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17.12 LIVE LIVE for contemporary swimming video games finish right here. Thanks for coming with us and sustain the great work with OA Sport!

17,11 The final two free brokers: China gold in 95.5667, Ukrainian silver in 94.1667, Austrian copper in 92.8000. Two twins on the rostrum.

17.09 And Italy is in fourth place: Austria climbs to the third stage of the rostrum in 92.8000.

17.04 Spain is fourth in 90.6667, conquering Greece. It has now arrived in Austria with Alexandri’s twins, who’re battling it out for Italy for the third time.

17.02 “Satisfied with the way in which they swim, we’re the one race that has introduced all of the train, they’re so drained. The excellent news is that it’s twice nearly as good that we did after March, as both have skilled Covid issues. “Patrizia Giallombardo provides optimistic suggestions on the take a look at.

16.58 Now Spain: Alisa Ozhogina Ozhogin and Iris Tio Casas in the water.

16.57 A small improve in Ukrainians, in 94.1667 in comparison with 94 internet Tuesday. Italy which is now in third place.

16.54 Costanza Ferro: “We knew China can be forward. We are happy, we’re effectively straightened out”. Linda Cerruti: “Never say, in qualification we turned fourth with a couple of level. But we need to do effectively in Europe. Maybe if we did higher in the lighting, tomorrow there can be one thing else “.

16.53 Third place finisher in the competitors, Ukrainian winners Maryna and Vladyslava Aleksiiva, competing for China’s gold medal.

16.52 Prime, the primary Asian! 95.5667, the largest change up to now in the competitors!

16.48 Now China, with Wang’s twins: we keep in mind that on Tuesday they had been very wealthy.

16.46 First place in Italy! 91.3333 by Linda Cerruti and Costanza Ferro, eight episodes of blue change! It’s laborious for a 3rd social gathering, however the ladies did their very own factor.

16.45 Good ladies! Now let’s have a look at what the judges have to supply …

16.41 But now’s our time: IT’S IN ITALY! Linda Cerruti and Costanza Ferro have two and a half factors to get well and hope for the brass!

16.40 The Hellenics go a bit additional, closing in at 89.7000 by means of the highest of the standings.

16.36 Arrived in Greece: Sofia Evangelia Malkogeorgou and Evangelia Platanioti had been in sixth place on Tuesday at 89.3667.

16.34 And the identical factor occurred to them as we speak: 85.6000 once more. Now it comes to 6 of the most effective.

16.29 And now it is in Israel, Eden Blecher and Shelly Bobritsky, tenth Tuesday in 85.6000.

16.28 Several errors of the Mexican inhabitants, however are progressing effectively in 88.0333, the second improve presently behind Holland. Central Americans who bounce on high of the non permanent rankings.

16.24 It’s time for Mexico, with Nuria Diosdado Garcia and Joana Jimenez Garcia.

16.23 87.0000 United States actual factors, rising to second place behind Holland.

16.18 Fourth couple in the water, American Megumi Field and Natalia Vega. The two ladies have put behind them an enormous panic yesterday over the collapse of Anita Alvarez.

16.17 A slight enchancment for the Germans, in 82.9333, third place for them.

16.12 And in Germany, by Marlene Bojer and Michelle Zimmer, twelve in 82.8000.

16.11 Two effectively-recognized British folks stay there, and they don’t change: 84.8667 for them.

16.07 Now it has arrived in Great Britain, with Kate Shortman and Isabelle Thorpe, eleven in 84.9000 Tuesday.

16.06 Positive change for the Netherlands, in 87.4667.

16.00 Netherlands begins, with Bregje De Brouwer and Marloes Steenbeek. For them eight locations Tuesday in 86.8000.

15.58 Blue means octave to do. He has to attend till the tip to search out out if he can get the copper, as Austria would be the final to go to the water.

15.56 Final members, particularly: Holland, Great Britain, Germany, United States, Mexico, Israel, Greece, Italy, China, Ukraine, Spain, Austria.

15.53 On Tuesday it was Liuyi of China and Qianyi Wang who completed in first place, with a rating of 94.5667. However, Ukraine is just not far off: Maryna and Vladyslava Aleksiiva reached 94.0000.

15.50 Blue can also be trying on the podium in the race. Linda and Costanza completed first in fourth place in 90.5333, only one and a half minutes later from Austrian twins Anna-Maria and Eirini Alexandri.

15.47 Good afternoon everybody and welcome again to LIVE LIVE for knowledgeable swim: it is time for the final of the 2 free, by Linda Cerruti and Costanza Ferro.

11.28 OUR LIFE OUR LIFE ends right here now. The subsequent assembly is knowledgeable swim this night at 16:00 and the final of the 2 free is blue Linda Cerruti and Costanza Ferro. Thanks all for following us up to now, goodbye!

11.27 Other finalists on Saturday afternoon are the United States (87.5000 factors this morning), Canada (85.1000), Kazakhstan (83.0333), Brazil (81.2000), Switzerland (80.6333) and Hungary (78.5000) and Slovakia (77). .

11.26 Italy due to this fact will play silver and Spain on the finish of Saturday. Ukraine, then again, appears unlikely, a rustic that has confirmed itself to be a hit and will nearly actually win gold with out main issues.

11.25 THIS IS A USE 5

1. UKRAINE 94.2333 factors (28.1000, 37.7333, 28.4000)
2. ITALY 91.6667 factors (27.5000, 36.6667, 27.5000)
3. SPAIN 91.3667 factors (27.3000, 36.6667, 27.4000)
4. MEXICO 88.5333 factors (26.6000, 35.3333, 26.6000)
5. GREECE 87.6000 factors (26.0000, 35.2000, 26.4000)

11.24 Therefore that is the tip of the primary exposition.

11.23 The efficiency of Mexicans ending fourth is 88.5333 (26.6000, 35.3333, 26.6000).

11.20 It is time for the ultimate race in the race, Mexico.

11.19 Switzerland earns 80.6333 factors (24.1000, 32.1333, 24.4000) and is ranked ninth.

11.15 Location now in Switzerland.

11,13 91.6667 in Italy! Second place! 27.5000 in execution, 36,6667 in artwork and 27,5000 in complicated, these are the figures in specific. Good ladies!

11.09 Domiziana Cavanna, Linda Cerruti, Costanza Di Camillo, Costanza Ferro, Gemma Galli, Marta Iacoacci, Marta Murru, Enrica Piccoli, Federica Sala and Francesca Zunino, these are the names of 10 Italians in the water.

11.08 Its head is a dragon.


11.06 Brazil seventh with 81.2000 factors (24.1000, 32.8000, 24.3000).

11.02 Now it is time for Brazil, then Italy will go down!

11.00 91.3667 for Spain! 27.3000, 36.667 and 27.4000, these are objectives in specific.

10.57 Spain is now on stage. Beware of those designs, silver in these specialties on the 2019 World Cup.

10.55 The Greek efficiency that closes is 87.6000 (26.0000, 35.2000, 26.4000), a rating that’s applicable for second place.

10.51 It is a time of Greece.

10.50 Kazakhstan ranks 83.0333 factors (24.8000, 33.3333, 24.9000) and is ranked fourth.

10.46 Space now in Kazakhstan.

10.44 Slovakia fifth 77.0667 factors (22.9000, 30.6667, 23.5000).

10.40 And in Slovakia.

10.38 The Canadian assessments will not be very good. 85.1000 factors (25.5000, 34.0000, 25.6000).

10.35 Interest now in Canada.

10.33 Costa Rica wins 65.7667 factors (19.9000, 26.2667, 19.6000). Their ultimate vacation spot.

10.29 It’s Costa Rica time.

10.27 United States efficiency ends with 87.5000 factors (26.2000, 35.2000, 26.1000) and strikes to second place.

10.23 It is time for the United States.

10.21 Fourth and ultimate place in Thailand with 70.7000.

10.18 Location now in Thailand.

10.16 Participants scored 78.5000 factors (23.5000, 31.6000, 23.4000) and positioned second.

10.12 I’m from Hungary.

10.10 Australia will get 72.9667 factors (22.2000, 29.0667, 21.7000).

10.05 It’s time for Australia.

10.04 The most spectacular work from Ukraine that closes with 94.2333 factors (28.1000 in execution, 37,7333 in artwork and 28,4000 in issue).

10.00 IT’S BEGINNING! The first sort to go on stage is Ukraine.

09.59 Italy will enter the water for the third time to be ultimate.

09.57 There will likely be 15 competing groups this morning.

09.54 This introduction will likely be very useful in understanding how blue ladies can go final Saturday.

09.50 It will begin at 10:00 with a qualifying race, in which Domiziana Cavanna, Linda Cerruti, Costanza Di Camillo, Costanza Ferro, Gemma Galli, Marta Iacoacci, Marta Murru, Enrica will head to the water in Italy. Piccoli, Federica Sala and Francesca Zunino.

09.45 Hello everybody and welcome to the LIVE LIVE posted on the seventh day of the World Great Swimming Championship!

Hello everybody and welcome to LIVE LIVE by the seventh day of the World Artistic Swimming Championships at Szechy Pool, a 50-foot[50 m]swimming pool inside the Hungarian island of Margaret. After two yesterday’s competitions, Today’s program contains two extra assessments.

It will begin in hours 10:00 with correct rotation of lighting, competitions in which Domiziana Cavanna, Linda Cerruti, Costanza Di Camillo, Costanza Ferro, Gemma Galli, Marta Iacoacci, Marta Murru, Enrica Piccoli, Federica Sala and Francesca Zunino will head to the water in Italy. This first step will likely be very useful in understanding it higher how blue ladies can go final Saturday at 15:00.

Today’s program will finish at midday on 16:00 is the final of the 2 free. The Italian Linda Cerruti and Costanza Ferro, coming back from fourth place in the primary place, will clearly be there. Today for our customary carriers it will likely be unattainable to do higher than Chinese Wang and Ukrainian Aleksiiva, however copper appears viable: it will likely be a warfare with Austria and Spain.

OA Sport presents you LIVE LIVE recorded on the seventh day of the World Championship Swimming Tournament! The first alternative is that this morning at 10:00 for the primary race as we speak: I’m forbidden to overlook!

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