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spring break fever has passed Formula One. It features Charles Leclerc starring Marlins’ Jazz Chisholm Jr., Lewis Hamilton starring Tom Brady and Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris chasing James Corden around the paddock in a cropped shirt. It can only happen in Miami. And surprisingly, it did not happen recently.

This week marks its first F1 race in US Miami playing two Grand Prix tournaments in the first team since 1984 when the series reached Detroit and Dallas. But this time, instead of going back to Motown or Moo Town, the F1 has stopped its main moving circles here, on white sand beaches, neon lights and warm winters. And the clear landscape is not limited to daiquiris and the most well-drained mojito in the city.

It is yet another successful moment in a game that has been struggling for a long time to destroy the US market. And while F1 is embracing the social networking site, Netflix’s Drive to Survive and Sky Sports’ streaming TV (via ESPN) have played a major role in winning viewers across the pool, many of whom would not care about motorsports to start. and, it is surprising that the F1 attraction in America did not to begin with in Miami – an unusual American escape.

Instead, it crossed the coast, settled in Middle America and exploded in Indianapolis – not in the best way. (Austin, however, is good, amazing and managed to settle F1 in the States.) The closest line to reach Miami was Sebring, Florida, a fictional center with a distance of three hours to the north that served as the basis for the race. 1959 US Grand Prix.

But that was not the case before the Americans at Liberty Media took over the F1 in 2017 with the aim of making the world behemoth world-class. While Long Beach, Watkins Glen and other former US Grand Prix sites have their own charm, Miami has become the closest thing America has ever had to a real F1 city. He is world-famous, wet and the stadium of a few celebrities – Hamilton, at least. There’s a lot of culture, good cars and speed between stop lights. The coast of Miami has head-to-head traps: large boats, glazed boards, beautiful design and water-filled medical prescriptions.

IndyCar ran here in the 80s and 90s, Nascar ran the final race at Homestead for almost two decades and Formula E ran around Biscayne Bay in 2015. In fact, you may be under pressure to find the best postcard locations. for the F1 competition. With Las Vegas on next year’s list, obviously this is just a tip for F1 growth in America.

However, Miami would not be Miami if there were no more fake cars. While Formula 1 is battling urban competition on the city’s mainstream, it lasted half an hour north of downtown Miami Gardens, a dormitory located at Miami Dolphins ’Hard Rock Stadium; in the end, a well-known group of neighbors could not enjoy the new Miami Sound Machine for noise pollution and traffic congestion. (Formula E cars, with non-silent electric motors, came close to the first problem.)

The same race will follow a distance of 5.4km on the road around the stadium, under a main road that will be able to stop as soon as things get green. In order to bring the Tubbs and Crockett flavor to the competition – appropriately with the help of solid cryptocurrency, such as Miami angles into the Wall Street blockchain – developers added a pool area, two stories of cabanas and a fake yacht marina that looks like something from Minecraft. But it is not just normos who are embracing art, ordinary Miami. Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Pharrell are also expected to continue.

Image of the Miami marina rail. Photo: Ricardo Arduengo / Reuters

Seven years ago, at the US Grand Prix in Austin, Hamilton was publicly debating how to get Americans into Formula 1 at a press conference ahead of time. Based on what’s happening here at the charity event earlier this week, he called the Miami GP a “dream”.

But not all the people get excited about the parties. Miami Gardens, Florida’s largest black-city city, has been fearful of the arrival of this motorsport Super Bowl since their attempts to send another race failed three years ago. In 2020 a group led by former Miami-Dade County Commissioner Betty Ferguson sued Formula One, Hard Rock Stadium, Dolphins and former Miami-Dade mayor Carlos Gimenez for racism. “This is racism,” Ferguson said, “clean and simple.”

Last May’s election commemoration was asked to remove council members who voted to bring competition to Miami Gardens. (In the end, the memorandum attempt failed to produce the required signature number to start voting.) Worse than the lawmakers went to bed with F1, residents felt they were in for a rude awakening – which promised only $ 5m. the benefit of the community is 5% of the income in the city. So imagine a total of $ 25m. In addition, residents of Miami Gardens have been locked out of the agreement for ten years, with F1 President Stefano Domenicali promising to give up “good and lasting support for the people of your community”. Do not forget that the victims vowed to fight.

It is a controversial issue that puts Miami in an alliance with Sochi, Saudi Arabia and other suspicious F1 pad. That’s why it looks like the Grand Prix will end here. Hamilton’s Neon Dream is a continuation of the F1 racing game now. It’s our right coming.

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