Haason Reddick talks about the new DE / OLB Eagles defense room

The Philadelphia Eagles’ offseason program is in full swing, and a few players took the time to talk to reporters about their offseason training, ideas on the upcoming season, and their potential roles in 2022. We heard from Javon Hargrave, Miles Sanders, Haason Reddick, Dallas Goedert, Jordan Mailata, and Anthony Harris Wednesday.

Here are some of the things that the boys said:

Javon Hargrave

DT was asked about the extension of Jordan Davis ’first-choice election. Hargrave said he has not been seen on the field yet, but it is another part of the defense and makes the team deep. The coaches have not commented on what Davis’ additions would mean that Hargrave is shooting at the nose, but he is happy to play anywhere on the line.

Speaking of being Hargrave’s contract year, Hargrave said he loves Philly and loves to play here, and everything will go well. He also said that approaching each year as a year of consensus, then there is no pressure coming in the 2022 season.

Miles Sanders

The athlete said he did not approach his offseason training despite his injury history. Sanders also said that his production last season was not as close to where he wanted it to be, and not as much as he would have liked. As the lead person in the back room, he should set and maintain a high standard – one that should be healthy and productive.

Sanders said he does not enter the season thinking it is his last time to have a contract, he has stopped playing his game and whatever happens, it happens. He later stressed that he did not think of the alliance as much as people might think.

“I’m really looking forward to the season, I won’t be adding any contracts.”

Haason Reddick

“Everything is going well.”

Reddick is excited to be home with the boys and get to know new friends. As for who he has been chatting with, he cites Shaun Bradley – someone he knows as a Temple alumni -, Brandon Graham, and when he gets frustrated he talks to Jalen Hurts every day with Miles Sanders a lot, as well.

There have been a lot of speculations about where Reddick will play for the Eagles, and they are not giving a suggestion – although repeating Nick Sirianni last week, who said we will all get one Week 1. Reddick said he has been working. and Eagles player-to-play / senior assistant defender Jeremiah Washburn in the new DE / OLB room. The Eagles ’defense is now divided into three categories with the new DE / OLB room expanding into the old DL and LB rooms.

Reddick talked about Washburn and how he is a person who always comes prepared and loves to teach. He also had a kind word for Jonathan Gannon when asked about the security coordinator.

“The big boy. I love him. He is young, young – very strong, intelligent and I am happy to be here to protect him. I feel like I’m good enough. Now it’s up to me to get there and use my skills and do what I do. “

When asked about his advice to new players coming to Philly, Reddick admitted that it was a special place, but when fans like you when you are doing well and letting you know when you are not, this is what they have experienced with many teams. throughout his career.

Dallas Goedert

The firm concluded that he was very happy to add AJ Brown to the case. He’s great, well-received, and Goedert admits he’s excited to see what he can do on the pitch with the ball in his hands. Goedert isn’t too worried about what Brown’s addition will mean to his goals, together they just want to win the game and do whatever it takes to get it right.

He also spoke of being happy that JJ Arcega-Whiteside is moving from the receiver to the solid end, and said the two have already agreed a bit. Goedert is excited to see how JJAW is embracing his new role, and is already seeing the benefits of having a new boyfriend at meetings. Goedert hopes that learning to run a sport is probably the biggest change for JJAW, but passing games should be easier.

Jordan Mailata

Mailata said Andre Dillard’s new appearance was “amazing” and that he was “very reliant” on his return to the offseason program. He joked that he did not know what Dillard had been doing for the past few months, but said that three weeks ago they had been together, Dillard had been working hard and focused on recognizing his weaknesses and overcoming them.

He also spoke briefly about his relationship with Landon Dickerson outside and in the field — two of Howie Roseman’s favorite Lane Johnson and Brandon Brooks. Mailata admits that he and Dickerson have a bit of a problem, and he is happy with the way their relationship has unfolded on the court.

“Our partnership is very high right now.”

Anthony Harris

The security was questioned as to why he had decided to return for another year.

“For me, I’m just looking at all the pieces here. A lot of talent. Being in the locker room, seeing the personality, all the players build that relationship – not just with the players, but with the staff. Living in a city and a stadium, just nature, how competitive. “Everybody is just looking and wanting to win, and the interest that the players share, as well as the co-workers and the city, is something I want to continue to have.”

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