Game 6 Klay is back, carrying the Warriors to victory

Somehow the Golden State Warriors found a way to finish the Memphis Grizzlies and beat their ticket to the Western Conference Finals. After a humiliating loss of Game 5, the Warriors responded with a 110-96 victory on their home ground to complete a 4-2 victory.

The Warriors put Kevon Looney on Jonathan Kuminga’s starting line-up, who has just played a bit in the entire series. While some fans are pushing for Jordan Poole to start, general manager Mike Brown has decided to take on the size of Looney. Looney provided the best opportunity in his career.

The Dubs jumped 16-8 ahead, but a couple of coercive shots opened the door for Dillon Brooks to shoot the Grizzlies back into the game. That sequence repeats itself over and over again.

The Warriors led 30-26 at the end of the first half, but their lead could have been extended to number two. Klay Thompson was already highlighting the “Game 6 Klay” heroes who may have shot his ticket at the Hall of Fame, but Dubs’ turn was to stop them.

Brooks also decided to oppose the Warriors and their fans. Without a shot, Brooks grabbed Curry by the shoulders and knocked him to the ground. Thompson immediately got into Brooks’ face, and each of them was misjudged even though Brooks left Thompson. The singers decided to review the show and review Brooks clearly 1.

The Warriors should have a two-digit lead in the middle. They played a special defense in the first half and shot 40.7% behind the arc, but the best performances on a two-point lead (7-for-25) and their development deficits (11 in the first half) left the door open for Memphis. . Golden State just led 53-51.

The third part was the same. Thompson appears to be advancing nuclear, firing three consecutive shots, including a jump that was highly controversial, but the Warriors stopped looking at Memphis’ defense and could not lean on Klay as Dub Nation had become accustomed to. Instead of leaving, Golden State only had number one. Then cam even more turnovers.

Golden State had a mid-quarter game play, mistakenly throwing three of the four items. Without their main winner, the Grizzlies need the Dubs to connect a number of empty objects to lead. They were getting it. They led briefly before reaching the third quarter, but the Warriors led 78-77 to the final.

The Warriors finally delayed things for the last 12 minutes and improved on their change. But asking the Grizzlies for a disappointing quarterback was an easier task than the 48-minute requirement. Andrew Wiggins to make one game. Then Desmond Bane added three more to give Memphis a 89-87 lead with a 6:55 left.

The answer did not come from Thompson, or Curry, or Draymond Green. It was Andrew Wiggins. He was the only Warrior player who always saw him as a blast. He was the only Warriors starter Friday to not win an NBA tournament.

The shooting clock was coming to an end, and Wiggins knocked down three. He stole the ball from Brooks in the next half and turned it into a simple dunk. Then, another missed Brooks put Golden State in a change where Curry was left alone to the right.

The highlight of the Warriors is the combination of the amazing and the ugly basketball. Everything has the potential to be a beautiful display of the ball movement that ends at the end of three points. Each item also feels like it has the potential for someone to get the wrong ticket on the legs.

The Golden State case was abhorrent outside Thompson’s three-and-a-half-hour shot, but the change hit. Wiggins delivered a huge basket as they forced two big stops that reached Steph Curry’s peak, placing the Warriors six. In this game, six points sounded like 16.

Looney ended his impressive career with a number of frustrating rebounds in the closing minutes, including one that set up Thompson for one final shot. Looney played 35 minutes, only getting 4, but holding 22 rebounds (11 disappointments).

Thompson scored 30 points in a row on 11 for 22 shots from the field. Curry finished with a 29-goal deficit, which came as the Warriors put the game in the final minutes.

However, there is a case where Wiggins is their most important player. He played 41 minutes of strong defense, mostly against Brooks, and scored 18 points, 10 rebounds, 3 rebounds, and one block. Wiggins has been criticized for his unscrupulous efforts and lack of habit in his entire career, but he was everywhere on Friday.

The military now has a short break. No matter, they will have more rest than their Western Conference Finals opponent. They will face the Game 7 winner between the Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks, which will take place on Sunday, May 15th in Phoenix at 5:00 PM Pacific. If the Suns win the game, the Warriors will travel to Phoenix in Games 1 and 2. If the Mavs win, the Dubs will receive the first two games of the series.

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