ESPCEx Army Contest 2022: Last day of enlistment

The Army Cadet continues with the Preparatory School Open for subscription For public tenders ESPCEx 2022.

However, those interested should hurry. Enrollment is now closed in May.

All in all, the competition provides 440 vacancies for cadetsBoth sexes.

The goal of this competition is to train students for classes starting in 2023. Upon completion of the course, the cadet was announced as an aspiring officer with a bachelor’s degree in military science.

Application for ESPCEx 2022 competition

Enrollment for the 2022 EspCEx Army Public Competition began February 07, 2022. Deadline for those interested in participating in the competition May 23, 2022.

To register for the competition, simply access the Preparatory School of Cadets website and fill out the registration form.

The Fees Registration fee R $ 100.

However, the fee waiver request has expired.

Job and Salary ESPCEx 2022 Competition

The EsPCEx 2022 competition offers 440 vacancies for cadet candidates. Of these, 40 are halls Women And for 400 Men.

Candidates who declare themselves Black or brown At the time of registration, under Act No. 12,990, they may compete for one of the reserved seats.

Will be determined 80 vacancies for black and brown candidates Male and 8 vacancies For women, 20% of the total prescribed by law.

The remaining vacancies, for 320 males and 32 females, are set for wide competition.

Classified and approved candidates will be called first Training and graduation courses for career officers of the Military Education Line (CFO / LEMB).

Is permanent for the course 5 years, Boarding school. In the first year, the contestants are enrolled as students and begin living at EspCEx in Campinas, SP.

From the second to the fifth year, the students receive the title of Cadet and join the Academia Militar Das Agulhas Negras (AMAN) at Resেন্ডnde-RJ.

As a student of the training course, the expected initial remuneration BRL 1,334.00, Shown in the 2022 Military Salary Table.

At the end of the training the monthly salary may reach BRL 7,315.00 Monthly However, this value does not include benefits and gratuity.

Requirements for admission to ESPCEx 2022

Candidates wishing to run for one of the vacancies at the Brazilian Army Preparatory School must meet certain minimum requirements in the public notice, as described below:

  • Being Brazilian by birth;
  • Have graduated from high school or are in the 3rd year of high school;
  • Must be between 17 and 22 years old;
  • Male candidates must have a minimum height of 1.60 m, whereas women must have a minimum height of 1.55 m;
  • Does not have a criminal record;
  • Not having children or dependents and not getting married or forming a stable union due to incompatibility with the rules required for training or graduation.

Selection and stages of the ESPCEx 2022 competition

ESPCEx 2022 will go through the registered candidates in the competition Four steps From election to final approval, they are:

  • Intellectual test, of an abstract and qualified nature;
  • Health inspection, by the candidate approved only in the intellectual examination and respecting the ranking order;
  • Physical fitness test, only suitable candidates for health inspection;
  • Psychological assessment, only for candidates approved for physical fitness test.

Merit test will be applied in days 17 and 18 SeptemberSpread across 17 different points across the country.

Candidates can confirm the position of the exam in the registration form.

On September 17, candidates took the Portuguese, Writing, Physics and Chemistry exams.

On September 18, the exam includes math, geography, history and English questions.

Responses will be published on September 19 at 6:00 p.m.

Candidates approved in the first round of the competition will be called on January 24, 2023 for other stages.

Complete public notification for 2022 public tender Army Cadet Preparatory School (EsPCEx) This link can be consulted.

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