Explain how the Rams can afford to buy a lot of big contracts

“Where does Ram just get all this money?”

That’s the question most fans ask when they see the Rams pay for another star. That’s a good question too, considering that the NFL has a pay cap that every team should be down to.

At the same time, the Rams paid for Matthew Stafford, Allen Robinson, Bobby Wagner, Aaron Donald and Cooper Kupp. The total cost of this contract is $ 431.5 million, the maximum amount that is given to only five players. And when it comes to securities, the investment is north of $ 310 million; these are everything guarantees, uncertainties in signing.

So, again: How do the Rams continue to deliver on all of these commitments?

The short answer is that they are really able to run the paycheck and find ways to manage money so they don’t spend money in one year. It’s not like the Rams are paying $ 431.5 million for five players this year alone. They have more time to pay the bills, due to the design of their contracts.

Let’s take Donald’s contract, for example. The Rams offer him $ 95 million over three years, but there are five years on the contract. The last two years in 2025 and 2026 are empty years, which means it is “childish” years when Donald is no longer in the public eye, but the Rams will still pay him back.

This is why if you look at his contract at Over The Cap, you see $ 23.3 million in 2025 even though the contract expired at the end of the 2024 season. In other words, they have been paying him $ 23.3 million to stay out of the team that year. The extra money, yes, and that is what led the Rams to sign Donald to a crucial small-cap deal in 2022.

And by adding to the empty years, the Rams managed to lower Donald’s cap from $ 26.75 million to $ 24 million this year, $ 2.75 million.

A similar approach was taken by Robinson’s contract. He has two empty years in 2025 and 2026, with $ 5.6 million in 2025. But his cap that hit this year is only $ 4.3 million compared to $ 18 million — plus over the next two seasons.

The Rams did not spend years in vain with Wagner, but gave him more time than he expected. It is a five-year deal worth $ 50 million, but only $ 10 million is guaranteed to sign. And his $

Instead, he could make a one-year contract, $ 10 million or a two-year contract worth $ 7.5 million, depending on whether he wants to keep him on the team in 2023; the idea is that he will. From there, Wagner will not have much of a guaranteed balance, and most of his pay comes in low pay and incentives.

Stafford’s contract is in full swing, backed by a $ 60 million sign-up bonus. This is multiplied over five years, allowing the Rams to spread the money instead of counting more per cap in 2022. As a result, its cap hit $ 13.5 million this year before reaching $ 20 million in 2023 and approx. $ 50 million over the last three years.

The nature of the Kupp contract was not disclosed, but it is speculated that the Rams acted in the same way as other contracts that offered the season. Big signature bonus, a slight decrease in 2022 and a lot of money at the end of the contract.

As a result, although the Rams are expected to be $ 13 million in February and have gone a long way without much space, they have still managed to sign all five players – as well as other players as well. Brian Allen and Joe Noteboom.

The main reason for this is that they lowered Donald’s hit $ 2.75 million and Stafford’s $ 9.5 million thanks to their new additions. You are not expecting a profitable addition Help financial group this year, but that’s what the Rams deal with.

He has owners Stan Kroenke part to thank him for, too. They are ready to pay for these players, a lot of money comes forward as unsigned bonuses. These are distributed throughout the contract, but are paid to the player immediately, and the team owner must have the funds to make this possible.

There’s a truth in the phrase “pay is a myth,” and the Rams are a good example of teams that can make a list of stars even if they need to sit down. But make no mistake, the bill will come soon. It worked with Jared Goff, whose actions were a serious mistake for the Rams. It worked with Todd Gurley, too, whose alliance was as bad as the organization.

In 2024, these are the biggest songs the Rams will ever have in the books:

  • Donald: $ 31.2 million
  • Ramsey: $ 26.7 million
  • Stafford: $ 49.5 million
  • Floyd: $ 22.5 million
  • Robinson: $ 18.6 million
  • Noteboom: $ 17 million

They can get out of the action if they want to lose players, but not have much interest. And if all goes well, they will not want to cut it.

The Rams’ plan is to increase their salaries every year. It usually costs around $ 10-12 million a year, and could rise sharply in the next 2-3 years thanks to new TV and television competition.

In that case, the Rams will have more money to play, thus easing the punch of the big contractors they have provided.

All were read and edited by senior officials at the Rams’ front office. He knows what he is doing and what the team can do. Now, it is up to the players to donate the money and make it profitable.


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