Eating the meat of vegetarian children has the same growth and nutrition as children.

A study of about 9,000 children found that those who ate vegetarian food had the same growth and nutritional intake as children who ate meat. Study, Published In the magazine Pediatrics And led researchers at St. Unity’s Health Michael’s Hospital in Toronto (a network of Catholic hospitals serving the city of Toronto, Canada) also found that children who ate vegetarian food were more likely to be underweight, emphasizing the need for special care when planning meals for children. Vegetarian children.

The International Guidelines for Childhood Vegetarian Diet have various recommendations, and previous studies evaluating the relationship between vegetarian diet and infant growth and nutritional status have yielded conflicting results.

“Plant-based diets are recognized as a healthy diet because of their low intake of fruits, vegetables, fiber, whole grains and saturated fats; However, some studies have evaluated the effect of vegetarian food on a child’s growth and nutritional status. Vegetarian diets seem to fit most kids, “said Dr. Maguire, a scientist at the MAP Center for Urban Health Solutions in St. Petersburg.

One of the limitations of the study is that researchers did not evaluate the quality of vegetarian food. Researchers have noted that vegetarian foods come in a variety of forms and can be very important for improving a person’s food quality and nutritional results. The author argues that more research is needed to test the quality of vegetarian food in infancy, as well as growth and nutrition results in children following a vegetarian diet, which excludes meat and animal products such as milk, eggs and honey.

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