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16.02 Our LIVE LIFE ends right here, and I’m given a jersey or tricolor band by Filippo Ganna. Thanks for coming with us! Thanks to Virgilio Rossi for the turnaround! We greet you and provide you with time to expertise the following program!

16.00 Another highly effective Ganna present. His success was not essentially uncertain alongside the approach. An excellent second place for Cattaneo who swaps positions with Affini in comparison with final 12 months’s examination. Outgoing champion Matteo Sobrero gained barely, at the finish of the fourth quarter about 1 ‘from the winner.

15.58 Virgilio Rossi sends us the remaining workforce, with legitimate occasions:

  1. Filippo Ganna – 40’29 “10
  2. Mattia Cattaneo – 41’05 ”68
  3. Edoardo Affini – 41’19 “19
  4. Matteo Sobrero – 41’25 ”45
  5. Filippo Baroncini – 42’03 “37
  6. Alessandro de Marchi – 42’30 ”67
  7. Antonio Tiberi – 42’39 “97
  8. Daniel Oss – 43’30 “67
  9. Kevin Colleoni – 43’31 “02
  10. Samuel Rivi – 43’34 “13

15.55 The just one subsequent to him in the center was Cattaneo who couldn’t sustain with the INEOS experience in the second part!

15.54 Amazing efficiency as all the time for the greatest translators in the world! Third tricolor after claims for 2019 and 2020!


15.52 And truly Matteo Sobrero is fourth with nearly 1 ‘lead!

15.51 Sobrero remains to be lacking, however Ganna’s time appears invincible!

15.50 GANNAAAAAA! Crazy time for Verbanese! 40:29; 10! He bought over 30 ′ ′ at Cattaneo in the final 17 km!

15.48 Edoardo Affini is in second place who recovered a couple of seconds at Cattaneo in the remaining spherical.

15.47 GOOD TIME CATTANEO! The Quick-Step Rider finishes his take a look at with 41’05 ”68, decreasing Baroncini’s time by nearly one minute!

15.45 Tiberius is straight away eliminated by Alessandro de Marchi, who’s 9 ”older than him.

15.43 Antonio Tiberi arrives and finishes in second place, 36 ”behind his colleague Baroncini.

15.41 Near the end line Antonio Tiberi and Alessandro de Marchi, in seventh and sixth in the center of the race.

15.39 So far, solely Cattaneo has managed to remain near the World Champion! Let’s see if issues change in the second part. We remind you that after 28 km there’s a brief however tough climb to enter the Abbey of Rosazzo.

15.38 The following are the prime 5 of the center paragraphs, at 18 km. Provided by Virgilio Rossi:

  1. Filippo Ganna – 21’07 “91
  2. Mattia Cattaneo – 21’12 “27
  3. Matteo Sobrero – 21’31 “62
  4. Edoardo Affini – 21’32 ”79
  5. Filippo Baroncini – 22’08 “55

15.36 Truly a wonderful take a look at for Baroncini, who proves himself to be a gentle and competent athlete.

15.35 Let us return to the better of occasions, as Filippo Baroncini has handed away, recording the greatest outcomes:

  1. Filippo Baroncini – 42’03 “37
  2. Daniel Oss – 43’30 “67
  3. Kevin Colleoni – 43’31 “02

15.32 Sobrero additionally passes! His time is excessive in comparison with Ganna and Cattaneo! They attain the entrance of Affini with 21’31 ”62

15.31 Edoardo Affini scored 21’32 “, away from the greatest.

15.30 PHILIPPO GANNA HAS DONE A GREAT JOB! Virgilio Rossi tells us about his 21’07 “self-imposed 5” in entrance of the wild Cattaneo!

15.27 Third place between Alessandro de Marchi.

15.27 The time of the finish is close to! Mattia Cattaneo has damaged the greatest time to share 21’12 ”27!

15.25 Second time in 18 km for Tiberi! Its textual content is 22’21 “.

15.23 Remember the good methods of life:

  1. Filippo Baroncici 22’08 “55
  2. Samuel Rivi – 22’28’81
  3. Kevin Colleoni – 22’37 ”00
  4. Daniel Oss – 22’45 “55
  5. Simone Bevilacqua – 22’52 ”12

15.21 Virgilio Rossi tells us that the final time was dropped by Colleoni! The new guide is 43’31 ”02!

15.20 Simone Bevilacqua instantly does higher than she does! 44’00 ”65 greatest time.

15.18 Here is the first remark on the final line! Riccardo Lucca accomplished his examination in 45’09 ”.

15.16 On the different hand, Oss’s time is excessive. 22.45 “55 to him.

15.15 Best time in the center! Virgilio Rossi exhibits Filippo Baroncini’s verse in 22’08 “55!

15.13 Soon we could have the final moments of first-time riders.

15.11 Currently, the greatest occasions for 18 km are:

  1. Samuel Rivi – 22’28’81
  2. Kevin Colleoni – 22’37 ”00
  3. Simone Bevilacqua – 22’52 ”12

15.08 SOBRERO PART! With the Champion out, the beginnings are over!

15.07 From the path Virgilio Rossi tells us that on the approach over 18 miles, Samuel Rivi managed to do 22’28 ”81, so he put himself first!


15.06 Davide Bais and Simone Ravanelli fail to clear the greatest midfield time, putting themselves in third and fourth place.

15.05 Only two anticipated riders are lacking: Filippo Ganna and Matteo Sobrero!

15.04 Edoardo Affini begins!

15.03 The main departure begins. After Alessandro De Marchi (Israel Premier Tech) was the time for Mattia Cattaneo (QuickStep)

15.02 Virgilio Rossi tells us that Kevin Colleoni has additionally decreased the greatest mid-season result in 22’37 “.00!

14.59 Filippo Tagliani (Drone Hopper Androni) and Antonio Tiberi (TrekSegafredo) additionally left. Great curiosity for the finalists, certainly one of the greatest expertise amongst the Italian youth, in addition to the World Time Trial Champion amongst the youth in 2019.

14.58 Riccardo Lucca crosses 18 km with a time of 23’36 “52. Simone Bevilacqua does higher than him with 22’52 ”12.

14.55 Manuele Tarozzi (Bardiani CSF) and Mirco Maestri (Eolo Kometa) may also be on the highway.

14.53 The first time for rookies is approaching.

14.50 Exciting journeys are approaching. Mattia Bais (Drone Hopper Androni) and Daniel Oss (TotalEnergies) left. Now it is time for Filippo Baroncini of TrekSegafredo. It can be thrilling to see how the 2021 U23 World Champion performs.

14.47 As Virgilio Rossi, who’s in coaching, tells us, David Piganzoli has simply graduated from U23 Italy Champion.

14.44 Departure continues in sequence at San Giovanni al Natisone. The assessments of Samuel Rivi (Eolo Kometa), Umberto Marengo (Drone Hopper Androni) and Alessandro Santaromita (Bardiani CSF) start.

14.41 Big names, massive favorites, can be the final to start out. From younger Antonio TIberi who will begin at 14.58, to Matteo Sobrero, the outgoing champion who will begin at 15.08. Among Mattia Cattaneo, Edoardo Affini is the most anticipated man: Filippo Ganna.

14.39 The trial interval resumed with Davide Bais (Eolo Kometa) and Simone Ravanelli (Drone Hopper Androni)

14.38 The median is at 18 km, in the center of the take a look at.

14.36 The assessments for Simone Bevilacqua (Eolo Kometa) and Kevin Colleoni (Bike Exchange) additionally began.

14.34 The route is 35.6 km and is nearly flat. The sole is positioned in the second part, a slight elevation of about 1 km with a steep slope. However, it stays the path of nice professionals.

14.32 First runner on the new record: Riccardo Lucca (Work Service Vitalcare Vega).

2.30 pm Friends of OA Sport, biking lovers, good morning and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of the Time Trial reserved for the choose males of the 2022 Italian race!

Fellow OA Sport biking lovers, good morning and welcome to the LIVE LIVE Time Trial reserved for the choose males of the 2022 Italian race! Nowadays, tricolor is obtainable amongst the most skilled take a look at specialists of its time!

If the Italian workforce has not been in a position to produce riders from main competitions in recent times, the similar can’t be mentioned of time assessments. The high quality of the beginning sequence may be very excessive, beginning undoubtedly with World Champion Filippo Ganna.

Verbanese has tried to recapture the title they gained in 2019 and 2020 to put on the tricolor physique that rested on the shoulders of Matteo Sobrero. The Piedmontese are additionally amongst the hottest in the world right now, and most significantly primarily based on the dominance proven in the final episode of Giro d’Italia. Among the most anticipated males Edoardo Affini and Mattia Cattaneo.

It begins at 2.30 pm on the 35 km highway of San Giovanni al Natisone.. After the first lengthy, flat and straight-laced part the place they’ll run at excessive pace, runners should face tears at the finish of the highway to the Abbey of Rosazzo. After the brow, decrease barely and head for the Velodrome to complete. OA Sport supplies you LIVE with reside and minute updates in actual time, do not miss it!

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