Education Day: Public school students begin teaching English after the exchange Paraiba

Alex Martins, a public school student who was born in the town of Brazzo da Pariber Solania when he began his school career, had the opportunity to do an exchange program in Canada in 2020, provided by a state program in the public school system. With this, Alex was able to open his horizons for a new culture, a new interpersonal relationship and to improve his English language. And when he returned to Brazil, he had the opportunity to spread what he had learned, to teach English to other people.

This is April 28th, Education Day. And Alex said to set the date g1 The whole process of living in a North American country, how important the education he received in another society was to him and how this experience helped him pass on the knowledge he had acquired.

Alex, 19, says his interest in the English language stemmed from the exchange program. Before the opportunity, he said that he was not so interested in the language, but the prospect of moving to another country made him promise to learn the language in a short time.

“I admit that I had no interest in learning English before. I thought it was cool but I wasn’t that interested. I came to be really interested in learning [o idioma] After learning about opportunities. Then I start studying every morning, when I have little time, but usually in the morning. But I swallowed everything: YouTube videos, websites … “, Alex said.

In 2020, Martins got a vacancy for an exchange program in Canada. For her and her family, a mixture of wonder and gratitude.

“I was just happy, I couldn’t believe it. Looked at the list [de classificados] See directly whether it is real. It was something I believed in a lot, I invested a lot of time, I dedicated myself a lot to study English. My family was very happy … My mother didn’t want me to go, just before I said I would do the process. But she was always really scared about it, because I was 16 years old [na época], Which mother would feel safe leaving her 16 year old son in another country and for six months? But then he got used to it, “said Alex.

In March 2020, Alex landed in Canada, where he lived in the home of a family that usually receives exchange students from other countries. All in all, Alex spent five months in a North American country, and as much as he learned from Canadians, he was able to bring Brazilian culture there.

“I was in the town of Gander, Canada, in the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, a small but cultural area. There I was with a family, and this family is already accustomed to accepting students from other countries. Since I was in the epidemic, I have studied a little [presencialmente] And then off. I was studying from home then, I had contact [com a família nativa] Every day, I was improving my English. I always want to talk, meet new people, explore places … I missed family, Brazilian food, but I didn’t pay much attention to the nostalgia problem, I had to enjoy it, because I knew I would go home and everything would be normal, “he said.

Alex with colleagues in Canada – Photo: Alex Martins / Personal Archive

Alex emphasizes the importance of communicating with the locals to learn a new language and how this communication was important to his learning process.

“When we learn English, we usually learn and keep it. And in return, it’s completely different because we get used to the rhythm, the dialect, the regional words, and it’s important when it comes to learning and communicating directly with the locals. Everyone who learns a new language should have this communication, ”he explained.

The knowledge, education and social skills gained in Canada have given Alex the opportunity to share what he has learned with others all the time he has spent outside of Brazil.

Alex talks about the importance of exchanges in front of the school he attended in Canada – Photo: Alex Martins / Arquivo Private

Alex says that with the experience he gained in return and his knowledge of the English language, they made him win opportunities. In early 2022, the young man was selected to teach at a language school in the city of Solania. With classes of all ages, Martins says he has a good relationship with students, who always ask how such a young man already teaches English and the experience of living in exchange wants students to live this experience as well.

“Being able to work with English was one of the things that opened the door for me. I teach English and it’s really great to see myself in each person, because for a while I was in the process of learning a new language. Although I do not follow the academic path of the English language [Alex estuda arquitetura e urbanismo na Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (UFCG)], I work with English. It was something I learned and will serve for the rest of my life, because knowing English will create more opportunities, ”he said.

“Many people are surprised when I comment on the exchange experience, just because I’m too young. Many say they want to do an exchange program, want to know another country and I encourage them. They want to know the difference between school, coexistence and it arouses their interest. [E ensinar] It’s an experience that I feel very grateful and honored for, because I know I’m telling my students something that they will accept later, they will remember it. I am proud to be able to study English and how far it has taken me. I teach and at the same time I learn, “he said.

And it’s not just in the language school that Alex passes his knowledge. While in high school, he taught English to other classmates, and at home he helped his nine-year-old brother learn English.

“[Com o intercâmbio], My learning has changed a lot. I would love to come back and study more, because I got the opportunity to exchange through studying, so I started thinking that studying can create a lot more opportunities for me. I am more motivated to study, more interested in culture, history, “he said.

Alex Martinez during high school at a school in Solania – Photo: Alex Martinez / Arquivo Personal

“When I came back from Canada and went back to high school, I started helping my classmates with activities, projects, work. And at home I teach my nine year old brother a lot, I teach him a lot, I encourage him to learn, he already knows a lot and I teach more, mainly because he is younger, the sooner he learns English, the better, if He has had opportunities since he was a child, I am going to focus on teaching him, “he said.

Alex Exchange emphasizes the importance of taking advantage of experience and, above all, having knowledge of a foreign language like English.

“I have brought a lot of messages from the exchange experience. One of them is that we should not give up our dreams. Leaving my country at the age of 16 was a distant dream for me and I did it. Faith and acting are important, “he concluded.

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