Giannechini asks about monogamy and talks about being pansexual – 05/14/2022 – Monica Bergamo

“I want to see [a série] Medicine with so much anxiety “, he continued. Behind the scenes of the thriller filming, a partnership was born for another project: the drama” Eternal Brilliance “, which runs until June 12 in Sওo Paulo.

Gianni invited Tina to take part in the production. On stage, they play the role of a couple who love each other, but who face the strain of a relationship overcome by the Kovid-19 epidemic. The show, produced by director Jorge Farzalla, is inspired by the 2004 film “Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind”. The director and actors received the column during the rehearsal of the show. According to them, the essence of the feature remains, but a lot needs to be updated.

“The film is still wonderful, but when we go to review it, there are some points that call for re-reading,” Taina said. One of the questions posed by the actress was, “What will Clementine look like in 2022 – the young woman in the plot she performed on stage, now renamed Celine.” It certainly wouldn’t be like about 20 years ago. “Today’s woman is discovering more and more that she can be free and she wants to be free,” she says

The actress’ suggestion was to present the character as bisexual. In the story, he also gets involved with another woman. “Celine doesn’t believe in monogamy. She’s on another hard drive,” the actress said.

Jesse, Xian’s character, is still monogamous and trying to fit into today’s world, but to no avail. For the actress, the difficulty of the two of them in the relationship reflects the conflict of a transitional generation, who learned to believe in romantic love, but today it is questionable.

“In 20 years the world has gone through a great revolution. How do we live this love in independence, but also in extreme need and insecurity?”, He asks.

Married to director Henrik Sauer since 2013, Taina says she is currently in a monogamous relationship, but has other relationships that “weren’t exactly in the deal”.
For him, the subject is still a taboo. “I am honestly surprised that this is not a problem imposed by the church there,” he reflected. “I think we have to be free and open to be happy. If it captivates us, why keep it?”

Xian shares a similar view. “Every relationship you have, you have to find out how it can work, how it can exist, how it can provide for you. I always question monogamy as well. At least, I’m always aware: what is it?” “How normal he is,” the actress concluded. “It’s … how normal he is,” she agrees.

For Xian, the theme was not present in his life, since he is in a serious relationship “It’s been a long time”. “A lot [tempo] Same and I really enjoy being single, “she added.

“I always wanted to [um novo amor], I’m Scorpio, I like to scrutinize, but I don’t have to have relationships. I flow life, “he said.

In the first year of the epidemic, the actor claims to have reconnected with family and friends. “I brought my mother to live with me. I lived a life that I did not live long because I was too much in the world, a sweet love story that lasts a weekend or a week,” she says.

In 2020, Xian announced in an interview with the EFE news agency that he had defined himself as a pansexual, an adaptation that brings together people who are sexually attracted to people regardless of gender identity. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture. “Now I see it well, this fluidity. I really think everything is possible. And you say that everything that is possible doesn’t put you in a certain place, it puts you everywhere,” he explains.

“I can be everywhere in the sense of the vastness of my will,” he continued. “Doesn’t that mean you want to get me together? So you’re this’ or ‘Oh, didn’t I tell you he’s gay?’ Maybe it’s gay, too straightforward, too everything. Anything can happen. “

Director George Farzalla interrupts him by saying that “people have a hard time keeping people in cages and telling them what each one is and how it should be.” “We are plural,” he says.

“And we are also fluid, something that is today does not have to be tomorrow. There are some people who discover their own fluidity at the age of 60,” Taina said. “I don’t define myself anywhere, I live in the present. Is that what I want? I’m going to do it now,” he added.

Born out of the frustration of love experienced by the director of “Eternal Brilliance”. The central idea of ​​drama – and film – is the existence of a system that is capable of erasing the memory of love from memory.

Would you use such an art to forget a great frustration ?, the column asked. Xian and Taina say that not now, but in the past they probably agreed. “I have suffered the pain of love from being in the pit. But nowadays, with maturity, I realize that it was also perfect. I will not erase it from my memory because understanding a lot was very important,” said the actor.

On stage, Xian Globo is quite different from the heartthrob figure, as he became nationally known through his first TV work while playing the character Edu in “Lacos de Familia” (2000).

As Jesse, he emphasizes posture so that the character looks pot-bellied. “It’s shaking my back, but I find it wonderful,” Xian said. Also, on stage, he is forbidden to show his teeth and smile. “She is [o diretor Farjalla] “Smile is my brand and he doesn’t want anyone to see me,” he explained.

Actor Jim Carrey, who starred in the film, and comedian Jerry Lewis were some of the names that inspired Xian. There is also a reference to the idea of ​​purity of clowns, who are not afraid of ridicule. “How can we be weird to this guy? It’s playing, no fear of ridicule”, he says. “Whenever I can deconstruct this heartthrob thing, I like it,” he says.

The tinner process was different. He says he didn’t want to be inspired by Kate Winslet’s performance of Clementine for some reason, such as speaking in English and setting another time. “I always try to find transition points, to communicate with my experience. And Celine has some insecurities that I think lived in me in the past,” he said.

These differences are positive in the eyes of both. “I’m chaotic, and she’s organized,” the actress points out. “And the most beautiful thing is that it works,” says the actor.

“Xian is an enlightened entity”, he melts. Tina recalls that when they first worked together in 2014, living a love triangle with Giovanna Antonelli, she gave an interview about what it was like to be an actor’s rival. I said: If Clara [personagem de Antonelli] I want to be with Chadu, okay. It’s Giannechini! ” He adds with a laugh: “But Clara finished the soap opera with me.”


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