Governor Detranjinho opens a mini-city dedicated to traffic education for children

A mini-city where children learn in practice how daily traffic works to learn the rights and duties of drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists from an early age. This is Detranzinho, a place inaugurated this Monday (11), in Curitiba, by Governor Carlos Masa Ratinho Jr. to offer children’s education activities for traffic. Starting in the capital, the project will be replicated in other cities.

“In a practical and humorous way, children can understand how the daily life of a city works and all the traffic problems. Creating a culture of peace in traffic from childhood is an educational process, ”said Ratinho Jr. “Unfortunately, Brazil is one of the countries where most people die in traffic accidents, so we want to build a united conscience from an early age so that children become responsible drivers as adults.”

The Paran ট্র Traffic Department (Detron-PR) agency has invested R $ 886,000 in structures covering an area of ​​5,000 square meters in the vehicle yard land. The site mimics the transit areas of a city on a small scale, with roads, sidewalks, and signage.

The mini-town has curb-bound blocks, rolling lanes with vertical and horizontal markings, one-way and two-way lanes, priority and binary lanes, elevated crossings, speed bumps, bicycle lanes and roundabouts. The space has a guardhouse and internal parking for buses, with priority and accessible access.

The site also includes bicycles and mini electric vehicles, donated by Renault, which can be fueled at the small electric stations installed by Koppel on site. These will be used by children as part of their learning activities.

“The progress of the educational activities of this mini-city Detroit, we did not have enough space before. First, children receive theoretical instruction and instructional material, including guidelines for signaling and safety items, and then apply the knowledge of electric driving to practice, ”explained Wagner Mesquita, Director General of Detron-PR. “It’s a way of enforcing traffic safety from an early age. “Children learn here and start taking care of their parents every day.”

Traffic education Traffic education activities will be given to scheduled groups of primary school students and children in Curitiba and the metropolitan area. The training was conducted in partnership between Detran-PR and Traffic Police Battalion (BPTran) of Paranানার Military Police and lasted about one hour.

The BPTran commander, Lieutenant Colonel Fernando Clamps, explained that the battalion would use sports to guide children about symptoms, speed limits and the responsibilities of each person on the street. “By educating our future drivers, we will get better and safer traffic in the future,” he said.

“We want to change a culture, starting with children who are their parents’ chief traffic inspectors,” said Luiz Fernando Lima, director of personal management at Detron-PR. “With them getting all the directions, inspections and traffic safety from an early age, our new generation will be more responsible, which will reduce the number of accidents in the future.”

Training at Detranzinho should begin within two weeks, as schools that are already Detran-PR partners in traffic education activities will be opened to others later. Mini-City Curitiba is located in Taruma Para, No. 3057, Avenida Victor Ferreira do Amrale.

Other municipalities In addition to Curitiba, there are two more projects in the same pattern, for areas of 800 square meters and 1,300 square meters, which were created for implementation in other cities in the state.

Another 14 municipalities have already shown interest in the project: in Toledo, Midianeira, Nova Aurora and Umuarama, Detranjinho should be built in the Ceretrans area of ​​this municipality. Lands are being studied and analyzed to enable construction in Campo Maurao, Goiwere, Itaipulandia, Wenceslau Braz, Guaratuba, Carlopolis, Guarapua, Asis Chateaubriand, Cianorte and Quedas do Iguacu.

Presence The participants in the ceremony were the head of the Civil House, Joao Carlos Ortega; The head of the Casa Military, Lieutenant Colonel Sergio Vieira; Secretary of State for Infrastructure and Logistics, Fernando Furiatti; Health, Caesar Neves; For urban development and public works, Augustinho Juchi; And for social communication and culture, Joao Everesto Debiasi; President of the Legislature of Paran, Ademar Triano; Colonel Hudson Leoncio Teixeira, commander of the military police in Paran; And from the Fire Department, Col. Manuel Vasco; State Comptroller-General, Raul Sequira; CEO of TechPar, George Calado; Curitiba Municipal Secretary of Social Defense and Traffic, Colonel Pericles de Matos; Federal Highway Police Inspector Antonio Pyme de Abreu Jr.; Federal Deputy Luiz Gollart and Christian Yared; And State Deputy Marcel Micheletto.

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