“Each of you has your own resources.”

About 160 children participating in the “Children’s Train”, promoted as part of the “Cortile de Gentile” (Jewish compound) initiative, welcomed Pope Francis to the Vatican on Saturday morning.

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Pope Francis with children participating in the “Children’s Train” event / Photo: Reproduction Vatican Media

Pope Francis met with participants of the eighth edition of the “Children’s Train” at the Patio de San Damascus inside the Apostolic Palace this Saturday morning, at 4 p.m.

The event is organized by the Pontifical Council for Culture as part of a larger initiative called “Cortile de Gentile”.

Accompanied by some adults, the children received greetings from the prefect of Decastry, Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, and Antonio Organtini, director general of the Sant’Alcio-Margarita de Savoie Institute in Rome.

They also received greetings from Massimiliano Gianzanti, president of Configricultura, who co-sponsored the event.

After greetings, the children talk to the pope, ask their own frank questions, and sometimes give some advice.

“My name is Sachar, I am from Ukraine. I don’t have a question, but a request: can you go to Ukraine to save all the children who are suffering there right now? “

Francis, one of the Sachar refugee children who has now found refuge in Rome, answers:

“I’m glad you’re here: I think a lot about the children in Ukraine, that’s why I sent some cardinals to help and stay close to all the people, especially the children. I want to go to Ukraine; I just have to wait a moment You have to do it, you know, because it’s not easy to make a decision that can hurt the whole world better. “

“I have to find the right moment to do this,” Pontiff said, adding that next week he would receive representatives of the Ukrainian government, who would go to talk and talk about his possible visit to the Ukrainian country. “Let’s see what happened”.

I know you travel for the betterment of the world

The children were fascinated to find themselves in front of such an important figure as the Pope, who talked to all the great people of the world, who traveled a lot, but who were with the poorest and smallest.

They were curious about what it meant to be a pope, whether it was a heavy “work” and how Francis felt responsible for his role.

Matthias asks Pope Francis: “I know that you have visited many countries abroad, especially in poor countries, to talk to the heads of state and to pray for these countries, to improve them. But in your opinion, which country did you go to?” Thank you the most? ”

In his response, Pope Francis explained that each country has its own characteristics, but the richest feature of a country is its people. Each person has different, unique, own resources.

“Each of you has his own wealth, his own soul, because each of us has a heart, not every one of us has one soul: no!”

The pope emphasized that there is no equal heart or equal soul, because each has its own resources and it counts for the countries as well: “In the countries I have visited, I have always seen special resources: this way, this in another … and this is the beauty of creation.”

What does it mean to be pope?

How does it feel to be a pope? Edgar’s question. “The important thing is that no matter what profession you have in life, you will not stop being yours”, you do not have to be an artificial person, the Pope replied who then continued:

“So how do I feel as a pope? As an individual, you are each in your profession, in your work. Because I’m a person like you, “Pontiff explained, adding that if he had the job, he would try to do it most politely and without trying to do too much with his personality. Is he a foreigner?

God gives you the strength to endure your own hard work

But is it tiring to be a pope? Catherine asked him again.

Francis replies, “Every work we do has a part to do”, but “God gives us the strength to bear our own work” and “with honesty, sincerity and work” they need to be done.

David asks a question that the Pope likes very much: What does it feel like to be in touch with the Creator of the earth, that is, God?

“It’s important to remember that God is with us,” Francis said, adding that the feeling he was looking for helped us to work. And then he emphasizes:

“But the bad thing is when we don’t want to feel close to the Lord, and our choice is to push this, this, this, and the Lord away. No. The secret is to feel close to the Lord. And it stays with us all our lives. “

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