Grizzlies vs. Warriors victory: Ja Morant exploded for 47 points to help Memphis tie the series in Game 2

The Memphis Grizzlies completed their second series with the Golden State Warriors in one game with a 106-101 victory in Game 2 on Tuesday. Morant led all the scorers with a 47-point winning streak, joining LeBron James and Kobe Bryant as the only players in history to record a total of 45 playoff games before the age of 23, and ESPN Stats.

Stephen Curry led the Golden State route with 27 points the night the Memphis defense led the Warriors to just shooting 18.4 percent from three points. Jordan Poole added 20 points in the loss. Game 3 is set for Saturday in San Francisco.

Here are three things taken from Memphis’ next victory.

1. Ja-dropper

Ian Eagle has provided almost every Ja pun you can think of on this list, so we can continue to get here. Morant is amazing. As mentioned above, his 47 points put him on the list of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James as the only players in history to send in a series of 45-point playoff games before reaching the age of 23.

Morant retired for the first time when Gary Payton II was lost in the game after Flagrant 2 villains Dillon Brooks, who was fired. Payton – which Steve Kerr also mentioned in the game with a broken ankle, which has a bad reputation – is dangerous in football, and when he came out, Morant had a good match all night. He seized every opportunity, cracked the paint and ended up in a clear and powerful movement.

Morant, who brought the Grizzlies home with 18 points for the fourth quarter, was very aggressive, shooting 31, and 12 of them were from over the arc. The Warriors went over the top, and got into the 3s all night, making five. If he begins to hit the eagle indiscriminately, which, with this kind of location not out of the question, he will be legally impossible to defend. He may already be.

2. Njerwa Brothers

Curry and Klay Thompson combined for 5 of 23 shots from 3 and 16 for 44 overall. Most of them were good looking, some completely open. Curry had a late open appearance on the game who missed everything, and even one of his 3s, shooting straight from the top of the key, was a back brick that just came in.

This continues to be the most difficult season for Curry, who is now 27 to 70 years old from within the playoffs (38 percent). This is not a bad number unless you are Curry, who has never been around this season and a shooter who has been doing all his work. It’s a messy game and they usually don’t even hit crazy shots. Can you tell how a shooter gets stuck with his mistakes – is it shorter or longer, better marker, or missing left and right? – and Curry, who is 8 to 23 years old from within the first game of this series, has missed this season worse than at any time I can remember.

Thompson, meanwhile, was 2 out of 12 from deep Tuesday and 5 out of 22 on the list. His case is highly questionable; still has four months to recover from the two years with the ACL torn and Achilles rupture. However, he needs to control some of his unconscious ways, especially verbal ones, which are not his powers. He worked hard to get into the rhythm Tuesday and shot the Warriors in a deep hole.

There will be a lot of talk about the Warriors ’18 turnovers in Game 2 and their failure, or unwillingness, to appreciate the whole ball, but the team is always careless / careless / stupid stupid with the ball. The difference now is that they can’t always shoot to get out of trouble because Curry and Thompson are not people who have ever been, or have never been this season.

3. Payton big bummer story

To find out if Payton has a broken elbow is a real shot. The youngster jumped around trying to get a permanent job in the NBA, and not only did he get one with the Warriors, he started the first two games of the series and was a very important part of the title race. It changes the structure of the list over time. Payton was No. 1 Morant defense. If the Warriors were able to get to the end of the meeting and face the Sun, you would have seen more of Payton on Chris Paul and Devin Booker. This was his time.

And Dillon Brooks took it away from him. Steve Kerr called it a nasty play, and I agree. No one is saying that Brooks was trying to hurt Payton, but he played carelessly and the man on the air was well aware that it was putting Payton at great risk. That’s dirty.

All we can expect from Payton is that he will recover from this and it will not affect his free agency this summer. This is not a guy who has made you millions of dollars. Once again, this is the first regular NBA career he has ever had. This summer she had to sign the first financial agreement in her life. Hopefully they will still receive the payday they got, but you do not know its dangers right now.

When it comes to Warriors, losing Payton is the hardest part. His defenses, cutting and finishing with all the strength are a big part of what the Warriors do. Hopefully Andre Iguodala can come back to do some top-level work, but there is no successor to Payton and what he brought to both sides. There is no way around it.

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