Get rich by marrying someone who is incompetent

Today, I have decided to address a little more sensitive issues. In my experience as an investment teacher at AUVP School, I have dealt with many of the following dilemmas: How can I marry someone who is useless, indebted, or indebted? Don’t want to invest?

Unfortunately, it is very common to find couples who do not even care about their spouses Life changes And get rich.

Often, the problem lies within the structure of the relationship.

How a couple’s relationship is formed

The couple’s relationship with money is a factor The key to success for both of them. If one or both spouses are not committed to the money, then everything can fall apart.

But, first of all, we need to understand how that particular relationship works.

In the case of any relationship, it all starts with a love, a relationship, a sexual partnership and much more. It then reaches a point where they both decide to keep their toothbrushes together. Walking together.

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From this moment on, things change.

Marriage is a contract!

After the couple decides to stay together and share things, the relationship no longer exists Purely emotional.

When it reaches this point, love and affection also give way to partnership. And turning Business Even, like a deal.

Thus, both of them started making rules for life together, raising children, sharing resources and everything else.

And that includes Introduction sharing And, of course, money.

Married someone who doesn’t help

The big problem is when one of the spouses doesn’t help and worse, Go this way.

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I have seen many adult males do nothing because they take care of the children at home.

This is a big lie!

If he takes care of the house, yes, he is doing one Great job In the responsibility of the couple.

So that’s not what we’re talking about here.

The Useless wife He is someone who does not work, spends much more than he earns, or earns very little and has no ambition to develop.

Here, too, scholars, addicts – gambling, Day tradeSports betting – and constant debt, living on credit cards, Treating money like rubbish.

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I’ll tell you a truth: you can never get rich or marry someone like that!

I have a useless wife: what shall I do?

If your relationship has already been built here, calm down! Not the end of the world.

After all, there is a way for everything.

It is quite true that you made a bad choice and now you have a beautiful iron ball stuck in your heel.

However, let’s think about the following plan:

First, you have to put All the cards on the table. And do it wisely!

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That is, you must have one Very honest dialogue, To show the person that he has a bad relationship with money. Otherwise, that he is very sympathetic.

Get rich by marrying someone who is incompetent

But, Don’t throw everything in your face. It won’t work.

Quietly and consciously, show the person that the way they are is not enough.

Make it clear that the wife’s position on financial matters will end Destroy marriage.

Money and couple plans

In this first Super Frank conversation, you should notice how Plane alignment Couple.

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That is, they both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. It happens that, many times, the two heads aim at completely opposite objectives.

And worse: none of them know it!

In this case, it would be difficult to maintain a straightforward walk, especially in financial matters.

Get rich by marrying someone who is incompetent

Respect your efforts for money

Most likely, the first open conversation about responsibility, money and investment will not have much effect.

To make matters worse, it may be that the wife The crime is over.

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If this happens, follow the old phone review: try again later!

If symptoms persist, however, you should switch to Plan C.

If the spouse does not change route and accept the kick, suggest the following:

“Tomorrow, we are going to change the rules of marriage at the registry office.”

This may sound like an extreme attitude, but remember: it puts your financial health – and that of the couple – at risk.

At the end of the day, there is no point in doing your own thing to hand over your heritage with a kissing hand.

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That did not happen. And now?

Even after trying so hard, if you don’t see any signs of smoke on the other side, To give up.

That’s right! Give up

The truth is, you shouldn’t marry someone who doesn’t want the best for you, for you, and for your own family.

If you are not married in church and religion is not an obstacle, seriously: go ahead!

Or will you die poor and unhappy?

In the end, we are talking about Financial health and happiness.

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Unfortunately, the truth is that you can’t get rich just by being with that person.

So even if it hurts, sometimes there are matches Good to do.

Turn the page, choose the next one, invest, get rich and be happy!

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