During a meeting in Aparesida, the married man confessed to killing Transvae

After hours of checking footage from various security cameras, agents from the Homicide Investigation Group (GIH) in Aparesida de Guiana have identified the motorcycle of the man who killed and stabbed a hanging transvisite in a motel area earlier this month. Arrested this week, the suspect pleaded guilty.

The body of Renan de Araújo Farias, 22, better known as Isabella, was found on the morning of March 4 in a vacant lot in the Nosa Senhora de Lords sector. Transvaisite had stab wounds all over her body, she seemed to be suffocated, and she was without her wig and her skirt was on top.

After hearing from eyewitnesses that the victim was last seen alive on a motorcycle, police officers went in search of clues that could identify the vehicle. It was then that they discovered that two days earlier a motorcyclist had been passing by several times in the area, known as a meeting point for transvestites who make programs.

When there was a bloody pocket knife with the motorcycle and a backpack, the suspect, aged 37, confessed to the crime. He stated that he had arranged a program for R $ 30, but, after arriving at a vacant lot, changed the transvisite price to R $ 50, at which point they started arguing.

The man further said that the knife used in the crime was taken from Transvestite, after which he was able to hang him. He further added that he was married, said he had told his wife about the crime, and reported that he used to go to the area to program with transvestites. His name, according to police, who had no criminal record at the time, was not released.

Another case
Despite the speedy resolution of the case, the GIH of Aparecida de Goiânia still has some clues about another transvestite killing that took place late last month in the same area. Bruna Kimberly, 27, was also shot dead in the Nosa Senhora de Lords sector in Rua Sao Paulo on the morning of February 24.

All that is known so far is that the gunman, who shot the transvaite in the chest, neck and back, was also on a motorcycle when he killed.

Route 190

PRF seized েন 74 million worth of cocaine
In less than a week, federal highway police have lost nearly R $ 150 million to traffickers who smuggle drugs through the streets of Guayaquil. The last seizure took place at Porangatur BR, where 202 kg of base paste and 279 kg of cocaine hydrochloride were hidden on the floor of a semi-trailer loaded with 37 tons of corn. Upon hearing of the arrest, the truck driver stated that he would receive R $ 60,000 for drug possession, from Pontes e Lasserda in Mato Grosso to Sao Paulo. According to the PRF, the drug he was carrying was worth R $ 74 million. Last weekend, another shipment of cocaine worth R $ 70 million was seized in Rio de Janeiro.

The father and son use heavy weapons to threaten the landlord
A general argument between residents and the manager of a residential condominium in Valparaiso de Goas, a town in Goas in the vicinity of the Federal District, almost ended in tragedy. After threatening the manager with a 7.65 caliber pistol and a 12 caliber rifle, the father and son, who live in a condominium in the Esplanda 1 neighborhood, were arrested by military officers from the Metropolitan Tactical Round (Rotam). The threats were filmed by residents, who were desperate to see neighbors get out of a car carrying large-caliber weapons. According to Rotam, fathers and sons, whose names or ages have not been disclosed, already have a history of serious crimes, including murder, theft and the use of false documents. This time, they have been suing Flagrante Delicto for threatening and illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.

Woman dies after being set on fire
More than 90% of her body was burned, and a 21-year-old woman died shortly after being transferred to Guinea for treatment. According to police, the victim, whose name has not been released, had an argument with an acquaintance at Praka Das Kryankas in Minachu, 490 kilometers from the capital. After entering a public restroom, he was followed, and his body was probably set on fire with petrol. A few hours after the fire broke out, the author was arrested and prosecuted.


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