Goals and goals: Belgium 6-1 Poland in UEFA Nations League 2022 | 06/08/2022

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goals and main points

4:39 PM3 hours ago

93 ‘

Goal, goal, goal of Belgium! The inspectors received the ball and scored to put the sixth on the board.

4:32 PM3 hours ago

86 ‘

Who got lost! Zalewski was left in front of goal, but he crossed his shot too far and kept going.

4:29 PM3 hours ago

83 ‘

Goal, goal, goal of Belgium! Dendoncker takes a long shot and Dragowski can’t stop it.

4:26 PM3 hours ago

79 ‘

Goal, goal, goal of Belgium! Trossard heard a shot outside the box in the corner and the player couldn’t stop the fourth.

4:25 PM3 hours ago

76 ‘

Poland is trying to make it, but Belgium is well stopped.

4:18 PM 3 hours ago

72 ‘

Goal, goal, goal of Belgium! Trossard cut and shot Dragoski.

4:15 PM 3 hours ago

70 ‘

Security cut by Glik, preventing Poland from shooting at the goal.

4:13 PM 3 hours ago

68 ‘

The Polish Revolution. English Book for Lewandoski.

4:12 PM3 hours ago

67 ‘

Changes in each group. For Belgium, Hazard has been replaced by Trossard. For Poland Szymanski has been replaced by Cash.

4:04 PM3 hours ago

59 ‘

Goal, goal, goal of Belgium! Kevin de Bruyne received the inside of the box, driving and hearing a loud bang on the net to give the home side lead.

4:02 PM3 hours ago

56 ‘

Goalkeeper! Dragowski is a hero and twice denies the goal for Belgium, who insists.

4:01 PM 3 hours ago

53 ‘

Meeting back and forth, both teams are looking to score.

3:51 PM 3 hours ago

46 ‘

The action resumes in the second half.

3:51 PM 3 hours ago

45 ‘

Double change in Poland. Szymanski and Bereszynski instead of Krychowiak and Puchacz.

3:33 PM 4 hours ago

45 ‘

At the end of the first half, Belgium and Poland are level on the same goal.

3:30 PM 4 hours ago

42 ‘

Goal, goal, goal of Belgium! After a series of shots and a save, Witsel appeared and sent the ball back to the net.

3:24 PM 4 hours ago

34 ‘

Belgium is trying to make, but it will not be able to achieve the enemy’s goal

3:15 PM 4 hours ago

27 ‘

Goal, goal, goal of Poland! Lewandoski appeared, received the ball and fired hard to open the scoring.

3:09 PM 4 hours ago

22 ‘

Kamingski misses the cross and misses the chance to appear.

3:02 PM 4 hours ago

15 ‘

Close! Once again Batshuayi makes his presence hear and sends a dangerous shot that can be saved by the guard.

3:00 PM 4 hours ago

12 ‘

Poland is pushing into the territory of the opposition, but it cannot bring any danger.

2:51 PM 4 hours ago

4 ‘

Close! Batshuayi shot, but the ball hits the post.

2:49 PM 4 hours ago

0 ‘

The match is starting and Belgium and Poland are already meeting.

2:41 PM 4 hours ago

Poland: Preparation

Dragowski; Gumny, Bednarek, Glik, Puchacz; Krychowiak, Zurkowski; Kaminski, Zielinski, Szymanski; Lewandowski

2:40 PM 4 hours ago

Belgium: Work

Mignolet; Alderweireld, Dendoncker, Vertonghen; Castagne, Witsel, Tielemans, Carrasco; De Bruyne, Batshuayi, E. Hazard

2:40 PM 4 hours ago

In court!

Both teams already shave before the start of the game which is about to start.

2:35 PM5 hours ago

At home

The Belgian national team is already at the Brussels Stadium, where they will be looking to make three-thirds points.

2:25 PM5 hours ago

It starts!

Robert Lewandoski has made his debut for Poland in 11 appearances, looking to score three goals for his team.

2:20 PM5 hours ago

all support

The Belgian team wears the women’s team jersey in support of the upcoming European Championship.

2:15 PM5 hours ago

everything is ready

Both teams’ jerseys are equipped with each team’s jerseys ready to wear in this important game.

2:10 PM5 hours ago

The meeting is over

The two teams met for the last time in 2007, the match was able to impress Poland with two goals to zero and it took place at Slaski Stadium.

2:05 PM5 hours ago

two duels

The teams face 19 teams, seven of which are Polish winners and six in Belgium, with the same number.

2:00 PM5 hours ago

We are back!

We are back with the minutes and minutes of the Belgian and Polish games. We will soon share with you more information about these teams, as well as proven players.

1:55 PM5 hours ago

Stay tuned to Belgium vs Poland live stream.

In a few minutes we share with you the beginnings of Belgium vs Poland live, as well as the most recent from King Baudouin Stadium. Stay tuned to see the game on VAVEL.

1:50 PM5 hours ago

How to watch Belgium vs Poland Live Stream on TV and Online?

1:45 PM5 hours ago

What is the match against Belgium vs Poland in the UEFA Nations League match?

1:40 PM5 hours ago

Polish Instructions

Czesław Michniewicz“I think the first few minutes of the game were the same. Until Lukaku was on the field, there were no signs of such a result. There was no shortage of events on either side. We hope they reach the goal easily. We hope there will be as few of them as they can, but once they are defeated, they will want to show their best. side. “Some of their players don’t play, but we are preparing for the whole team, not just individual players.”

“I will quote the coach of the Dutch national team coach, Louis van Gaal, who said that Belgium will go to the World Cup as the best team in the world. That does not mean they have a good team. I am glad we will be playing with such a team. We want a match like this to find the answers. We also want to play for ourselves, create opportunities and use our best time. The Belgians have fired a lot of chances. A chance for the Dutch.

“I have no doubt about its design. Today, the start of the Eleventh looks like a Monday game, but the game is tomorrow. We have lessons, things can happen. Sometimes something has a nightmare and a little improvement happens.”

“Going to Belgium-Netherlands, I was expecting a top game, and it was. You can see the individual and team skills. Sometimes Belgium played very well, but they did not win. The Netherlands were very determined., Which influenced coach Van Gaal’s comments that “It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the World Cup. Tomorrow’s matches will be different, because we play differently from the Dutch.”

“On the pitch. As we play against Wales or Sweden, we will look at the situation in the offensive, as well as in the fight against weapons or ammunition.”

“I know there is a lot going on around the football players, most recently about Krychowiak or Lewandowski. I think there is something about Góralski’s transfer to the Bundesliga. Some players did not say they needed time to complete their transition issues.”

1:35 PM 6 hours ago

Poland’s final competition

Grabara; Puchacz, Glik, Bednarek, Bereszynski; Klich, Goralski, Krychowiak; Zielinski; Buksa, Lewandowski.

1:30 PM 6 hours ago

Belgian final

Mignolet; Alderweireld, Boyata, Vertonghen; Meunier, De Bruyne, Witsel, Castagne; E. Hazard, Lukaku, Vanaken.

1:25 PM 6 hours ago

How is Poland coming?

Poland‘s story is completely different in the UEFA Nations League debut, the Polish team defeated Wales by two goals to one, making three of the three and reaching second place by goal difference.

1:20 PM 6 hours ago

How does Belgium arrive?

1:15 PM 6 hours ago

The match was played at King Baudouin Stadium.

The Belgium vs Poland match will be played at King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels, Belgium. The stadium seats 50,100 people.

1:10 PM 6 hours ago

Welcome to’s 2022 UEFA Nations League match: Belgium vs Poland Live Updates!

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