Greenville Super Regional Live Updates: Texas vs. East Carolina

The House run by Campbell and Hodo Saturday made them the sixth Longhorns to reach home with a two-digit home run this season. The outbreak of Forty Acres, Pierce said, comes as far as “just passing bats, finding circles, not trying to do too much and using their strengths, using their jobs in cages and relying on them.”

Texas is undoubtedly the most populous on the list, but every hit of Saturday’s game to the right of the strikers speaks to the team’s performance and the changes that have taken place on the list.

“We just see where it was placed,” Campbell said. “Some of their guys and their staff like to leave, so we’re just going to where they were buried.”


Texas: 1. Douglas Hodo III, Soph., CF (.316 / .409 / .533); 2. Eric Kennedy, Jr., LF (308/395/491); 3. Ivan Melendez, Jr., 1B (398/518/866); 4. Murphy Stehly, Sr., 2B (376/431/680); 5. Austin Todd, Sr., DH (.337 / 419/497); 6. Skyler Messinger (.367 / .419 / .574); 7. Silas Ardoin, Soph., C (276/399/518); 8. Dylan Campbell, Soph., RF (271/369/512); 9. Trey Faltine, Soph., SS (.283 / .396 / .552)

– Pierce keeps the same list for the second consecutive game. Stehly in the second half and Campbell in the right field means Mitchell Daly (.238 / .349 / .369) will come off the bench, especially to come in for a second defense if the Longhorns receive the final lead.

East Carolina: 1. Zach Agnos, Soph., SS (.326 / .398 / .477); 2. Lane Hoover, Jr., LF (.343 / 426/418); 3. Bryson Worrell, Sr., CF (.338 / .403 / .638); 4. Jacob Jenkins-Cowart, Fr., RF (.330 / .369 / .552); 5. Ben Newton, Sr., C (283/387/362); 6. Josh Moylan, Soph., 1B (.219 / .355 / .417); 7. Jacob Starling, Soph., 2B (248/386/411); 8. Alec Makarewicz, Soph., 3B (273/350/469); 9. Joey Berini, Soph., DH (.245 / .321 / .265)

– Changes to Godwin’s line only with Berini at Justin Wilcoxen’s selected site (.276 / .327 / .398). A change could be made if Godwin takes the matchup with Wilcoxen left facing new Texas man Luke Harrison (0-0, 3.24 ERA with two saves), Longhorns’ only left-hander (with only one left over. on the postseason list).


TexasTristan Stevens, Sr., RHP (6-6, 5.16 ERA, 75 innings, 83 hits and 20 runs allowed with 65 beats)

– Pierce has repeatedly said that no one trusts him more than Stevens, who is making his 25th appearance of the season with his 12th start. in six games and two walks, two batsmen and a balk while he hit eight. Stevens has officially scored 0.1 innings in the first two games in Greenville, allowing four runs on three hits and two runs, one field pitch and one strike.

East Carolina: Danny Beal, Soph., RHP (5-1, 4.03 ERA, 38 innings, 31 hits and 20 runs allowed with 40 beats)

– Beal rode on Saturday’s game, scoring two on eight legs. Sunday’s release is his 30th appearance this season, but it is his second start.


– At 3:31 pm local time, they announce that there is lightning in the area. Texas and East Carolina are both sent to their locker rooms and the stadium has been cleared of spectators. This goes to “The Jungle” beyond the walls of Clark-LeClair Stadium, which has been removed by security and regulations.

– There is no word in the press box for the delay, but officials are holding a public meeting with Pierce and Godwin at 4:06 pm local time, which is the start of the game.

– At 4:23 pm local time, fans are welcomed back into the stadium and teams are allowed to return to the stadium to warm up. The game takes place at 5:05 pm for the first time.


– Hodo pulls his punch to try the first ball with Beal at 5:06 pm local time. In the third installment of the Beal game, Hodo hit one in the middle, with a rotating hit that Starling could not pass time to remove Hodo from the start. By infield single Hodo and Texas have a leadoff father on Kennedy foundation.

– Hodo steals a second base to put himself in a better position, but it will be up to someone to lead him when Kennedy arrives on the move. Kennedy’s free pass lasts eight minutes, putting in two without Melendez’s exit.

-There is a new Division I team with a one-season home record in the BBCOR era. It was Kris Bryant at the age of 31 in 2013, but Melendez’s 32nd running home this season with a laser on the left wall and into The Jungle for a triple bomb. The Longhorns took the lead for the first time as the Collegiate Baseball Newspaper’s National Player of the Year made a splash.

Texas 3, East Carolina 0

– Beal jumps Stehly, who is the fourth Longhorn behind Todd, No. 5 beats, coming to the plate. It is the end of the day for Beal, who fails to film on 17 photos.

-Todd’s sacrifice makes Stehly a scorer. Messinger fights from the bottom 0-2 on the countdown, hitting one to the left on top of the stretched glove. Makarewicz on a third basis. Stehly rotates in the third and Pierce sends him home without playing on a plate to open four Longhorns rounds.

Texas 4, East Carolina 0


– At 5:25 pm local time, the game was suspended and entered late. Workers on the ground unroll the tarp and place it in the yard as fans exit the stadium. When the game resumes, Ardoin will be in the box at a 1-0 count with one with Messinger on the starting line-up and the Longhorns looking to add four more points.

– After a meeting with the competition authorities, Godwin and Pierce in the yard, local staff remove the wax from the yard at 6:22 pm local time. There was no word for play to resume.

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