Draymond Green, CJ McCollum jumps twice as actor and media

BOSTON – New Orleans Pelicans guard CJ McCollum, the new president of the National Basketball Players Association, won the NBA Finals 3 games Wednesday between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors.

McCollum is also the newest member of the film industry, signing with ESPN as an NBA champion.

After the Celtics won 116-100 to make it 2-1, McCollum – and new executive director of the NBPA, Tamika Tremaglio – waited on the sidewalk through the locker rooms for cars to disembark before departing from TD Garden.

Draymond Green came out of the locker room and was on his way to his press conference, but he saw McCollum and stood up to briefly comment on what had just ended.

McCollum, the head of journalism, felt it was his responsibility to inform Green of his Finals prediction in person instead of being surprised by McCollum’s actions on television.

As a mediator within the negotiations, McCollum and Green allowed Yahoo Sports to publish details of their negotiations.

“I have to tell you this. I chose Boston to win Game 3, I chose you to win Game 4. But in the end, I got the Celtics to win the Finals, “McCollum told Green.” I just want you to hear from me first before you hear me talk on TV. “

Green, without hesitation, replied, “That’s fine. The Celtics will still be as useless as you. respect. ”

Then Green just walked away smiling.

“Damn, this was a good return,” McCollum said to himself looking at Green mosey. “But, hey, he heard it from me.”

Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green is part of a group of young, but growing NBA players, along with CJ McCollum, who is also an NBA analyst on various media. (Photo by AP / Michael Dwyer)

Whether McCollum has been proven right or wrong is beyond comprehension. He was a good man at heart and could rarely do any harm to anyone, as far as he was concerned.

His style is respected by players and is a respected way among his teammates.

“I had CJ last night, thank you because that’s what people today don’t do,” Green told Yahoo Sports. “I’m like a *** – speaker. I always have something to answer for. It just comes out naturally like that. That’s how I’m made. I always get something quick. That’s how my mind works. But I think CJ is amazing. I remember going back to his year. third or fourth in the league, CJ was doing media when we were in the NBA Finals. He has been doing this for a very long time and I see him being paid by his contract with ESPN, I think it is amazing for him. I think it is amazing in the league. “

One of the essentials of professional sports writing is that if a journalist publishes articles, essays, TV or in other ways, which appear to be harmless or controversial in the topic, it is necessary for them to be present at the game or game the next day to indicate the level of response.

While players may criticize and disagree with the content, they often respect the fact that the reporter is showing up and are available to continue the conversation, and sometimes even insulting sections.

But the new phase of double immersion as an athlete and media specialist can create tension between players.

Many players feel that there are signs that should not be broken and internal conversations should not be mentioned, even if given anonymity.

Miami Heat midfielder Udonis Haslem has challenged Green to announce that Boston will be relegated to the NBA Finals, saying Green has “violated the rules.” Fellow PJ Tucker agreed.

Green was signed by TNT as an NBA player.

Many have argued that the Heat acted excessively, but more importantly is how modern players feel about the players who are predicting and expressing opposing views of their peers.

“The way I see it is strong there is a difference between being an opposition and being an enemy,” Green told Yahoo Sports. “You see a lot of events that former players hate. As a very critical person, I think I understand the enlightenment and the hatred, because the lines can be quickly distorted because in the end, these are the guys you’re competing against.

“And if you disagree, you should be knowledgeable and give examples. You should know how to say what you are trying to say without saying, ‘Draymond sucked last night.’ But why did Draymond suck last night? Draymond sucked because he didn’t shoot the ball well, or he didn’t shoot at all, or he didn’t defend well, or because Jaylen Brown had 21 points in the first half. ‘just throw s *** out there. “

McCollum expressed his interest in journalism at Lehigh University. Green probably wouldn’t have liked McCollum’s message, but as a teammate and other NBA player, he respected the approach.

Only time will tell what this looks like over time.

“I think on TV, the truth is lost. No one is telling the truth. And I think the main thing, when I talk about ‘new things,’ and the guys are also telling the truth, and it’s important for the game,” Green told Yahoo Sports. “I think our game has come to a head because of the lies surrounding the game, because of the stories that are being told that may not be true. And I think the players are pushing back on the lessons.

“That’s why I did not comment on CJ last night. He just talks s ***, I say s *** and we keep going. There is no more honesty in this business. “Two months ago by Pat Beverley. I think what the players are bringing to this is real. I’m excited.”

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