Dreams of stealing children living in Recife Stealth

“Auntie, what about you Dreams? “, He asked Mikeley9 years old, when we were playing with stuffed animals Hang on Where he lives. I must have spent a few seconds in silence, which seemed like eternity, thinking of an answer. There may be many, but none are clear or easy to explain quickly, or not worthy enough to say at that moment.

So I wondered what his dream might be. I looked around. Mikaelly lives in a situation Social vulnerability A. Pina community, In the southern region of Recife. She, her 1-year-old and 8-month-old sister, and her mother, Ladian da Silva, 27, live in a two-room hut.

The atmosphere was Dark, Only one lamp works. “I still don’t have the money to buy another one,” said the mother. On a dirty day without windows, Heat Intensified, like war Muricocus Was working against us. The wooden floor has already shown signs Need for repairsAs well as the only masonry wall in space, built more than 20 years ago.

The Unmarried motherLike many others in that community, he apologized for the inconvenience and bad odor of the house which, according to him, must have come from one. Dead mouse Around, which he could not find. Embarrassed, he told the camera not to record the condition of his old stove, where the house cat had risen, trying to reach the leftovers from dinner.

Fisherman Ladian da Silva, 27, and her two daughters from the Pina community – Bruno Campos / Jesse image

All income from that house comes from R $ 400 Brazil helpFrom its work Shellfish collector The mother and some “beaks” she does when they are present. There, you have no right to choose what you eat or wear – it depends on what comes from the grant. What rights will that house give to Mickey? In a dream.

She looks at the house and tries to guess what the little girl’s biggest wish will be. Living in an apartment? Become a doctor? Long distance travel? – But he soon interrupts my reflection: “My dream is to have a bicycle.”

This answer haunted me for days, trying to understand it. How could his dream bike be in so much guilt?

Perhaps, the bicycle represents what he thinks is possible to achieve – even if it is difficult for that family. How to expect Mickey’s dream Home Worthy, Food Annoyed, one The bathroom Sewerage and a life that is not associated with constant risk if this is the only reality he knows?

The morning before, a few kilometers away, said Goat communityAlso repeated with Bairro do Pina, a similar conversation JulianaThe 15-year-old, whose home roof where he has lived for three years is literally about to collapse, has been hit hard by heavy rains in the city in recent months.

Bruno Campos / Jesse image

Child of Angelina Pessoa, resident of Communidad do Bod. In a white blouse and red skirt, Juliana – Bruno Campos / Jesse image

Six members of the family then began occupying one side of the hut, where the living room and bedroom were. The four children sleep in the same double bed, while the mother, who is about 9 months pregnant, and the father lie on a mattress on the floor of the living room at night. There is not even a door that divides the rooms.

Bathing is done using buckets, and the toilet is a hole in the floor that carries waste at high tide. Juliana says the gabiras move to the bottom of the house, which seems to have become normal to live with. To receive mail and parcels, the family registers the neighbor’s house, since they are not registered.

Juliana saw on television that on May 6 the Pina community caught fire and panicked. “Everyone here was careful not to let this happen,” he said. Because Bode’s electrical wires are as uncertain as the ones there – according to residents, this could be the cause of the tragedy.

The teenager’s family is waiting for an apartment in Encanta Mosa Housing, on the former Aeroclub land, which is out of delivery. “We were registered. When it is ready, we have to go there, but no one knows when we will leave, “said Angelina Pessoa, 33, her mother, a shellfish collector.

Bruno Campos / Jesse image

Pregnant, Angelina Pessoa, 33, lives with her four children and her husband, Cominidad Do Bode – Bruno Campos / Jesse image

“What else do you want in your home?” I asked, leaving him free to answer whatever he wanted. “One tablet, because here’s one for four.” Again, dressed in the opportunity to ask, I replied: “But if you can ask Any Something? “, Whatever the emphasis ৷” Also a telephone, because what we have is broken, or a television, because there is one for everyone “.

Clear. The child wants to play. But leisure, in a stilt, is always a limited one. It is dangerous on the outside, and dangerous on the inside.

Without a comprehensive plan Popular housingHousing that thinks of the most vulnerable segments of society and does not represent this population with them Rights As citizens, Mikelli and Julianus will grow up even more Metropolitan area Where the key to making a living for the majority seems like a dream, dreaming is not worth it.

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