Dustin Johnson was handed over for trial by the Saudis. Not surprisingly, he failed.

The only common business concept that appears in LIV Golf is not one of the old ideas like money laundering, branding or leadership response. It is a ‘whale’ approach, the ability to get the highest quality customer, at any cost, to lend a reliable business experience and to confuse every customer with a sardine in comparison.

Dustin Johnson’s desire to be a fish in the Saudi game wash is not surprising. While it was clear that the portion being collected at the LIV Golf opening ceremony would boast of all the power of the Hollywood Squares, it was clear that a massive wire transfer could save the Saudi embarrassment. Johnson just waits until his price goes up. He is a big LIV whale, but he can fill the vacant lot at next week’s event with a pygmy whale. Brinks cars may already be returning to the front door of Rickie Fowler in Florida.

Not surprisingly, senior golfers have opted for cheaper options that their clubs cannot afford, and it is not acceptable. LIV Golf is a reminder that for many people in the sport, the only metric that is necessary is to enrich a person. ‘It was always so. There was a neglect of sports in South Africa during the apartheid era but many golfers ignored this when a $ 1 million interest rate hanged in Sun City. Marketing on consciousness. It is easy to see why the Crown Prince thought golf could be a fertile ground for a violent civil war.

The Centurion Club field is made up of two distinct sections: better remote back days, and lower ones struggling to get around. As a country no. On October 13, Johnson has a great opportunity to claim to be the most important among the 42 names announced, but he has not competed (outside of Saudi Arabia) since his Masters won, though he has been scurrying off the slopes of his career late. Johnson has just decided to speed up the tour to the ease that awaits any top athlete.

2022 Saudi International

2022 Saudi International

Dustin Johnson has joined the ranks of fans by 18 green in 2022 Saudi International in Saudi Arabia. (Photo: Oisin Keniry / Getty Images)

The fish’s role is to attract and distract attention, and Johnson’s inclusion ensured that the headlines did not focus on others who made up Greg Norman’s top role, such as Country No. 1,349 Andy Ogletree, whose 12-year career starts in two-year-olds has made eight appearances that missed and finished well in 33 games.

Global responsibilities – such as anti-doping radios and protocols – are not offered as part of the LIV Golf series. Had it been, the field power would have seen the winner get 24 points, less than half of what the PGA Tour stop has been offering since 2018. Under the new system that will launch later this year, the LIV winner will receive 20 percent. the smallest points in the middle of the Korn Ferry Tour. The money was made to represent a gathering of elite people, but signing with the Saudis and acknowledging the golfers as dangerous in modern sports, although Norman often portrays them as a good buffet.

What the 42 MBS martyrs share is the desire to make easy money, no matter how insignificant their source or purpose was. Nor do they operate fraudulently with regard to the type of people to whom they do business. At the PGA Championship last month, a LIV-allied player assistant – a well-known Saudis man operating the operation – approached and asked honestly if I had any security information written against his new friends. His questioning shows that he is well aware of how the government contributes to the opposition, but his insight was not so difficult as to hinder trade.

The developments within 48 hours of the announcement of the LIV section help explain how the game wash system has made this possible, and why many players are comfortable doing this. Slavic sycophants say that a person who earns more than $ 100 million on the PGA Tour is affected by the future of his family (thus the DJ is also portrayed as a model family!). Keyboard commandos insist that everyone has their own value but they do not agree, not thinking that others may value human rights more than money. Critics point out that the protest against LIV Golf is tantamount to carrying water on the PGA Tour, as if the anti-piracy golf course beheading its opponents is not a position one can get without a bribe from Jay Monahan’s slush bag. Dullards declares that any hatred of Saudi ideology was illegal if the government aligned itself with the country in which one lives, or donated money to any company it encountered.

Water is full of ‘whataboutism’ – the remnants of smartphones that are smarter than the ones that use them – and provide enough cover for players to be shaken and say it’s just a choice. Which is, of fighters. They see this as merely a commercial issue, not as a moral compass for guidance.

More business decisions will be made in the coming days. It is the agents who look after their logos to adorn the Coroner’s laundry. With PGA and DP World tours, there is a need to punish players who put the ball down. With USGA, if eligible can compete in the US Open one week after the LIV event. It’s the players, how to respond to any penalty they are given. After many years of secretive thinking, the parts have been openly chosen. Everything else is now just theaters, where the lawyers settle.

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