lesions earlier than start and may, typically, be carried out between the twenty fourth and twenty eighth week of being pregnant. “And in case you have a heart situation that requires intervention in the first days of life, it’s important for the child to be recognized. Even when it’s recognized that this pregnant lady has a fetus with a heart assault and it’s a critical and sophisticated heart disease, care is taken to have the child in a well being unit the place she has an ICU. [unidade de terapia intensiva]Where there may be an echo after the child is born, the place there are assets, in order that the child can be handled with full consideration. “

Not all infants with congenital heart disease require surgical procedure at start. It is determined by the intracardiac pathology. Interventions will range in accordance to pathology and severity. Isabella famous that some infants will solely be operated on a lot later, whereas others, with extra critical heart disease, could have to undergo the intervention throughout the neonatal interval.

Some heart ailments can be handled by hemodynamics. Instead of open chest surgical procedure, the child could undergo a much less invasive process referred to as therapeutic cardiac catheterization. “It merely got here to our discover then. There are some heart ailments that may be handled with therapeutic catheterization. It is invasive, however a lot much less so than heart surgical procedure. “Early prognosis is important, particularly in the case of the most extreme heart disease. Isabella is strengthened.

Physicians level out that one of the limitations to delaying prognosis is the lack of info from household about the existence of heart disease in children. “Pediatric follow-up of children is important, since, in routine counseling, any adjustments that counsel heart disease can be detected; Thus, pediatricians ship them to specialised facilities. “


The focus of the Pro Criança Cardíaco undertaking is to care for needy children and adolescents with heart disease. The undertaking adopts children on an outpatient foundation and, relying on the case surgical procedure, could be referred to their NGO companion Pro Kryanka Jutta Batista Pediatric Hospital. The identical factor occurs with a prognosis for therapeutic catheterization. “Any invasive process is carried out at the hospital degree.”

Pro Criança Cardíaco stays with children from infancy to maturity from the age of 18 and provides a multidisciplinary care crew, which incorporates pharmacists, cardiologists, nutritionists, social employees, psychologists and dentists, “as a result of sufferers can don’t have any contagious deal with their face”.

The Pró Criança Cardíaco undertaking shouldn’t be a hospital; It is a non-profit medical group based in 1996 by heart specialist Rosa Celia, which supplies free care to children and adolescents with congenital heart disease. In its 25 years of existence, it has assisted 15,100 children and adolescents with heart disease, offered greater than 33,000 cardiology consultations and despatched 1,659,000 invasive procedures, cardiac surgical procedures and catheterizations to companion hospitals.

At its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, the NGO assists about 160 children per 30 days in clinics who carry out scientific assessments, electrocardiograms, echocardiograms and 24-hour holters. Other outpatient examinations, resembling hematological evaluation and tomography, and invasive procedures, together with heart surgical procedure and catheterization, are carried out at Pro Kryanka Shoe Batista Pediatric Hospital.

Upon discharge from the hospital, the outpatient affected person is scheduled to return to the clinic to proceed the kid’s remedy. Throughout the course of, the crew that stays with the affected person is the identical and supplies all the help.

To register for the first service, the particular person should name (21) 3239-4500, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. Pro Criança Cardíaco presently has 16 vacancies for first support. Vacancies are stuffed in accordance to availability or urgency beforehand assessed by the medical crew.

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