FSU vs. UCLA: Regional exhibition, as you can see, the NCAA Tournament stream

For their 44 straight run of the NCAA postseason, Seminoles (33-23) will travel to the Auburn region. After the end of the season, FSU became the third crop in the region. The Auburn Tigers have one seed, the first enemy of FSU UCLA Bruins as the second seed, and the Lions of southeastern Louisiana as the fourth seed.

On Friday, Florida State thrashed UCLA 5-3, while Auburn blasted Southeastern Louisiana 19-7. The Seminoles then met the Tigers on Saturday, falling 7 points in the fourth inning on the road to a 21-7 victory – regional victory, with UCLA beating the Lions 16-2.

The Seminoles and Bruins now meet at 2 p.m. on Sunday to remove the loser and the winner gets at least one game against Auburn. What is the winner of FSU vs. UCLA beat Auburn, who are due to take on the Tigers in a series on Monday.

Breaking Auburn County

Auburn Birds (38-19)

Auburn very successful

  • 1B Sonny DiChiara: .378 AVG / .787 SLG / 18 HR
  • 3B Blake Rambusch: .349 AVG / .457 SLG / 16 SB
  • RF Bobby Pierce: .312 AVG / .584 SLG / 7 HR
  • RHP Joseph Gonzalez: 6-2, 2.74 ERA, 3.9 K / BB
  • RHP Blake Burkhalter: 4-2, 3.76 ERA, 13 saves

Auburn has a very serious case in the region that shows well-known people on the whole list and not a lot of beatings. DiChiara is the easiest in Auburn’s offense. The chef does everything you would want from someone on a plate. He beats almost with force but moves more than he beats. The key to dealing with DiChiara is to make sure that the original or empty when it comes to the plate.

Installation is another matter with Auburn. He doesn’t have a big pen but he has a few pieces here and there. The Burkhalter is probably their best-out-of-arm arm with a high K and a very low K. However, he has been facing a long ball. Auburn will throw Friday night off Trace Bright on Friday, meaning FSU will face Auburn on Saturday against Gonzalez. Gonzalez is not a very successful man but he does a good job of defending himself and the Tigers have one of the best in the country.

UCLA Bruins (39-23)

A very successful UCLA

  • SS Cody Schrier: .293 AVG / 70 hrs / 9 hrs
  • RF Michael Curialle: .326 AVG / 72 H / 25 XBH
  • 1B Jake Palmer: .314 AVG / .395 SLG / 69 H
  • RHP Max Rajcic: 8-4, 3.08 ERA, 5.1 K / BB
  • RHP Kelly Austin: 4-3, 4.33 ERA, 4.2 K / BB

The Bruins could be a very good team to the bottom of the region if not because of their injuries. UCLA brought in the best class to start the year and was seeing the best productions out of the class before losing players here and there. The game may not please the fans but it is a small western team that can play good little ball and produce difficulty from 1 to 9. Freshman shortstop Schrier is probably the most dangerous but missed the Pac-12 race with injuries. He is expected to return this week.

Another player who missed the second Pac-12 race Rajcic had an exciting season. He is expected to start against FSU and has made another half of what is expected to be the best game of the day when he will face Parker Messick. UCLA has a good record and will be strong but can suffer as the region progresses due to injured holes in their staff.

Lions of Southeast Louisiana (30-31)

SE Louisiana very successful

  • 1B Preston Faulkner: .343 AVG / .685 SLG / 17 HR
  • 3B Shea Thomas: .294 AVG / .435 SLG / 6 HR
  • SS Evan Keller: .259 AVG / .455 SLG / 10 HR
  • RHP Will Kinzeler: 4-2, 3.60 ERA, 1.9 K / BB
  • RHP Gage Trahan: 4-4, 4.15 ERA, 11 retention

the Lions did not compete in their own history but managed to take both games from the McNeese State conference leader to secure a place in the postseason. Ace Kinzeler is due to throw against Auburn and their rise begins to fall behind.

Likewise, their hit falls after Faulkner but they hit well. Sortheastern Louisiana has tried and created a challenge on the starting lane while walking a bit. Anything can happen in the region and lions are hot right now.

Friday Schedule


Florida State wins 5-3


The Seminoles scored for the first time and Parker Messick threw in five strong innings to give FSU an opening game victory over Auburn, 5-3.

Messick’s line of five innings has been thrown, two runs, four defeats and two innings does not look good but until the fifth inning was great. UCLA is a talented team and it is not going to do much but Messick has attracted a lot of weak people. All in all he finished the game and started well and gave his pen the game and lead and you can’t ask for more about the barrel than that.

From UCLA:

UCLA right-back Max Rajcic (8-5) took the lead, conceding four runs and hitting five times in six frames.

“It was a tough game, I think both teams did a great job of putting two good pitchers on the other side,” said UCLA head coach John Savage. “We were lucky, but [Florida State] they did more with their opportunities than we did. “

Box Score

Auburn vs. southeast of Louisiana

Auburn wins 19-7

Program: Auburn

Cole Foster smashed three of Auburn’s seven runs and led nine to lead the Tigers to a 19-7 win on Friday at the Auburn Regional opening day at Plainsman Park. In preparation for Auburn’s first home in 12 years, head coach Butch Thompson referred to the Tigers’ recent challenges as “elephants in the room.” Auburn responded quickly to the incident by hitting the first 11 innings, compared to the only one Tiger has released in their last four games. “Good night for us,” Thompson said. “The whole competition came out shaky. We’ve been watching it. When you see them investing in something and then benefit from it, you get excited.”

From Southeastern Louisiana:

Evan Keller and Tristan Welch led SLU on a plate and hit twice each. Keller and Shea Thomas each drive twice, while Tyler Finke hits his own home in the Lions’ home. Tires jumped up against SLU founder Adam Guth (4-2) under the first inning. Following Blake Rambusch’s lead, Cole Foster set up a running house on top of a 30-foot left field field to give the AU a first chance. Two strikers later, Bobby Peirce took the lead and fired twice into the center wall. Later in the frame, Foster cleared the ground with a huge slam, while co-SEC Player of the Year Sonny DiChiera followed and walked home alone. With all that being said, Auburn’s first eight fighters arrived and SLU fell into the first hole 11-0 in the inning that saw the 14 Tigers coming off the plate.

To the southeast it set the curve number for the second straight inning above the third. Two Thomas singers pulled the Lions in, 13-3. SLU added to their display in the top four, doubling behind Christian Garcia and Welch reduced Auburn’s chances to 13-4. Auburn added to its results under the fourth inning. Foster’s third run of the race – three shots on the right wall – pushed Tiger’s chances of 16-4. Nate LaRue’s second run of the game extended Auburn’s lead to 17-4 after six games.

Saturday Schedule

Southeastern Louisiana vs. UCLA, 1 PM ET

From UCLA:

The No. UCLA dual baseball team managed to score 19 in a 16-2 win over No. 4-seed Southeastern Louisiana at the opening game Saturday afternoon at Auburn’s Plainsman Park.

Five UCLA pitchers have been included to reduce South East Louisiana (30-31) to two doubles and three strikes over nine innings. In addition, UCLA’s 16 runs were the most successful program in the NCAA Tournament since the 17-7 win over Oklahoma in Jun. 5, 2004.

“It’s an exhaustive game, then you have to shoot,” said UCLA head coach John Savage. “We did a good job of shaking the bats. I thought we had a lot of good batsmen, we hit the ball hard. The Bruins scored six of the nine innings and reached each of the first eight fronts.In total, four UCLA players finished the game on Saturday with three defeats.

Florida State Vs. Auburn, 7 PM ET


The Florida State baseball team struggled from the start and did not appear to be doing well in the Auburn Tiger tournament at the Seminoles. Auburn climbed seven times in the fourth inning on their way to a 21-7 explosion in Florida State.

It was clear from the first hit that Bryce Hubbart’s directing was non-existent tonight. He seemed to be struggling with his grip and his running speeds were low in or out of the battlefield. Auburn was able to sit on the fastball and make Hubbart pay. The sophomore only took 2.1 innings with a line of 4 H, 3 R, 2 ER, 2 K, 3 BB.

After Hubbart, the bullpen was not good. Whittaker took 0.2 innings, Dunn allowed three hits and four runs without a shot, and McMullen ran five batteries. Armstrong ran three times and skipped two and finally Simmons allowed their run twice in the ninth. A great nightmare for FSU shooters.

Saturday Schedule

Florida State Vs. UCLA, 2 PM ET

UCLA / Florida State vs. Auburn, 7 PM ET

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