Espirito Santo already has 187 children who have been victims of violence this year

The boy was left with hose marks. The principal of the school informed the parents about the matter

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A 9-year-old boy was beaten with hose for not doing housework and his body was completely mutilated. The child was forced to drink his own urine during the attack.

According to the guardianship council and the victim’s aunt, the attacker will be the child’s own mother. The boy is currently in the custody of his family after a lawsuit was filed on behalf of the school.

The 9-year-old boy who attacked a neighborhood in Kariasica is not alone in this horrific scene. As of the end of May this year, at least 187 children between the ages of 0 and 12 had been abused, according to the state Department of Security.

All cases produce incident reports, which show an increase in the number of victims of personal injury. There were 113 records in the same period last year.

The police will investigate the attack on the boy in the incident of beating him with a tube. The violence happened last Thursday and the next day when he went to school, the principal called the parent council after verifying the violence.

After an examination at the Legal Medical Department (DML), the child was taken to his aunt’s house. Rebel, one of the 32-year-old aunts, told of the drama of seeing her nephew in such a situation. “This is not the first time he has been attacked. This time it was so bad that he begged her not to come home,” he said.

According to the housewife, the boy came to her house feeling sick. “Besides being psychotic, he’s very bad, he’s vomiting and not eating anything.”

The family said they would try to keep the baby. “It simply came to our notice then. We are providing all the necessary assistance, even the fever and we are devastated. “

The aunts said they did not have clothes and supplies for their nephew and that is why they campaigned to buy clothes and bedding to keep him. “If it depends on our strength, he will never return to her. The police will be aware and justice will be done. ”

The Guardianship Council of Region II, Kariasica, reported that it followed the standard procedure, took the boy to the DM and made a police report.

The names of those involved, as well as those in the vicinity, are not being disclosed to save the victims.

“Urinated,” says the boy’s aunt

A Tribune- How was the family after having the child?

Victim’s aunt- We were speechless when he appeared with the council. He looked us in the eye and told us to stay.

And how did the attack happen?

Although she was only 9, she made it clear that she was home around 9pm on Thursday and was unable to do her homework. Then he hit the animal hard with his hose. Anyone who sees the marks left on the body cries very tenderly.

What happened to the boy’s family?

The worst thing was that he said that, during the aggression, he had finished urinating. And after urinating, he was forced to kneel and drink his own urine. Then he says he’s asleep, but we believe he’s gone over the piss.

Were they alone at home?

Yes, they were alone. Victim is my brother’s son, her ex-husband, who is in prison. But my nephew was alone with him, so we were surprised too. We are promoting an internet to get the help of clothes and groceries to get the structure to stay with her.

What did the Guardian Council say?

They have given us a claim and we will try to keep him safe so that he does not have to come back, because he himself said that he is tired of suffering. We know it happened before, but we didn’t know it was so serious.

Violence can lead to imprisonment

Family law expert, lawyer Nicolli Dutra Bessa Correia, insists that the penalties imposed in her industry. 136 provides for offenses of abuse.

“The prescribed punishment is 2 months to 1 year detention or fine. If the aggression is more severe, the punishment for physical harm will be increased from 1 to 4 years. Also, if you practice against a minor under the age of 14, the penalty must be increased by 1/3. “

Also, the lawyer reminds that parents have a responsibility to educate, nurture and support their minor children, responsible for the upbringing, maintenance, custody and education of their children.

Analysis – Claudio Miranda, Individual and Family Therapist, Psychopedologist

“From a mental health perspective, parents and caregivers are expected to be minimally welcoming and protective so that their children can grow up physically and mentally healthy.

Claudio Miranda

Claudio Miranda

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In the case of this mother, although her behavior was extreme and exaggerated the way she corrected her son, we need to understand what drama she lived in and how her life was configured at that moment.

The manner in which the punishment was inflicted on his son was unacceptable, but he needed to be heard so that he could overcome his inaction. This mom needs emotional support, not justice. Mom and Dad make mistakes all the time, but maybe they make the mistake of thinking it’s okay. They make mistakes by trying to fix it.

For the child, he must have been affected by the exaggerated punishment he received. And it will have a more or less negative effect, depending on the child’s mental state. “


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