Five Jars of Mets Included No-Hitter Against Phillies

The Mets and the Phillies had already done this at Flushing. On Father’s Day in 1964, Jim Bunning of Philadelphia played his best game against the Mets at Shea Stadium. Bunning needed only 90 squares to try to be remembered in Cooperstown, NY, for his Hall of Fame ceremony.

If the Bunning game was a great success at the museum, Friday was a perfect fit for the fridge door. Both are works of art. One is a little bit perfect.

Mets 3, Phillies 0 | | Box Score | Play-by-play

It took five Mets pitches and 159 yards to defeat the Phillies on Friday, with a 3-0 win at Citi Field. The founder, Tylor Megill, was drawn after 88 with five innings. Bullpen relay of Drew Smith, Joely Rodríguez, Seth Lugo and Edwin Díaz finished, with jars combined to deliver six rounds on the way.

It added to the first non-league major games this season, the 17th which had the most throws and the first with five exactly. 159 squares are the lowest hit since 1988, when a large number of counts became more widely available.

Smith, Rodríguez and Lugo said they did not know about the fighter until nine. After attending a press conference after the game, Díaz couldn’t believe it: “Then no one knows but me?” he said.

On the last three episodes, of course, everyone knew. And as boxing shows, Díaz finished the night with a lot of energy, beating three All-Stars – Bryce Harper, Nick Castellanos and JT Realmuto – with solid, biting slings.

The players rushed into the arena, confusing Díaz and spraying each other with sunflower seeds. The win lifted the Mets’ record to 15-6, the best of the best. They haven’t lost the list yet.

“The most exciting part of our team is that, if not one person can find you, it’s another person,” staff member James McCann said. “And that’s what you see tonight – the guys carrying each other come out of the pen, and put a lot of zero in the details. This is the kind of team we had earlier this year. It’s been a team effort.

Megill now with 4-0 and 1.93 found, the right number for Jacob deGrom, the injured ace who replaced him. Megill said he had never been a part of the strikers at any level, and midfielder Brandon Nimmo – who rode a dove to catch the sinking rope with Jean Segura in the third inning – did not.

McCann was, in 2020, holding the Lucas Giolito player of the Chicago White Sox. But the game, McCann added, was played without fans due to the epidemic. The Mets sold 32,416 tickets for Friday’s game, and McCann changed the tone.

When Díaz reached the ninth floor, McCann told him that he would use traditional symbols – and fingers, that is – instead of the new PitchCom system, which sends signals clearly, through a receiver in a pitcher cup.

“Living in a mess,” McCann warned Díaz, who was determined to finish the slider with a slider.

“It was great today,” said Díaz, who has 17 appearances in 10 innings this season. “In cattle, it was bad. I knew he was calling her a lot because I was dealing with the process. ”

Lugo, who scored the last two of the eight innings, returned to the heavy room for the ninth inning. While Díaz was warming up, Lugo noticed on Mets radio – named Gary Cohen, who was celebrating his 64th birthday – that the Phillies did not get hit.

“Drew, don’t say anything, but look,” Lugo told Smith. “We have to get out.”

As a result, they packed into the yard with their teammates, including Pete Alonso, who entered the sixth inning but was sent off for a ninth inning. Alonso said the toilet sounds like a soda can, shaken but closed, ready to explode. The closest person who had ever met a non-smoker, Alonso said, was watching a lot on TV.

“You feel, like, a lot of fun,” he said. “You are like, I believe in this, I believe he does not hit a broken duck on the head of a person or anything. You are just praying, please, please let this happen.”

For many years, those prayers were not answered by the Mets. It took them until their 51st season, in 2012, to secure their first chance – with Johan Santana, and on Friday at Citi Field. Santana threw 134 yards, including one that was bitten by the St. Louis team. Louis Cardinals’ Carlos Beltran. It landed in a good place but was called ugly, keeping the stone of Santana.

After missing out on a lot – plus two Tom Seaver businesses that collapsed in the ninth inning – Mets was probably the reason for the break. But the record was impressive for Santana, who just started 10 in high school, with an 8.27 ERA, before the shoulder problem ended his career.

The Mets are unlucky with Megill, who has made 23 major leagues and has yet to be thrown 100 yards. The pitchers did their job, and Smith and Díaz were rich, beating seven of the eight strikes they faced.

It’s the first time I’ve ever said, with certainty, that things are breaking the Mets method. But the team has played 9,507 games in its history and Friday was the second unbeaten run. Although it was imperfect, gains were something that players, fans – and broadcasters turning 64 years – would remember when they grew up, losing hair, many years from now.

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