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How long does it take to talk?I love you“For a loved one? And who would say such a short and meaningful sentence first?”

Whatever his answer, on the night of June 7, 1982, Jose Luiz Reyes Mendes da Cunha said these last words to his wife Marilia Castello Branco Mendes da Cunha. The next morning, Jose Vassp will board Flight 168. From Sao Paulo to Fortaleza, but luckily he and 136 others did not reach their final destination. On the morning of 8 June, the plane crashed into the best da Artanhat directly in Pakatuba, changing the course of Brazilian aviation and countless families.

The plane was carrying a number of Sierra traders who took part in the National Textile Industry Fair (Fenit) held in the country of drizzle last week. Upon leaving Sao Paulo, the plane landed in Rio de Janeiro, where it found more passengers, including businessman Edson Quiroz. Filled with various stories, the flight turned into the country’s biggest plane crash by that moment, leaving Ciara and Brazil in mourning in the weeks that followed.

On the morning of June 8, Flight Vapor 168 crashed directly into Pakatuba with the best Da Artanhat (Photo: Revealed).
Photo: Revealed
On the morning of June 8, Flight Vass 168 crashed directly into Pakatubar’s Best Da Artanha.

Forty years later, People Reminiscent of these tragic moments that still tell many stories today, such as the dreamer and romantic Jose Luiz. He was 31 at the time, and could be considered a person who was not supposed to be on that flight. A father of three, he married Marielle, with whom he was madly in love, as Laija Castello Branco Mendes admits.

Jose Luiz Reis Mendes da Cunha, 24, and his wife Marilia Castello Branco Mendes da Cunha, 23.
Photo: Personal Archive
Jose Luiz Reis Mendes da Cunha, 24, and his wife Marilia Castello Branco Mendes da Cunha, 23. “Surviving a love story”, as she recalls

A professor of psychology at the State University of Sierra (Uece) Center for Humanities, she is the daughter of Jose and was only three years old when she left. Nevertheless, many of his memories are very vivid in his memory, where he keeps the image of Jos as interesting to the people around him.

A car dealership for some time in Fortaleza, he started a business in the jeans fashion market for just a few months when he decided to travel to Fenit in 1982 to participate. In his luggage for the Ceará trade with an open mind in search of the major innovations he could bring, he was very attached to his family and that is why he did not want to go to Sওo Paulo alone. He even tried to persuade his wife to stay with him, but he did not give up. She’s gone, she’s gone.

In the “love paradigm”, as Laiza recalls, Jose Luiz was known as the “messenger”, as he always had a little pad of paper with some writing, warnings or statements, the latter was produced for Marilia personally and countless times.

At the time of the accident, Jose Luiz was 31 years old.  He was married and had three children.
Photo: Revealed
At the time of the accident, Jose Luiz was 31 years old. He was married and had three children

At a time when telephony was still in its infancy in Brazil, and when social networks would be unthinkable, Jose Luiz vowed to be the romantic classic who wrote his own handwritten poems with poems dedicated to his loved ones. They’ve been together for 12 years (five years dating and seven married), to date many of these statements have been recorded, such as the following letter:

About 3,000 miles[3,000 km]away, Jose tried to keep presenting himself as best he could. But now with a message that has not pleased anyone: he must postpone his return until Friday (June 6). The return of the family to warmth and embrace will only take place next Monday, June 8th

The reason was the request of his best friend, almost famous, Jose Carlos, to accompany him to a wedding in the countryside of S সাo Paulo the same weekend. Layza explains that Jay Carlos was a lifelong companion, one of whom was responsible for being with Jose’s mother at the time of his birth.

“It’s as if he left us a written note in which he wrote: ‘Long live!'”

“Usually, my dad would come home early. He would have taken the flight on Friday, but it was at the request of J. Carlos. There was no way to deny it, “Layza concludes. The first person in the world to see her (besides Jose Luiz’s mother and the medical team), Jay Carlos was one of the last people she spoke to.

With the sudden departure of her father, Layza recalls that something of Jose Luiz was very present in her life and perhaps in the life of her brother and mother: determination. “He always thought things would work out, he was always optimistic. That remained. Never leave anything for tomorrow. As if he had left us a text message, where he wrote: ‘Long live!’ “, He laughed.

Does fate exist? If so, who runs it?

Other than Jose Luiz, there were other people on the flight that, theoretically, shouldn’t have happened. Others should have got on that plane, but they didn’t. Some of these stories are told in “Flight 168: The Tragedy of Artanha.” But the question remains: was it a coincidence or did fate take care of every writing in this trajectory – my writing and yours that reads these lines?

People Talked to experts from three different streams of thought to explain what was going to happen. Read each of these thoughts below.

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The special will bring back memories of Brazil’s biggest plane crash, which is 40 years old and is the subject of a long OP + documentary.


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