Edge Chris Paul has Suns out of ‘revenge’

PHOENIX – Manages everything, from the clock to the anti-defense protests to officials with real-time weapons.

It is worth noting that the Dallas Mavericks fell in the final 12 minutes of the 2nd best game that would have given the little team more power before heading home for a few games.

But it is worth mentioning that Chris Paul separated them in every way and did very well in the fourth season, the last of whom is 36 years old.

A six-point lead turned to 10, then 15, then unstoppable as Paul used all of his stones to give Sunshine a 2-0 Western Conference semifinal lead with a 129-109 victory at the Footprint Center. Fourteen of Paul’s 28 points came in the last quarter – all in the first six minutes.

He continued to look at the Dallas side, pointing to coach Jason Kidd, to others as his demise was about to appear slowly. Runners-up guards flew around him, but chased the lepers up to his sweet spot to destroy the pair.

Paul knew he had Dallas on the ropes, pointing to the “timeout” sign at the 8:05 fourth mark. Scoring or assisting in the first 19 points of the quarter, he closed the door – and let everyone know about it.

Backcourt teammate Devin Booker called it the “Revenge Journey” to the Sun, who appear to be aiming to recoup their last loss last summer at the Milwaukee Bucks.

And Paul is an unshakable, cruel ambassador.

“We just got into the game. Technologies don’t need to be invited or not, “said Paul. Everything is in the game. “

Of the four guards left in the west, Paul is the most traditional – one who can take a game plan from the white board and use it in real time, who can switch on the fly so far, one. who can turn gears and morphs into something different when the time is right.

Also a good dichotomy for a former team-mate, James Harden, who looks like his bullet, struggling with his body discomfort and new developments, seems unstoppable.

Phoenix Suns goalkeeper Chris Paul confronts Dallas Mavericks in Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals at the Footprint Center in Phoenix on May 4, 2022. (Mark J. Rebilas / USA TODAY Sports)

When Paul split from Harden and Houston after the 2018-19 season, Harden looked like a long-awaited bet. Paul’s days as a great athlete, runner and runner-up had a question.

But time has proved that Paul is a good thinker – first in Oklahoma City for a stretch and now in Phoenix as a rapidly changing artist. No longer a physical phenomenon, he dominates by the preparation and magic competition that is invisible to a person of his age.

In other words, he obtained information from Kidd. Kidd went from a cook who forced one person in his time to uber-cerebral, pick- your-spots point guard in his later years. He hit a big punch in the 2011 playoff tournament in Dallas, though he was not very good.

It could be argued that Paul is very close to his well-being, even though Friday will turn 37 – the day of the Games on Friday 3. In the Suns’ first match against New Orleans last night, Paul was shot. history 14 to 14.

“He has a favorite matchup and you can feel it [opposing bench] Tell him to go. You can try anything you want, but they will always challenge you, “Booker said.” A difficult victory. “

Playing on the sidelines can often show itself in ways that are unforgivable but clear in the form of ruthless competition, while realizing that the chances of that golden ball diminish with the passing of June.

“I would love to be here and tell you that I know why or how they do it,” said Suns coach Monty Williams. “I just thought, I don’t know if our guys are looking forward to it, but I do know they appreciate it. And you can see when he starts to go. Everyone else follows suit.”

When the Sun is in great danger, Paul is the biggest joker. Booker jokes about Paul when he was just starting out, but he realized how Paul viewed time and made it his own.

“How envious [the game], honestly, ”says Booker. “I always admired her for her initiative. He controls all the time, being two, three steps ahead of what the other team is doing. And leadership, which cannot be unrecognizable when you talk about this person. The way he counts people, wanting to succeed. ”

Booker scored eight points quickly in less than two minutes as Sun followed by two in the second half, his team’s top 30 share and four rebounds and four assists. For a man, they just look their way in relation to Luke Doncic, who had another big game with 35 points in 15 out of 22 shots.

But it is clear that he wants to offend her with several defenders, and in a way, take her ego out of the equation.

“Just win the game,” said Williams, noting that his team doesn’t care how much Doncic has scored as long as the results are convincing.

Paul and Booker shared the podium at the post office, just looking at each other and smiling as the question came to Doncic and he looked at him defensively.

“They’re trying to get to their favorite matchups, and we’re doing the same,” Booker said. “A tough fight, but they have to.”

Doncic has almost no choice, with Reggie Bullock the only member of the good team. Some suffer from lack of opportunity while at times, Doncic can be his worst enemy with seven converts.

Jalen Brunson also struggled at the height of Phoenix (3 in 12 shots) and was subdued late by Paul looking for him to make a mistake in the fourth quarter.

Phoenix is ​​a full-fledged team, heading to Bismack Biyombo’s senior backup keeper while Deandre Ayton and JaVale McGee were in big trouble. The December shootout saw all four of his goals scored in 18 minutes, which helped keep Phoenix from moving until Paul was ready to appear at his best.

As a approach.

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