English fans are fond of Figuirens; I know the story

The passion for a football club is often inexplicable. An intense feeling that breaks down barriers and even boundaries. This is the case with the British Robert Bedding, Born and raised in Oxford, England. Robert lives in the country that, according to many historians, is the inventor of football and the world’s most controversial championship – the Premier League. With the big clubs in the country, you can surely imagine that the characters in this story are bigoted supporters of some giants like Liverpool or Manchester United, right? Well, that’s a big mistake. Robert, 44, is passionate about Figuirens Football Club.

The passion for the Alvinegro club was born in 2003, when he was in Brazil for the first time for the birth of his daughter, who lives in the Florianopolis area. Since then, whenever he has visited the country, he has watched Hurricane play at the Orlando Scarpelli Stadium, Figuere’s home.

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Robert explains what motivated Figuirens’ supporters, in particular, the way he was greeted by fans and the city, and how he was treated at the Orlando Scarpelli Stadium stand each time.

– When you love football, you gain connections, relationships. I have family in Brazil, but when I go to the stadium, I make new friends, new family. Figuirens fans are great – he declares.

Robert - Fans - Figuirens - NSC
White fans welcome the British, who come to Brazil annually and make a point of appearing at the Orlando Scarpelli Stadium.

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Historical moments and idols

Robert Figuirens has followed some of the most important moments in history, such as his long stay at Série A. Brazilian Championship The runners-up to the Copa do Brasil in the last decade and 2007 – along with several state titles and the historic victory of the Copa Sao Paulo de Juniors in 2008.

During this time, he was able to meet the statues and see the rise of great football talent – among them Roberto Firmino, a striker formed by Figueroa and who currently plays for Liverpool in England.

Clinton Xavier is one of the talents who witnessed Robert Hurricane shirt defense. The midfielder, now retired, is one of Britain’s greatest idols, considering him one of the best players to have seen the game.

– Clinton Xavier’s game was very nice to watch, a lot of skill and he always made dramas that led to goals for Figueranes. Undoubtedly, he is one of the best players I’ve ever met.

Since it can’t be otherwise, another great idol of Robert is the former player and now the manager of the club, Fernandez. The highest scorer in the history of Figuirens, with 108 goals, is considered by many fans to be the greatest athlete in the history of Hurricanes – he was the hero of two wins in the Brazilian Championship Series A and won six state championships on the field. .

– Fernandez is undoubtedly our greatest idol. I am glad to meet him personally, he is always very kind, “he said.

Near, even far

Despite the distance, Robert did not fail to accompany his favorite team. Even living on another continent, Britain does not miss a game against Figueroa. Although there is a sea separating Orlando Scarpelli Stadium and the city of Oxford, it sends positive energy to the hurricane.

What allows Robert to do with figuration in state competitions is streaming, where games are broadcast on the Internet through websites. catarinensefort.tv. About the broadcast, Robert praised all.

“It simply came to our notice then. The programming is very good and the broadcast quality is great. The site helps me a lot because I can follow my team in other countries and that’s great – says Robert.

Streaming - Robert Bedding - British - NSC
Robert followed Figueirense in the state by streaming catarinensefort.tv

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One of the great news of streaming in 2022 is its transmission All play, Including decisive stage matches like semifinals and finals. Another positive point of the season is that the games are recorded on the platform, allowing customers to watch the match anytime and anywhere. And that’s a big plus for Robert, who works in aviation.

– Often I can’t watch the game live, due to the time difference between Brazil and England and sometimes I work during the game. So, since the games have been recorded, I can watch them later and that’s great, “said English.

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– Nowadays, I shut down all social media so I don’t get any news about the game. I like to watch it as if it were live later, ”he added.

Roots in Brazil

Born in England, Robert has strong ties to Brazil. In addition to his Brazilian daughter, he has been married for 10 years to Selina, a native of Tijuana, a town in the greater Florianopolis region. His wife, who is also a Figuirens fan, reinforces Robert’s passion for Brazilian football, especially Hurricane.

Robert - Family - NSC
Robert with his wife Selina, family and friends at the Orlando Scarpelli Stadium, cheering for the figuration.

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When the couple arrives in Brazil, Selina is accompanied by her husband, other family and friends, at the Figurens Games at the Orlando Scarpelli Stadium, and even at other stadiums, if logistics allow.

Oxford residents, Do Estreto, a supporter of the Alvinegro couple – let’s be fair, Robert is also a fan of Oxford FC, the city team in the city where he lives – also often follows Brazilian and English team games, preparing for the World Cup controversy. World 2022, which takes place in Qatar between November and December.

Regarding the possibility of a confrontation between the two parties, Selina joked:

“He has to watch the game in the living room and I have to watch the game in the bedroom,” said Sadalapi Tijukana.

Robert and Selina - Streaming - NSC
Robert and his wife Selina, from Tezukas, live in Oxford, England, but always visit Orlando Scarpelli Stadium when they are in Brazil.

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