Gold Nuggets: Jauan Jennings here breaks into a minicamp

Deebo Samuel, Nick Bosa reports the first day of the San Francisco 49ers’ official minicamp

“We never did [contract negotiations] but with Nick, this’ s the way things are going now, “said Shanahan.

Deebo Samuel will take part in the official minicamp [reports]

“The 2021 All-Pro situation has upset many, because of his good relationship with Kyle Shanahan and what seems to be a 49ers’ desire to pay him. No party has ever described what happened, but it has come to this point, and I write back, when Samuel’s strength is limited.”

Notes: What Kyle Shanahan and Trey Lance said as the 49ers started the minicamp

“San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan and quarterback Trey Lance spoke to reporters after their first rehearsal of the team’s official camp. Here’s what he said.”

Hutchinson: 49ers Minicamp Notebook: Deebo Samuel is back

“Anyway, Lance has been tough. It’s hard to do more than this, but there have been a few games that leave you scratching your head or thinking,” this kid doesn’t have it. “It didn’t happen that way.

Barrows: 49ers minicamp: Trey Lance sharp, Deebo Samuel and Nick Bosa are available (paywall)

“Quarterback Trey Lance excelled at three points that were unveiled to the press.

49ers QB Trey Lance responds to criticisms of his throwing machine

“Like I said, it’s very different to work there, or away from home because you work as a thrower, not work as a quarterback. small things like that, but it didn’t make much of a difference for me. ”

Charvarius Ward says Trey Lance is ready to ‘show the world’ his talent, much to the surprise of many 49ers

“Jauan surprised me a little,” admitted Ward. “He was more talented than I thought. He’s a very fast runner. And we all know Aiyuk, he could be the No. 1 receiver if he puts his mind to it. [to it], and put it all together. They have been very receptive to the league even though we found Deebo Samuel. As soon as he comes back, and George Kittle, when all those guys come back, the mistake, they’ll do what they want, and be sure.

Cohn: Good and Not Very Good from Day 1 of Minicamp

“[Drake Jackson] he conceded a number of times to disappointing Sam Schlueter on 11th and 11th and did not hit him. Each representative, Jackson had a hard time closing and turning a corner, unlike Turay, who was in the back all morning. I was expecting to see Jackson beat Schlueter only once thinking that Schlueter might not form a team. Soon to be intimidated by Jackson, however. We will see if he does well as the game progresses, as he is very young. “

Shanahan: Dee Ford to work out this week, but it would not be possible to have 49ers; Danny Gray left

“That’s why [Danny Gray]we are out this week, and we will probably be out next week, “Shanahan said.

Branch: Kyle Shanahan explicitly describes instability among 49ers (paywall)

“Shanahan pointed out that Brendel’s faith is one of the reasons why the group was not prepared to sign the former freeman in the free market.

49ers minicamp, issue of Day 1: Deebo, Bosa, Williams return

“I have to spend a lot of time with Jake [Brendel], ”Said Lance. “Obviously, I took all my reps with Jake, and Jimmy [Garoppolo] had Alex [Mack] last year. Obviously, you know [it was] sad [because] I wanted to play with Alex for real, but very happy with Jake. I think his athletic ability is one thing that really amazes him. “

Lombardi: 49ers’ Jason Poe competes in paywall

“You see him in the film against Alabama, banning their players,” [Mercer head coach Drew] Chronicle said. “I thought he was a much better player than the kid who (the Patriots) took part in the first show from Chattanooga (Cole Strange), but I was the only one.”

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