Five years ago, the law strengthened the protection of children against sexual abuse

ALEMS promotes activities with the population to stimulate debate and combat child sexual abuse. – (Photo: Reproduction / ALEMS)

After a workshop on child development, Rozmar Gonzalez, one of the children participating in the activity, looked for Cardoso. The report was, unfortunately, sexually abusive. The information Rosemar provided at the workshop – about body care, physiological parts, what a private area key is, an intimate area and the types of touch – led a 12-year-old child to identify abuse. The situation, though tragic, helps to highlight the importance of disseminating information and raising awareness about the subject.

Acknowledging the relevance of the matter, the Legislature of Mato Grosso do Sul (ALEMS) has approved Act 5,118 / 2017, which established the month of Mayo Laranza – to fight against the abuse and sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in Mato Grosso do Sul. Proposed by Deputy Herculane Borges (Republican), the ideology completes five years in 2022 and aims to raise awareness, prevent, direct and fight activities against such cases.

Rozma is giving a workshop to children and teenagers.Rozma is giving a workshop to children and teenagers. (Photo: Private Archive)

“This child has participated in workshops and I have always addressed the issues of self-care, self-protection, not touching, asking for help. So when he was able to detect it, he asked me for help. This was all due to awareness, the child realizes that what is happening to him is violence. He was as well-dressed as anyone else, “explains Rozmar, who specializes in preventing sexual abuse.

The social worker explains that the issue should be communicated to the children and he uses humorous resources to solve the problem in the workshop. “We don’t get a direct point about abuse. We work on the outside, to achieve the central purpose, which is to empower the child, because, since they are very weak, most of them do not know what abuse is, because they have no reference to what is real, what. What is affection? I have already followed the stories of children who had sex with relatives as affection, so, for her, it was not an aggression, “she says.

The pain turned to parle

With nearly ten years of work dedicated to the protection of children and adolescents, Rosema created a project called Perola to further strengthen the work of disseminating information about sexual abuse and to welcome victims.

The campaign was created in 2017 in the state of Maio Laranja.The campaign was created in 2017 in the state of Maio Laranja. (Photo: Aline Kramer)

“It’s a public utility for me, because I didn’t have this adaptation. Unfortunately, I went through the process of sexual violence in my childhood and it was painful, the consequences are much bigger. I don’t want the same thing to happen to our children and teenagers. So I do what I can to bring information and content. Today we have the Pearl Project. The pearl was born out of the process of pain, but it will help many children, “he said.

Rosemar says she stopped studying at age 16, but returned to books and classes at age 30, inspired by her desire to help children and adolescents. “Today I am a social worker for this, I have been trained for this, I understand that it is a mission. My resistance flag will be able to give these children a chance to avoid going through this, because it is very difficult to deal with when it happens, the consequences of the violence we carry for the rest of our lives, ”he stressed.

May Orange

The month of May was chosen in honor of Araselli Crespo to intensify activities to combat sexual abuse and violence against children and adolescents. On May 18, 1973, at the age of 8, she was raped and brutally murdered in the state of Espirito Santo. Therefore, on that date, the National Day for the Prevention of Torture and Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents was established.

Deputy Hercules Borges is the author of the Orange May Act.Deputy Hercules Borges is the author of the Orange May Act. (Photo: Adam Rodriguez)

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. Deputy Herculane Borges took stock of the five years since the May Orange Promotion Act was enacted in MS. “Mayo Laranza has become a law not only for the legislature, but for the whole society and other states, because the ideology has taken on a very large proportion. I am talking about organized civil society, education system, human rights and training conducted with social assistance. ”

Borges recalls that child protection is a fundamental right and, in accordance with the constitution and the constitution of children and adolescents, this protection is an obligation of the family, government authorities and society. “From the moment a child gains knowledge, in a playful and educational way, he will know how to protect himself and reduce the risk of potential victimization,” the MP explained.

ALEMS shares

The legislature also encourages measures to provoke controversy with the population and to combat child sexual abuse. In 2021, two lives were held in the state to discuss ways to combat sexual offenses against children and adolescents. On the first day of the event, ALEMS’s official Facebook page received hundreds of comments from citizens. On the second day of the event, more than a hundred people followed Casa Lace live on YouTube.

Children's e-book on sexual abuse produced by ALEMS.
Children’s e-book on sexual abuse produced by ALEMS. (Photo: Louisiana Kawasaki)

That same year, lawmakers debated the outcome of Operation Araselli in the Legislative Tribune, which involved military police, civil police and the state public ministry. The search for child and adolescent sexual predators was part of Mato Grosso do Sul’s Mayo Laranga activities.

A conversation about the campaign in the latest edition of the Falando da Casa podcast, access this link and can be seen on the live program on the subject of Radio ALEMS. The theme was still the subject of the first ALEMS e-books. The digital book “Capivarinhas is not alone” addresses the issue through a light and humorous children’s story. Material can be accessed for free at this link. The TV assembly also produced the video “Maio Laranza: The Greatest Form of Love Protection”, which can be seen below.

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