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Access to education is a fundamental right, of a social nature, guaranteed to all people by Brazil’s federal constitution. With a transformative power to change lives and realities, the learning process prepares citizens for the future and encourages families, schools and communities to complement and translate themselves in this way.

Something that makes all the difference in the quality of education of children and adolescents is a good physical school structure with comfortable classrooms, adequate chairs, safe roof, floor and walls. All of this requires resources, investment and manpower so that it can be delivered to students and the entire school community in a dignified way.

For 16 years, the Instituto Valdimiro Suarez has been providing free, quality education to children in the Altos du Calhau area, in the Villa Conceiিওo neighborhood, in Sওo Luis. With a small structure, the institute serves about 70 students in the morning and afternoon shifts, including classes from early childhood education to elementary school I.

Students gain more comfort and space to attend classes – Photo: Adriano Suarez / Grupo Mirante

Founded by Vila Conceição, a community leader in Lourdes Soares, the institute is named after her father, the founder and first neighbor, Valdimiro Suarez, now 86 years old. Lords said the institute was born out of a lack of schools in the neighborhood so mothers and fathers could enroll their children.

“The idea comes from a group of mothers who have nowhere to go to educate their children. My father had a neighborhood association here, where we built community schools to meet the needs of these mothers, “said Lord’s Suarez, who is now the institute’s manager.

Instituto Valdimiro Soares serves about 70 children in both shifts. – Photo: Adriano Suarez / Grupo Mirante

Everyone who works at the institute is a volunteer for the Villa Conceicao community, who take their time to help train other people, as in the case of Professor Lilas Caxius, who has worked there for two years and is a shining example in the lives of children in the community.

“My daughter, now 19 years old, studied at the Valdimiro Suarez Institute of Elementary Education here. Today, he is studying literature at the Federal University of Maranhao (UFMA). This makes me very happy as a mother and teacher. I hope this is the path of many other children who are here or have passed, ”said the teacher.

The institute, which has been in existence for 17 years, is located in the Villa Conceiিওলেo in the Altos do Calhoun area. – Photo: Adriano Suarez / Grupo Mirante

For more than a year now, Grupo Dimensão has been a great supporter and partner at the Instituto Valdimiro Soares in Vila Conceição. In the short time of the partnership, much has already been done in the physical structure of the place, which provides more comfort and security to the entire school community.

Among the improvements made by Grupo Dimensão at the Instituto Valdimiro Soares headquarters are better use of spaces, such as the expansion of classrooms and the reduction of corridors, which were previously very wide. Also, PVC lining, door exchange and other grants were installed in all the rooms and other premises of the building.

According to the institute’s manager, the partnership with Dimensão is crucial and only strengthens the work developed in the Vila Conceição community, since the institute does not charge any monthly fees.

“We can only thank Grupo Dimensão for its partnership with this class of organization. In the past, we could not support even 10 students in a class. Today, we can enroll 15, 16 children in each class, “said Lord’s Suarez.

Antonio Barbosa, president of Conselho da Dimensão, says the idea of ​​helping Instituto Valdimiro Soares stems from the company’s policy of providing social services in the vicinity of projects, such as the space Calhoun II condominium. Altos do Calhau neighborhood, which is already in the final stages of construction.

We want to give more to our society. Something that goes far beyond the realization of the dream of owning a home for some, but through education guarantees a better future for all, especially our children. This is one of our social projects, we have many more, all of which focus on education, such as the Conecta project, which provides free preparation for college entrance exams for young people who have completed or finished high school.

– Antonio Barbosa, President of the Dimension Council

Child friendly company

Another initiative of Grupo Dimensao aimed at children and adolescents is the Certification, issued in 2021 by the Brazilian Association of Toy Manufacturers (Abrinq) as a child-friendly company.

Created in 1995, the Empresa Amiga da Criança program aims to promote corporate social responsibility centered on childhood and adolescence, as well as to employ and recognize the business sector to prevent and prevent the exploitation of child labor.

Grupo Dimensão celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2022 and includes companies in civil construction, long and flat steel industry, PVC industry, steel distribution and service delivery. It is one of the most well-known and respected groups in all of Maranhau for the quality of its projects, products and services, and for its social policies that have changed countless realities over the years.

The dream of many families from Maranhao is to conquer their own home and for the past 30 years, Grupo Dimensão has been happy to be a part of this special moment that is usually the result of daily effort battles. During this journey, Dimensão connects ideas with customers, employees and partners and collects many stories.

To mark its 30th anniversary, Grupo Dimensão has launched a commemorative stamp, which brings a presentation of local architecture, where the company’s origins and roots are rooted. Doors, windows, tiles, paint and highlight the identity of humanity.

“This is a time to make the dream a reality, to reassure the Maranhao family and to contribute to the development of the state, to expand the horizons and to reaffirm our commitment to continue to look to the future,” stressed President Antonio Barbosa of Grupo Dimensão.

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