From “Mr. Nyet” to the world’s “punching bag”. Sergei Lavrov’s Life and Debate – Observer

In 2017, he told Russian Esquire that instead of one and a half packs, he was able to smoke only four cigarettes a day. As? Due to a lot of “diplomatic discipline,” he explained, quoting the Moscow Times. When asked by reporters how he managed to maintain such an admirable physique at age 67, Lavrov replied: “Honestly, it’s genetic. I thank my dad and mom. And the little thing: I stretch my bike and exercise in the morning.” I play football whenever I can on Sundays. “

“He’s charismatic, very funny, mundane, and brilliantly brilliant,” David Wade, John Kerry’s former chief of staff, told Politico in 2017, in another exercise in gathering conflicting opinions about the still-head of diplomacy. Russian.

The chosen adjective could take Lavrov from the private domain to another side, but which has been widely verified by public opinion – especially since last year, when Alexei Navalny’s anti-corruption foundation revealed that since 2014, He has taken his wife abroad more than 60 times on “diplomatic missions”. France, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, Greece and Portugal were just a few of the countries they visited.

Maria Lavrov has been married for 51 years, with whom she has not been seen in public for years. When it was published by Navalny’s team, an article titled “Yacht, Bribe and a Wife.” What is Minister Lavrov hiding? ”It was also revealed that Polyakova had assets of 12.7 billion euros in his name.

Svetlana Polyakova, an employee of the Foreign Ministry and owner of some non-profit restaurants, is even close to Putin, with whom she has already posed for events. More: For many Russian Foreign Ministry officials, she was considered the minister’s real wife – some even preserved their identities as Svetlana Lavrova, the Daily Mail reported at the time.

Svetlana Alexandrovna Poliakova is the mother of Instagram user Paulina Kovaleva – who at the age of 21 bought a 5.2 million euro flat in Kensington’s exclusive London neighborhood and is now 26 – and one of the figures banned by the UK. It was first published on December 8, 2014, recalling the Russian OCCRP in September 2021, an investigative journalism project on corruption and organized crime in the country.

That day, Sergei Lavrov, Vladimir Putin, and Patriarch Kirill, leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church, gathered near Sarskay Cello, the former royal residence of the Romanovs, about 25 kilometers from St. Petersburg, to inaugurate the Church of St. Sergius in Radonezh. After years of devastation in the Soviet Union, it was finally rebuilt.

First warning sign: Lavrov, usually serious and quiet, was thrilled to be asked to lead the management of the monument. “Your Holiness! Dear friends! I am more excited to talk today than ever before. Because it’s not about work, it’s a call from the heart.”

Second: The video posted on YouTube to document the inauguration includes several pictures of the trio visiting the renovated church, always with a mysterious woman, wearing a black dress and white shawl, who followed the award ceremony.

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