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Raquel Antunes da Silva, an 11-year-old girl who died Friday (22) after an accident at a sambadrom in Rio de Janeiro during the opening of the Carnival in Marquez de Sapukai, was not the only child playing in the parked float. According to the police investigation, after the parade on Rua Frei Caneca.

Information that more children boarded the car has been confirmed by Rio de Janeiro Civil Police this Saturday (23). In a statement, the organization said the investigation was ongoing, focusing on the analysis of security camera images in the area.

The statement said, “The picture shows other children playing on the float.” When questioned, police say they have no information on how many children there were.

Police said officers were analyzing video recorded on camera near the crash site on Saturday.

Police say the case is being investigated as a homicide without a motive.

On TV Globo, correspondent Aparesida Mallett said the situation contradicted the driver’s version of the car, who said in a statement that he had not seen children at the scene.

“The driver of the van said he had not seen any children on the float. The first thing I can analyze is that from the video, there were several children on the float, not just victims,” ​​the policewoman said on TV.

Late Wednesday night, Raquel’s foot was crushed between a floating pole at the Sima da Hora Samba School and Rua Frei Kaneka. He was rushed to Aguirre Municipal Hospital in critical condition and had one of his legs amputated, but could not resist and died at 12:10 p.m. on Friday.

Hours after the death was confirmed, Alain da Mota, pastor of the Assembly of God Church in Moro de Sওo Carlos, who was present with the girl’s family, said Raquel’s mother had taken her to play in a playground on the day of the accident and that a “colleague friend” Called to play “.

Within 20 minutes, a friend of his came and told me that Raquel had had an accident, “he said Sheet According to the shepherd, the girl sat on the float to take pictures. “There was no security.”

The girl’s funeral was held Saturday afternoon at the Katumbi Cemetery in downtown Rio. Family members arrived at the scene wearing a shirt with a picture of Raquel and the words were: “Those we love never die, they just walk in front of us.”

The school parade was also disrupted on Wednesday night after the tragic incident to investigate the incident.

Following the accident, at the request of the Ministry of Public Works, a judge in Rio de Janeiro determined that all schools, special and children in the access group, took their cars to their barracks. The decision was taken by Sandro Espindola, a judge of the 1st Court of Child, Youth and Elderly in the capital.

According to the prosecutor’s office, this Wednesday’s parade violated the rules set by the judge. In March of this year, the Rio MP said it had sent recommendations to the organizers of the event.

“Provide vassal safety to prevent children and adolescents from putting themselves at risk, especially during samba school congestion and dispersal,” said an item in the document.

Mayor Eduardo Pace (PSD) revealed that Raquel’s death “left a feeling of great sadness”. “We will closely follow the police investigation which determines the responsibilities and we are supporting the family members through our support secretariat,” he wrote this Friday.

Governor Claudio Castro (PL) also expressed solidarity with the relatives in a note and said that since this Thursday the Rio government has been providing emotional support to the girl’s family through the state secretariat to help the victims.

The Liga-RJ and Lisa Samba school leagues have expressed sympathy for the family and said in a joint note that the child “floated in the Estasio, outside the sambadroom, Rua Frei Kaneka” after leaving the dispersal area.

“League and school teams have been pursuing the case in the family unit as well as in the hospital unit from the first moment and have been cooperating with the authorities.

Asked if there was safety on the float via email and its social network, M Sima da Hora School did not respond until the report was released.


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