Greek Mythology Family Tree: Gods and Titans

Its household tree Greek mythology It’s an actual mess. He is married to a brother a sister, a niece, even to his mom. And after all, there’s a good motive behind it.

Here we analyze what is maybe essentially the most branching lineage in Greek mythology. The lineage that began all of it. And after all I’m speaking about Gaia’s many kids, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. mom world.

From Chaos to Gaia

In the start there was solely chaos. And the chaos was simply that: chaos. Of course, it got here out Gaia, Tartarus and Eros, essentially the most stunning of the immortal gods. They had been the three primordial beings, who got here first; At least in accordance with Hesiod’s Theogony. But it does not cease there. ErebusLower Darkness, and Nix, the darkness above, was additionally the kid of chaos. From them had been born Ether and Hemera, Light and Day.

From these primordial beings, then, sprang all of the gods, titans, nymphs, demons, and lesser divine beings of Greek mythology. And a lot of them began with Gaia. According to Hesiod, “Gaia made Uranus the primary star. She made him her personal, to cowl him on all sides.

This means, first the earth gave delivery to heaven. And the heavens had been Uranus, the primary of Gaia’s “sons,” and who would even be her husband, the primary of the lords of the world. So he was foremost among the many gods.

But Gaia additionally gave delivery the realmwhich had been excessive mountains, and the stain, the ocean. So we have now earth, sky, mountains and oceans. As this world started to take form, every ingredient was represented by a special deity. In different phrases, it was the primary pantheon of Greek gods.

That’s when it occurred hierogamy, holy matrimony. Gaia and Uranus married, and from them a brand new set of creatures was born: now sure, the titansA the titansyou Cyclops And Hecatonchires. Notice how the Earth, which till then had been inhabited by just a few, started to harbor life, though they had been all associated.

Children of Gaia: Cyclops and Hecatonchire

There had been three cyclops. They had names The Brontës, Sterop And Urges. Hesiod says that the animals had been equal to the gods in all the things; Although, with out look. As they’d a single spherical eye in the midst of their mouth.

They had been due to this fact thought-about demons and due to this fact imprisoned by Uranus. Only a lot later would they be freed by Zeus. In gratitude, the Cyclops introduced the king of the gods with thunder, lightning, and lightning. They additionally solid Poseidon’s trident and Hades’ helmet, which made him invisible.

Stump, Briarius And JiggsTerrible and disgusting HecatonchiresAlso thought-about a monster. They had been proud creatures, with 100 arms and fifty heads.

Like their one-eyed brothers, they had been all imprisoned in Tartarus. As if Uranus didn’t settle for that he had given delivery to such horrible monsters, and wished to push all of them into the depths of the earth. In different phrases, returning to the womb.

Greek Mythology Family Tree: The Titans

Greek Mythology Family Tree: Gods and Titans

Uranus did not just like the Titans both. It was vital Kronos, the youngest of them, rebelled in opposition to his father. Later, most of them marry one another. Brothers and sisters. And it was for a easy motive:

If you had been a Titan again then, you principally had two choices: both you married one in all your sisters, otherwise you married one in all your sisters. oceanidswho had been daughters of the primary Titan, the ocean. That is, a technique or one other, you had been within the household. Remember, there was nobody else on the earth. After all, this was the start of all the things.

The Titans had been:

  • the ocean
  • Hyperion
  • heaven
  • Iapetus
  • Kronos
  • i create

The Titans had been:

  • Tethys
  • internet
  • Phoebe
  • themis
  • Rhea
  • Memosine

Ocean and Tethys

Greek Mythology Family Tree: Gods and Titans

And the ocean was married Tethys. From all of them rivers are born, viz the blueAnd Alpheus And horrible squamanderAnd additionally oceanids, sea nymphs. And there weren’t just a few, you see.

In this sense, there have been greater than three thousand from Oceanide alone. So a lot in order that many Greek gods, titans and heroes married sea nymphs. Later, Ocean was the good patriarch in Greek delusion.

Hyperion and Thea

Greek Mythology Family Tree: Gods and Titans

Titaness internet acquired married HyperionAnd three sons had been born to them: EOSdaybreak, HeliosSun god, and sellen, the moon. Helios grew to become the daddy of the magical Circe. Eventually, he had a bunch of different well-known children. However, the checklist varies vastly relying on the model of the story. Circe, King Aetes and Pasiphae are one of the best identified, and are nearly all the time listed as sons of Helios by the nymph Perseid.

Heaven and Phoebe

Greek Mythology Family Tree: Gods and Titans

PhoebeOn the opposite hand, married heaven. They had daughters letoDark Cloak and asteria, that within the title of Apt. Then each had been disputed by Zeus.

Asteria manages to flee from him and marries his cousin pers. They had a daughter Hecate, goddess of magic and sorcery. Leto, nonetheless, didn’t run away from Zeus and had two kids with him: the Olympian gods. Apollo and Artemis.


Greek Mythology Family Tree: Gods and Titans

The household tree of Greek mythology, persevering with the Titans Iapetus That adopted the second path and married one of many Oceanids. His title was Clymene, described by Hesiod as “possessed of lovely ankles.”

The sons of Iapetus had been then the second technology of Titans. Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus And Menoetius. Later, Atlas additionally married a sea-water, Pleon, with whom he had the Pleiades. One of them was even Mayawho slept with Zeus and had a son Hermes.

Prometheus had a son named Deucalionwho married her cousin Pyrrhawho was the daughter of Epimetheus and pandora.

Memosine and Themis

Now, if you happen to had been a Titaness, you’d have two selections: both you marry one in all your brothers, or Zeus I’ll ultimately get you pregnant.

That’s what occurred Memosine and with themis, whom Zeus ultimately married. His daughters had been Eunomia, Dice and Irene: The of hours.

With Memosyne, nonetheless, Zeus had 9 daughters, Muses. They had been beings able to inspiring inventive creation in males, every targeted on one sort of artwork, reminiscent of music and dance.

Kronos and Rhea

After banishing his father and turning into lord of the universe, Kronos married his sister, Rhea.

Gods had been then born from them Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon and Zeus. And Kronos, who feared being usurped by his kids, devoured every of them after their delivery.

Eventually, Kronos had one other youngster. This time, out of wedlock. Once, whereas hiding from his spouse, he become a horse and grew to become entangled with a sea queue. Thus the centaur was born from this extramarital affair chiron.

Greek Mythology Family Tree: Points

We nonetheless have to speak a few titan: i create. To speak about her, we have now to speak about Gaia’s different kids. In abstract:

  • Uranus the Sky
  • Orias, mountains
  • Point, Sea

In addition to sleeping with Uranus, Gaius additionally fathered kids with Pontus. They had names Thomas, forces, keto, Nereus And Eurybia.

Creo and Eurybia

Greek Mythology Family Tree: Gods and Titans

Eurybia was married to Titan i create. From this relationship was born Austria, Palant And pers. Astreus married her cousin Eos, the Dawn, and had the air along with her Zephyr, Boreas, euro And i discover.

Palante then again married a mermaid styxand had 4 kids along with her:

  • Enthusiasm, dedication
  • Nick Vijay
  • Bias, forces
  • Kratos, Power

Perses, as acknowledged, was the daddy of Hecate.

Thaumas, Phorcys and Keto

Like Pontos, his different kids had been sea creatures. Some, nonetheless, may even be referred to as monsters.

Thomas Married to a mermaid Electrawith whom he had Iris, a messenger of the gods. As nicely as three herpes: Aelo, Ocipete and Coelenus.

Already Phorsis and KetoOn the opposite hand, married one another. His daughters had been Greas: Ennio, Pefredo and Dino. And the Gorgons too: Stan, Euryale and Medusa.

Note that Medusa, in the meantime, was raped by Poseidon and solely later beheaded by Perseus. From his blood, then, the monster was born The cruiserAnd additionally well-known Pegasus.


Pontus was the wisest of the youngsters of Gaia Nereus, the previous man of the ocean. He married the nymph dorisAnd with him had been the Nereids, amongst them Amphitritewho was the spouse of Poseidon.

Soon, from this relationship had been born the heirs of the ocean god: the mighty Marman And Simopolia.

Greek Mythology Family Tree: Typhon

Gaia has yet another youngster left on this story. it was Typhon: A monstrous and gigantic monster, its physique coated with serpents.

So, he was together with his son Tartarusand was born out of a want for revenge from Mother Earth, who was not happy to see the Titans take the place of the Olympian gods.

Typhon, nonetheless, was defeated by Zeus, when he was already King of the Gods and King of Olympus. Before his dying he left his descendants, his kids with the demon the echidna. The greatest identified, due to this fact, had been:

  • Cerberus is the three-headed canine
  • Lerner Hydra
  • Nemean lion
  • the robber
  • Chimera
  • orthos

Greek Mythology Family Tree: Olympus

Greek Mythology Family Tree: Gods and Titans

Back to the Olympian gods, who had been born from Kronos. So listed here are the primary deities. Let’s do it in steps.

Demeter Had a daughter with Zeus. it was Persephonewho was later compelled to marry her uncle Hades. But Demeter additionally had a pair of twins with Poseidon: the god-horses Arion and mysterious despina.

His first spouse Zeus It was Metis Oceanid, which he swallowed. As a outcome, athena Born from his brow. with ivyZeus had extra kids, his authentic kids: ares, unscrupulous, in Hebe And Hephaestus. Children of the wedlock, at the least essentially the most identified, had been:

  • Apollo and Artemis, his youngster with Leto
  • Hermes, his son Maia
  • Dionysus, his son Semele
  • Heracles, his son by Alcmene
  • Perseus, his son by Danae
  • Helena, her daughter with Leda
  • Minos and Rhadamanthus, his sons with Europa
  • Aeacus, his son by Aegina


Aphroditewho was additionally a goddess of Olympus, there are two sources relying on the model of the story.

One of them, it’s born on account of castration Uranus, when his genitals fell into the ocean. On the opposite hand, within the second model of the story informed by Homer, the goddess of magnificence was one of many daughters of Zeus. Now with Oceanide Dion.

She was married to Hephaestus, however was the lover of Ares, the god of battle. With her, he had some kids:

  • Deimos and Phobos
  • Anteros and Eros
  • concord

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