Genoa – Parma: 3-3 Serie B 2022/2023. The last post is a review of the game

  • That’s all from the Ferraris, a good continuation of the night. Until subsequent time.18:14

  • On the fifth day, Blessin’s males can be in entrance of the residence of Palermo whereas Pecchia’s staff will face Ternana.18:13

  • A game full of objectives and concepts between two groups that didn’t separate from one another in the offensive sense whereas exhibiting a lack of defensive focus: Estevez at the finish of the nook equalized with a penalty at the starting of the second half of Coda, Gudmundsson was fired to get better .18:12

  • 90′ + 5′

    IT’S DONE! Genoa-Parma 3-3, Camplone’s whistle thrice.18:09

  • 90′ + 5′

    Penalty from Portanova, deflected into the nook.18:09

  • 90’+4′

    WARNING Circati, do on Yalcin.18:08

  • 90′ + 2′

    CUT OUT Gudmundsson, the second in the yellow, is waving stupidly at Bernabe.18:07

  • 90′ + 1′

    Ansaldi modified the game for Bernabe, Tutino’s facet, which is anticipated in the nook by Bani.18:05

  • 90′

    Four minutes of restoration.18:05

  • 89′

    GOAL! Genoa-PARMA 3-3! Estevez community. From the nook, the ball falls extensive, Estevez kicks Martinez with a plate on the fly.

    Check out Nahuel Estévez’s profile18:04

  • 88′

    Final strain from the two, Dragusin sweeps in the nook.18:03

  • 87′

    Mihaila tries to throw himself in the space, thrice, he doesn’t go.18:01

  • 86′

    Free kick from Bernabe, Vogliacco clears the header.18:01

  • 84′

    GENOA change. Pajac is drained, Vogliacco stays.18:00

  • 83′

    To Pajac’s horror, the game stopped.17:57

  • 82′

    Gudmundsson’s comeback, Circati locks him in the nook.17:57

  • 81′

    In the nook of the ducals, Bernabe left to beat Frendrup.17:58

  • 81′

    CHANGE OF THE LAST PARMA. Pecchia performs the Tutino card, exterior of English.17:58

  • 79′

    THE CHANGE OF PARMA. Oosterwolde comes out, the first season of Zagaritis.17:55

  • 78′

    Yeboah crosses the space from the left, doubles, it would not undergo.17:53

  • 77′

    Gudmundsson from distance, his proper doesn’t go down.17:51

  • 75′

    GENOA change. Ekuban out, clip for Yeboah.17:52

  • 75′

    GENOA change. Coda race ends, minimize to Yalcin.17:51

  • 74′

    In the ahead roll, it is the Coda that touches the crossbar inconsistently.17:49

  • 73′

    From the nook, Dragusin saves on the line however Inglese was offside.17:47

  • 72′

    Mihaila crossing low from the left, English utterly alone in the central space, Bani positively at risk.17:47

  • 71′

    Little by little rhythms, interlocutory half of the competitors.17:46

  • 69′

    Punishment destroyed by Badelj, Chichizola guidelines the area.17:43

  • 67′

    GENOA change. Clash between Jagiello and Portanova.17:43

  • 65′

    Gudmundsson from the left, Circati sweeps in a nook.17:40

  • 63′

    WARNED Bani, arrested Mihaila.17:40

  • 62′

    Camplone fires a member of the rossoblu workers for protesting.17:36

  • 60′

    Jagiello goes down, will get a nook.17:34

  • 59′

    Ekuban has a torn shirt, he is pressured to vary.17:34

  • 57′

    THE CHANGE OF PARMA. Pecchia remembers Coulibaly, at risk of being despatched off, Benedyczak enters.17:33

  • 57′

    THE CHANGE OF PARMA. One leaves the area in favor of Ansaldi.17:32

  • 56′

    THE CHANGE OF PARMA. Estevez takes over for Juric.17:32

  • 54′

    OBJECTIVE COMPLETED GENOA! Ekuban baggage however the referee guidelines Dragusin offside.17:31

  • 53′

    WARNED Coulibaly, the worst of the Ekuban.17:29

  • 51′

    GOAL! GENOA-Parma 3-2! What is the penalty? Chichizola displaced, Coda chilly from 11 meters.

    See participant card Massimo Coda17:26

    Massimo Code
  • 49′

    PENALTY GENOA! Gudmundsson crosses from the left, Bernabe catches him in the space, Camplone factors to the spot.17:23

  • 48′

    Frendrup grows to Coda, eliminated.17:22

  • 46′

    SPINNING STARTS. Genoa-Parma 2-2, no change at this level.17:19

  • Blessin has to seek out methods to resolve Mihaila, with out shedding the level of frustration; Pecchia has to ask his individuals to keep up the gravity with out reducing the gravity an excessive amount of.17:09

  • An thrilling episode performed out in the open and at excessive stakes: the rossoblu lead with Frendrup in a position to repeat at the internet after crossing Jagiello, the ducals overturned the outcome resulting from two errors by Mihaila – the Inglese and Dragusin – mocking Martinez. . Hefti re-establishes unity by punishing Chichizola for the flawed exit.17:06

  • 45′ + 2′

    END OF THE FIRST HALF. Genoa-Parma 2-2, a whirlwind of feelings in Ferraris.17:03

  • 45′ + 1′

    Ekuban tries from the onerous facet, a violent left hit by Chichizola in the nook.17:02

  • 45′

    One minute to get better.17:02

  • 45′

    WARNING Juric, talking from behind Bani.17:01

  • 44′

    Ekuban in the space for Coda, cumbersome in the management, Chichizola positive in the low exit.17:01

  • 42′

    GOAL! GENOA 2-2 Parma! Hefti community. Pajac’s cross, Chichizola smanaccia quick, Hefti punishes him with a free.

    See the profile of the participant Silvan Hefti16:59

    Silvan Hefti
  • 40′

    WARNING Gudmundsson, not written in English.16:56

  • 39′

    Gudmundsson enters the space from the left, tender contact with no person, Chichizola catches.16:55

  • 37′

    GOAL! Genoa 1-2 PARMA! Mihaila community. Mihaila’s proper from 25 meters, Dragusin jumps together with his physique, Martinez is cleared.

    Check out the participant card of Valentin Mihaila16:54

    Valentin Mihaila
  • 37′

    Frendrup reaches the limits of Coda, left in the center, the easy meat of Chizola.16:53

  • 36′

    Badelj releases Coda in entrance of Chichizola however he was in an unstable place.16:52

  • 35′

    Man play on Pajac, Badelh’s definitive cowl.16:50

  • 33′

    Ekuban falls in the space beneath strain from Coulibaly, Camplone pushes.16:49

  • 32′

    Gudmundsson hits the flooring from the left, Juric is good.16:48

  • 30′

    The double shooter will get up, and resumes enjoying.16:48

  • 28′

    Mihaila fell badly on the arm, the game stopped.16:44

  • 27′

    WARNING Badelj, it is over for Bernabe.16:44

  • 25′

    Vazquez receives a boundary from Man, falling to the flooring.16:41

  • 23′

    WARNED Vazquez, late on Bani.16:39

  • 21′

    GOAL! Genoa 1-1 PARMA! English Network. Mihaila makes a scissor kick from the edge, English on the manner twists his head mocking Martinez.

    See participant card Roberto Inglese16:38

    Roberto English
  • 20′

    Mihaila from distance, cornered proper by Bani.16:36

  • 18′

    Man down, game stopped for a couple of minutes.16:34

  • 16′

    GOAL! GENOA-Parma 1-0! Friendrup Network. Gudmundsson goes to the left, Jagiello flicks the cross, Frendrup on the fly baggage left.

    See participant card Morten Frendrup16:33

    Morten Frendrup
  • 14′

    Mihaila’s run, good closing by Dragusin.16:41

  • 12′

    The rhythms will not be very excessive, the ducals’ soccer journeys.16:28

  • 9′

    Bernabe straight to English, simply exterior the internet however he was offside.16:25

  • 8′

    Gudmundsson needs to chop Pajac in the space, wrongly.16:24

  • 6′

    Cut from Coda, deep into Jagiello.16:22

  • 4′

    PARMA OPPORTUNITY! Vazquez hits from the proper, English tames to Mihaila, Martinez instinctively denies.16:20

  • 4′

    Coda turns to the border, left by Romagnoli, Chichizola takes the ball.16:19

  • 3′

    At the starting of the coaching session, the two teams meet in the center.16:19

  • 1′

    START Genoa-Parma, the ball goes to the rossoblu.16:16

  • The heat-up classes are over, simply earlier than the begin of the race led by Camplone.16:08

  • Pecchia confirms the proprietor of the XI that beat Cosenza: Man-Vazquez-Mihaila behind Inglese.15:59

  • Blessin makes Jagiello’s debut from the first minute with Ekuban and Gudmundsson in help of Coda.16:02

  • 4-2-3-1 additionally for Parma: Chichizola – Coulibaly, Circati, Romagnoli, Oosterwolde – Bernabe, Juric – Man, Vazquez, Mihaila – English. Available: Buffon, Corvi, Ansaldi, Balogh, Valenti, Zagaritis, Bonny, Del Prato, Estevez, Sohm, Tutino, Benedyczak.16:07

  • Here is the design. Genoa with 4-2-3-1: Martinez – Hefti, Bani, Dragusin, Pajac – Frendrup, Badelj – Jagiello, Ekuban, Gudmundsson – Coda. Available: Semper, Agostino, Vogliacco, Czyborra, Sabelli, Strootman, Galdames, Portanova, Yalcin, Aramu, Yeboah, Puscas.16:05

  • The massive game of the day, each groups are undefeated at the begin of this competitors: the rossoblu wish to go away the high with the first home victory, the ducals to overhaul their opponents in the standings with the first overseas objectives. 12:00 p.m

  • In Ferraris the whole lot is prepared for Genoa-Parma, the fourth day of Serie B.11:41

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