Fast: Rico Flores Jr. He places Ohio State in his Top Three, Eighth Tyler Atkinson Lands Ohio State Offer

Four California Stars 2023 receiver Rico Flores Jr. has reduced its concept to three teams.

The 6-foot-1, 190-pound prospect released Thursday’s final three-day Ohio State, Notre Dame and Georgia. Flores excluded Texas and UCLA from the dispute over its operations, as they were all in the five categories released in February.

A volunteer day has already been set for Flores, who will announce his decision to college on July 3. Flores sent a tweet in April saying “it will be difficult for everyone to be on top of OSU” and said. Eleven Warriors believed the Buckeyes would be writing until the end. One month later, it looks like OSU will be among the last two Flores to choose from when they visit.

“Because of the things they offer, first and foremost,” Flores told the Eleven Warriors in April why Ohio State will be strong in recruiting. “They make you stay in the NFL. What they do there, I love. And people and schools, everything about Ohio State, I love everything about this. There was no problem.”

Flores visited OSU for the last time on April 7-8 and said he “loved” his trip to Columbus. He is also Georgia this spring and has taken an official tour of Notre Dame on June 10-12. Flores told the Eleven Warriors Thursday that they want to move to Ohio State June 24-26.

As it stands, the Buckeyes have one great host who volunteered on a recent tour of Florida Bryson Rodgers. Ohio State intends to take three or four rounds in the 2023 class, and are the top five stars Brandon Inniss and Carnell Tate along with four stars Noah Rogers. Rogers recently told 247Sports he could perform this month, while Inniss could perform in June or July after completing his tours. Tate’s employment should also end in the summer.

If OSU gets all three, with a chance to go further, it will be hard to find a place in the Flores class, a talented individual player known as the 193-winner and 26-best spread nationally, on the 247Sports team rankings. That said, the Buckeyes will have a great opportunity to dedicate themselves to Flores if they make him one of the most important things.

Ohio State’s high profile of events can be completed by the summer; now, it’s just a matter of seeing how the regimes fall.

OSU makes its first public offering for 2026

Sometimes when I write about employers who are Ohio State’s favorite but who are still too young to play in college, we receive comments from potential fans that are similar to “What are the results, will you write about the eighth- schools?”

Today, I’m really writing about a 8th grader. But there’s no good reason.

On Wednesday, Georgia defender Tyler Atkinson became Ohio State’s first division since the 2026 class, becoming the first recruiter since Quinn Ewers to receive a Buckeyes chance before he started high school. Ewers got his chance when he pitched camp in Ohio State in June 2018, but Atkinson got his chance before the Buckeyes’ summer season began.

Rising at 6-foot-3 and 190 pounds, Atkinson has already won six Division I titles, including Akron, Auburn, Georgia, Georgia Tech and Ole Miss. A number of other Ohio State goals from Georgia came to thank Atkinson for his contribution, including the 2023 four-star defensive line AJ Hoffler and the last 24 four-star KingJoseph Edwards.

Matthews takes donations from the Buckeyes

Georgia 2424 defender Mike Matthews also received a chance to leave Ohio State on Wednesday.

Matthews, who has a 6-foot-3, 180-pounds prospect, is ranked 73rd-best player and the eighth best in the world. He has disrupted 20 Division I offers so far, a list that includes Notre Dame, Clemson, Georgia, Arkansas, Auburn, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan, Mississippi State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Stanford, Texas A&M and Wake Forest. .

In 11 games at Parkview High School (Lilburn, Georgia) last season, Matthews scored 27 yards, a jump, a deflection and a closed goal.

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