First Call: More on Aaron Donald’s new contract; Crows DB flustered with NFL video games; Pirates way to keep it hot

Tuesday’s “First Singing” features details of Aaron Donald’s contract. We take a look at the future of the Pittsburgh Pirates rivals in a surprise rivalry. And we give the Penguins a little more than a Bruce Cassidy shot in Boston.

In addition, Baltimore Raven is in the “old” game of EA Sports Madden NFL 23.

Sorry. I could not refuse.

That is not true. I would refuse. I just decided not to. I can’t straighten things out.

ready to go

Los Angeles Rams team captain Aaron Donald is ready to secure his big contract.

Pitt earns $ 40 million which will make him the most defensive player in the league.

Donald announced a new deal via Rams social media account on Monday evening.

“I have been locked inside to give me another ring. Why stop? In SoFi Square, it’s cool to think about this. “Let’s go to work,” said Donald.

The Penn Hills native already had a $ 55 million contract in the following years, but decided to retire three times after winning his first Super Bowl in February. So the Rams gave him the money he expected to keep him on the list.

According to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, Donald’s contract will make him the highest paid quarterback in NFL history.

Rapoport said new years were added to Donald’s contract. It now guarantees him $ 65 million over the next two years and $ 95 million over the 2024 season. broke as follows.

• Signing bonus: $ 25 million

• 2022 Bonus: $ 5 million, fully guaranteed. 2022 Premium: $ 1.5 million, fully guaranteed.

• 2023 bonus: $ 15 million, fully guaranteed and due to take place on the second day of the 2023 league. The starting fee for 2023 is $ 13.5 million, with the risk of injury signing and full confirmation from the third day of the 2023 league.

• 2024 Bonus: $ 5 million, guaranteed injury on signing. Full confirmation on the third day of the 2023 league with no language confiscated. The starting fee for 2024 is $ 30 million, fully guaranteed from the 20th day of the 2024 league. It will be paid $ 20 million as a selection bonus and $ 10 million as a starting salary, for cap purposes.

That would be enough to fill his tank if he had to travel several times between Penn Hills and Pittsburgh this summer.


A crow with feathers

Baltimore Ravens defender Marlon Humphrey is not enjoying the EA Sports Madden NFL 23 video game.

In the music video, he is depicted as pushing with Cleveland Browns weapons running after Nick Chubb.

Humphrey does not seem to enjoy his involvement in advertising.

Perhaps EA Sports could help Humphrey in their next video by rewriting one of his 11 broken acts, three coercive misses, or two assumptions he faced against Brown in his career.

It should even score.

making changes

Boston Bruins have sacked head coach Bruce Cassidy after six seasons in charge. He went 245-108-46 in the regular season, 36-37 in the playoffs.

An interesting result when we compare this with Penguins coach Mike Sullivan, as his Pens won the last Stanley Cup at the end of the 2017 playoffs.

The Bruins were 51-26-5 in 2021-22, making the playoffs as the Eastern Conference’s top team. They lost to the Carolina Hurricanes in seven games at the Eastern Conference for the first time around this season.

Every six months for Cassidy, the Bruins managed to make it to the finals.

check the temperature

If the Pirates are to stay hot, they have to develop the game a lot.

Winners in eight of the last 12 games, the Pirates are now at 24-28. According to Pirates standards, it’s not that bad.

The Buccos play their next two home games against the Detroit Tigers on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Matigers lost three in a row, after being knocked out of the home by the New York Yankees. He’s dangerous on the road, just winning six of the 24 games away from home. No team in Major League baseball has the least success.

However, from then on, things got worse. The Pirates go on an eight-game tour. Four in Atlanta. Four in St. Louis.

The Braves have won five in a row (approximately 7.2 runs per game) and nine of 13. They are now 28-27, second in the National League East.

Cardinals 32-23, second place in NL Central. It’s 6 masewera games better than the Pirates in this episode. Their +56 difference is the third win in the National League, boosted by an 18-4 win at PNC Park on May 22.

The Cardinals win 5-1 against the Pirates this year. And, yes, the Pirates are planning to meet Adam Wainwright on June 15. We all know what that means.

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