Fair returns with products for babies, pregnant women and babies

Two years after it was held online, Feira Cute Cute has resumed this week’s face-to-face format with the 8th edition of the event at Curitibar Buffet do Butel from 2 to 5 June (Thursday to Sunday). The fair has already confirmed more than 60 brands, which will present major innovations in the product sector targeting pregnant women, infants and 8-year-olds, a full-fledged market that runs around 16 billion a year, according to data from Sebrae.

On the days of the fair, there will be exhibitors from different states, including exclusive, authoritative products, trends and segment innovations. Among the mix of events, highlights are clothing, footwear, accessories, furniture, decorations, beauty and care products for pregnant women, for mothers and children, trousers, toys and essentials for childhood. In addition to various services such as maternity and neonatal photography, health and gourmet areas.

“There will be many copyright brands at the fair this year. It will be a great meeting to show the strength of the sector and to evaluate the agencies that remained active during the epidemic. We will also introduce new companies emerging during that time, as many entrepreneurs have changed their areas and decided to invest in the children’s market, “said Flavia Nunes Polidoro, one of the event’s creators and organizers.

Already confirmed brands and supporters are: Fetalmed – Fetal Medicine and Ultrasound, PBKids Brinquedos, Vila Carlota Moda Gestante, Ludique Design, Mother’s Neck, Cartonagem Girl Art, Pipe and Guca, Petit Bobô, Petit & Co, Mayaru Ecological Diapers, Estra Oil, 4th Handmade Trichet, Tricotin Soldier, My Mini Shop, Kids Gallery, Thula Xavier Sewing Atelier, Dalala Mini Closet, Amandita Comfy Pajamas, Lice Lilo, Miu Limoiro Festus, Stimulate Sensile Toliere, , Atelier Maria Retalho, Children’s Joining Game, Bell Baby, Dos Anjos Photography, Fashion Mother Style, Pixxy Family, Imported Babybens, Belle Poupée – Doll’s Atelier, Embroidery Art by Emilene, Poppins Tarumã House, Fantastic Mimo Factory Creative Gift, Dr. Vacina, Colo É Amor, The Kids List, Sorella Bolsa Maternity, Olive Petit, Meninota Store, Betina Kirstens Eventos, MiniDella Moda Moda & Daughter, Comfy, Rent Me! Baby Rentals, Personalized Atelier Details, Cyber ​​Hair Kids, Marchinha, Linea Atelier, Chick Pecuvenino, Sweet Baby – Maternal Consultancy, My Promise, Breastfeeding, Vitalis Saude, Semper Familia, Atrativa A, Crepê, Bão de Minas Train, Frequency dos Anjos, Le Petit Macarons, Cookies Di Bruno.

Focus on the experience

To celebrate the return of the individual event, the organizers will share family experiences. Inside the fair, the content space signed by Semper Familia da Gazeta do Povo and the company Vitalis Saud will have space with a variety of activities, including a cycle of lectures and workshops, workshops for children, supervised children’s games and free Kids Space Buffet , In partnership with the Recreação Aventura Festas Curitiba team and also Happy Hour Space with lots of socialization and fun, the brands are signed by Alright Beer and Steel Group.

In addition to the Amamenta Baby signed space, mothers will have a comfortable corner for babies to change and rest, in addition to the space signed by Atrattiva Estetica e Saúde, which will allow pregnant women to immerse themselves in complete relaxation with massage, pampering and product display.

“Through these experiences, we want to provide an exciting event for kids who can participate in sports workshops and have fun in the Kids Space, for parents who will use high quality information in the content space. Lectures and workshops given by a number of recognized professionals from the mother and child universe, ”commented Flavia.

Participants will also have the opportunity to purchase the best products with special conditions in Cute Cute; “Everything is being carefully planned so that this resumption of the event after two years is perfect and surprises our audience,” added event organizer Bruno Sampaio.

8th Cute Cute
Where: Buffet do Batel – Al. Dom Pedro II, 238 – Batel, Curitiba (PR)
When: June 5, 2022. Friday, 2 to 9 p.m. And Saturdays and Sundays, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
How much: Tickets at a single price of R $ 10, valid for each day of the event. Children under 12 are free.
Valet parking on site.

Full schedule

June 3 (Friday)
15h – Lecture on “The Dilemmas and Challenges of Raising Children Nowadays”, with Psychologist Andrea Moyesa Koelho.
4 p.m.
4:00 pm – Bead bracelet making workshop with Meu Limoeiro Festas Buffet in partnership with Recreação Aventura Festas Curitiba team.
18:00 – Lecture with Mother and Child Nutritionist Mariana Mochnaquez “Myths and Truths in Pregnancy and Postpartum Nutrition”.
18:30 – Cute Cute Piggy Bank Workshop with Meu Limoeiro Festas Buffet in partnership with the Recreação Aventura Festas Curitiba team.
19h – Lecture “Pregnancy and childbirth: everything you need to know”, Dr. Wesley Timana (Dr. Stork).

4th June (Saturday)
11 am – Lecture “Delivery Type: A Conscious Choice”, with Doula Aline Vieira.
1:30 p.m.
15h – Lecture “Why wait? – The importance of monitoring craniofacial development from childhood ”, pediatric dentist and orthodontist Dr. Stella Faria Dumke.
3:00 pm – Canvas Painting Workshop with Buffet Meu Limoeiro Festas in partnership with the Recreação Aventura Festas Curitiba team.
16h – Lecture “Major doubts about obstetrics and ultrasound”, Dr. Rafael Frederico Brans, from Fetalmed.
4:00 pm – Cookie Workshop with Meu Limoeiro Festas Buffet in partnership with the Recreação Aventura Festas Curitiba team.
17h – Presentation “Fafá tells stories to play and have fun with the whole family”.
18:00 – Children’s parade of costume and accessory brands participating in the Cute Cute Fair with models from Agencia Jail Mujillo Casting.

June 5 (Sunday)
2 pm – Lecture “First care for the newborn”, Dayane Dos Anjos with neonatal care specialist at home.
2 pm – Cookie Workshop with Meu Limoeiro Festas Buffet in partnership with the Recreação Aventura Festas Curitiba team.
15h – Princess and heroes show.
4:00 pm – Lecture on “How to Educate Your Child with Respect” with Parent Educator Bruna Rocha on Positive Discipline.
4 pm – Recreação Aventura Festas Curitiba Slim Workshop with Meu Limoeiro Festas Buffet in partnership with the team.
5 pm – Lecture on “Optimistic Children: How to Raise Resilient Children”, with psychologist Simon Nosima.

Cute Cute Fair has an R $ 10 ticket, which can be purchased in advance at the event’s website or at the local box office. Tickets will be valid for four days at the fair. Children up to 12 years old do not need a ticket. For added convenience, there is valet parking for visitors. More information about the event is available at and the social network @feiracutecute.


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