Finally! Bari – Padova 3-0 (8 ‘pt Botta, 17 ‘pt and 47 ‘st Cheddira)


Notes: 8 ′ pt Botta, 16 ′ pt and 47 st Cheddira

Bari (4-3-1-2): Caprile, Pucino, Di Cesare (1 ‘st Terranova), Vicari, Ricci, Maita, Maiello (39’ st D’Errico), Folorunsho (30 ‘st Bellomo), Botta (30’ st Galano), Antenucci (17 ‘ st Mallamo), Cheddira. Available: Frattali, Polverino, Gigliotti, Mazzotta, (*47*), Cangiano, Benedetti, Dorval. Mignani teams

Padua (3-4-3): Donnarumma, Germano, Ilie, Gasbarro; Kirwan (1 st Vasic), Franchini (13 ‘st Cretella), Dezi (22′ st Radrezza), Curcio; Gagliano (13′ st Piovanello), Russini (22’ st Ghirardello); Ceravolo. Available: Zanellati, Fortin, Valentini, Bacci, (*17*), Monaco, Miccoli. Cow Caneo

Caller: Dionysius of L’Aquila

Ammon: of Caesar

Additional minutes: pt 2, st 5′

Image: Radio Bari

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The second half

50 ‘- Final at Arechi: one other heavy knock for Padova who, after 1-5 with Spezia, misplaced 3-0 in Salerno in opposition to Bari.

47′- YOKE BAR! The third objective of the pink and white, is Cheddira, who collects a quick rejection by Donnarumma and places it in. Bari-Padova 3-0

45′ – Five minutes of restoration

43′ – The sport is sort of over. Always 2-0 end in favor of Bari, who has qualification in hand

39′ – Change in Bari: inside D’Errico, exterior Maiello

39′- Bari Time: shot by Bellomo, the ball exterior not a lot

37′ – Too many errors on this last sport

30 ‘- In Bari inside Bellomo and Galano as a substitute of Folorunsho and Botta

23′- Padua Time: Against the applause of Padua, Curcio exchanged with Ghirardello that Curcio’s reserves, shot a fly that Caprile was pressured to carry out one other miracle, the ball within the nook.

22 Inside Ghirardello and Radrezza by Russini and Dezi

21′- Padua Time: Russini’s private work, the diagonal that touches the tree to Caprile’s proper

16 ‘- Folorunsho desires a penalty. Meanwhile Mallamo is changing Antenucci

13′ – Piovanello is about to enter Gagliano. Interior and Cretella for Franchini

10′ – Padova performs effectively within the second half, past Curcio’s time

4′- Padua Time: Curcio’s punishment, Caprile performs an actual miracle and removes the half from the mirror!

10.05 pm – The second half begins: two adjustments, Vasic for Kirwan and Terranova for Di Cesare

The first half

47′ – First half ends: Bari-Padova 2-0, targets from Botta and Cheddira

45 And forty-5 are completed; we go into restoration, unstated

42′- Padua Time: Caprile’s nice show on Russini’s free kick

40 ‘- Five minutes on the finish of the primary half. Padua below two targets in Salerno

34′- Bari Time: Donnarumma smanaccia shot of Antenucci. Bari shut to three-0

30′- Bari Time: excellent Maiello, who serves Antenucci, good bag however within the center ahead fails to attain

28′ – Kirwan checks and serves Gagliano, cuts within the center and finishes off the ground

25′ – Freezing chilly

24′- Padua Time: Gagliano shoots from a distance, the ball shouldn’t be too massive

19 Caesar warned

16′- YOKE BAR! Another objective from Bari, who enters the center and Cheddira assists from Botta. Bari 2-0 Padua

14 ‘- Great hazard behind Padua. Lots of area devoted to Bari

8′- YOKE BAR! Ruben Botta’s shot round Ricci, Donnarumma can do nothing. Bari 1-0 Padua

6′- Padua Time: a free kick from Curcio and a superb save from Caprile

7′ – Good time for Padova

3′ – Cheddira’s dash in velocity, the exit of Donnarumma and the lob of the attacker that ends

2′ – Weak shot by Cheddira, para Donnarumma

21.01 – Let’s go. Gagliano loses the ball in assault

Before the sport

9.00 pm – Mirko Antonucci is able to begin the journey to Bari

20.58 – Padua within the pink jersey, the groups on the sphere prepared to begin the sport

20.05 – Good night from Arechi sq. in Salerno. The Bari-Padova design is appropriate. Not surprisingly, 22 had been introduced within the night

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