Draymond Green, Steve Kerr has what he is doing in the fourth quarter

BOSTON – Draymond Green is encouraged by the competition. It was a major part of what made him Michigan State the best player in the world and what changed him who was previously selected as the second “House of Famer” future with three rival rings, fighting for a fourth place in the NBA Finals. against the Boston Celtics.

The same fire is why Green was not happy to be released at 7:23 to go Friday night in the fourth round of the Warriors 107-97 victory against the Celtics at TD Garden in Game 4 of the Finals.

“I was never happy to come out of the game with seven minutes to complete the fourth round in a game that should be won,” Green told reporters after winning the game. “I’m not going to sit here and act like I’m happy. I’m a competitor.

“But, at the end of the day, if that’s what the coach has decided, then you’re upset about it. I had to keep my head on the game and every time I came back, I was trying to make a play. This was just my idea. You know, don’t do too much.

“So, that’s what it is.”

The Warriors at the time were under 91-86 when coach Steve Kerr decided to replace Green with Nemanja Bjelica and Kevon Looney and Andrew Wiggins. By that time, Green had scored two points, 1-for-7 from the field and it was clear that Golden State needed a disappointing fire.

Draymond wasn’t bringing it up.

Through ups and downs, wins and losses, Kerr has been believing in the Heartbeat of the Warriors. That respect belongs to Green. Kerr also had to rely on his gut, trusting that Draymond would respond appropriately when he returned to play.

Golden State continued the 11-3 run, leading 97-94 four minutes later. The Celtics coach, Ime Udoka, tried to calm the storm and called time, looking for answers at the Boston home. Kerr’s response was to return to Green.

“We pulled him out and put Loon around for about eight minutes, which was our plan,” Kerr said. “But Loon played very well and Jordan Poole played very well, so we just had a team.

“We usually do that. Like most coaches, if you have a team that is going well, you just have it. A few minutes ago we just went into a kind of defense defense with Draymond and Jordan swapping.”

After his return, Green re-engaged while Jayson Tatum missed a 3-pointer. Kerr called it time, and the Green-Poole scene had begun. The Warriors’ defensive star was again placed on the bench in favor of more offense, and 17 seconds later, Draymond returned.

He did not stay up until only 56.1 seconds left. The Warriors had ridden 102-97 at the time.

During this time, Draymond provided two assistants – which resulted in five key points – and recaptured the giant that Klay Thompson missed a 3-pointer before hitting Looney through a well under the basket.

Green played the final 47.7 seconds of victory, earning one more disappointing victory. The Warriors scored 10 points and conceded just three after Draymond returned from his four-minute tour.

“I don’t want our players to be happy when I release them,” Kerr said. “Draymond is a very competitive player. I didn’t see what he could do. But he was a great competitor. He came back. He made a big game. He finished the game with four steals, eight assists, nine boards.

“Look, this is a tough list to win because of Boston’s growth and speed, but he still has a big impact on the game. And he knows we will do everything we can to win. We have a chance to win. whatever it takes in Game 5, that’s what we will do. ”

For many Friday night contestants, it looks like this will be the second straightforward forgetfulness about Draymond. He finished with nine rebounds – five offensive and four defensive backs – eight top defenders and four thieves. The four theft was what he did most of the game, and it saw him overtake Gary Payton and Andre Iguodala for 25th place in the NBA’s all-time stealth list with 218.

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Kerr and Green are in their eighth season together. They laugh, raise the volume away from each other’s noses and hug each other countless times. This is their sixth trip to the Finals, and they are all ready to do whatever they can to win.

The two trust each other, love each other. What is important is that the final goal is in the best interest of the Warriors, and they all made sure it happened to keep their season alive.

Come Monday night to the Chase Center, Kerr and Green will again do whatever it takes to win the other Warriors in Game 5. It’s a real test of trust, a real test of love.

It would have been extremely important, they all tested their biggest tests this season with flying colors.

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