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Within a week of the centralized effort, in addition to discussing the appointment of authorities to the committees, the Senate will have to vote on four items on the agenda for this Wednesday’s (6) plenary session. Among them is a project to disseminate information on missing children and adolescents. PL 2099/2019 makes it mandatory to include information on the National Register of Missing Children and Adolescents and the National Register of Missing Persons. The project still needs full approval.

The project amends the Children and Adolescents Act (ECA – Law 8069, of 1990). Currently, the ECA has already issued disappearance notices to ports, airports, highway police and interstate and international transport agencies. With the change, the disappearance must be reported and the names of the missing must be included in the two records.

Originally, former deputy Laura Carneiro’s project required notification only for the inclusion of missing children and adolescents in the register. After the text was approved by the chamber, it was amended in the Human Rights Commission (CDH) by Senator Gennad Mia (Pros-RN) instead of the missing persons register created in 2019.

The CCJ’s reporter, Senator Veneziano Vital do Rego (PSB-PB), revised the text so that both registries would be notified. According to the senator, the National Registry of Missing Persons is still in operation and the National Registry of Missing Children and Adolescents has not been extinguished. He said the two registries could work in mutual cooperation, including feedback. There were recommendations for text approval with these changes.


An analysis of the bill that guarantees comprehensive care in the Unified Health System (SUS) for fibromyalgia and fatigue patients is also planned (PL 3.525 / 2019). The vote was postponed until the March 30 session so that the reporter, Senator Sergio Petecao (PSD-AC), could produce a new report.

The project has come from the Deputy Chamber and there is no change for the time being. So it can go directly to the approval of the President. If Petecão promotes change, he will return to the Chamber’s final decision.

The text assures multidisciplinary care for those who suffer from this condition, including physical therapists, nutritionists and psychologists. This ensures access to complementary testing and pharmaceutical support.

Today, care for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue is already available at SUS, but what it guarantees is an ordinance from the Ministry of Health. With the approval of the project, this guarantee becomes law.

Senator Luiz Do Carmo (MDB-GO) has proposed an amendment that would require comprehensive care to include information dissemination of the disease and available preventive and therapeutic measures.

Separation of parents

Another item that has been removed from the agenda and returned to the plenary for analysis is the bill that changes the rules of parental separation. The text prohibits the judge from granting shared custody to a father or mother under investigation or trial for a crime or domestic violence against a child or adolescent. Senators will vote on PL 634/2022 in the House of Representatives.

Parental separation occurs when a parent takes action against a child or adolescent against another parent. PL 634/2022 was originally introduced by then-Senator Ronaldo Ciado (GO) and reported by Senator Rose de Freitas (MDB-ES), who suggested amending the text approved by deputies. It suggests, for example, that the abandonment of a child or adolescent should not be marked as parental separation.


The text of the agreement signed between Brazil and the United States (PDL 254/2021) on the research and development of military technology must be voted on. The agreement covers the collaboration, research and development of advanced materials and prototype technology, including loans for machinery and equipment. The United States already has similar agreements with Germany, France, India, Italy, Israel, Singapore and Sweden.

The agreement was signed in March 2020, but is subject to the approval of the National Congress.

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