Draymond Green called on former players to criticize the current NBA for the better

BOSTON – A time when most of us have been waiting and waiting and pleading quietly came Tuesday.

The current NBA expert took a moment to spit on former NBA players who simply said that today’s players are much softer and inferior to their teammates.

Thank you, Draymond Green, for inviting paper tigers and stupid experts are often reluctant to review history.

At a meeting between Game 2 and 3 of the NBA Finals, Draymond was asked if anyone in the past had “strengthened” his desire to participate verbally and physically, a topic that was raised after his altercation with Celtics player Grant Williams in Game 2. Sunday at Chase Center.

Draymond said his form was made in his hometown, Saginaw, Mich., The blue city that has made so many athletes go to the NBA and NFL. He also exclaimed Gary Payton, who along with former Celtic Cedric Maxwell, was pleased with the physical and waste negotiations between Green and Williams.

Maxwell, however, said Draymond would “drop fk” in his time. These were the words that made her feel warm inside.

“Obviously, growing up I look at guys like Gary Payton, Rasheed Wallace,” Green said. “I looked at all these guys and how they did their business. Dennis Rodman. Seeing those guys over the years, and I really appreciate Uncle Oak (Charles Oakley), how he encouraged things. This is a part of the game. It’s a skill. I’m very grateful to those guys.

“I see what Cedric Maxwell said.”

And that’s when Draymond completely changed his disgust with another gear.

“One of the things that bothered me in the 80’s or 90’s, or any time you’d like to call it when basketball was very difficult, and some of the guys who spoke were not guys who beat people,” Green said. he said. “They act like boys walking around the courtroom, like, ‘I’m going to hit this guy in the nose. There were a few guys in the past who put you out, who knocked you down, who insulted you and kicked you out of the game. Bill Laimbeer. Rick Mahorn.

“But any runner should do the same thing, you get annoyed. That’s why, I wonder when everyone, because he played in the 80s, because he played in the 90s, it’s like, dad, if you play in our day, you might be disappointed. No, because you can’t be you. . ”

Laimbeer and Mahorn were Motor City strikers in the Detroit Pistons during their Bad Boys tenure. Draymond was in the game at the time, but he heard the news well and saw the visuals in those teams, which won repeated competitions in 1989 and 1990.

But Draymond did not allow his sermons to end there. Yes, they did. Today’s NBA players clap their hands with old and fun games in 2022, when the conflict returns to divisions, which could lead to disgust – but it could be gold on TV.

Sometimes, but not always, there is a sense of courtesy. Or spirited barbershop conversation between generations.

And, here, Draymond was trying to get it. He rightly concluded that no intelligence was produced.

“When boys start to compare themselves with one another and say, ‘You always have fun playing,’. . . ” Green said. “And if you if you played it today you would have to be smarter than you used to be. It’s just different.

“Compared to the style of the game and everyone who acts like a very aggressive and aggressive person, it’s as if everyone is acting like they are shooting a ball like Steph Curry today.”

Draymond was openly skeptical of the certainty of players whose words in 2022 did not match their actions in 1992. The truth is that most are fraudulent. The game was beautiful sometimes in the 1980s and 1990s. It was beautiful sometimes in the 2010s and now in the 2020s.

The rules changed, so the game changed again.

“Then it was material, now it’s shooting,” Green said. “No one can shoot a ball. Imagine me 20 years old, like, man, if you played in my day you should shoot. Like, yes, the guys shot better and so on. But that doesn’t mean you have a good shot.

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Today’s games are often full of three-point shots and a variety of skills, players who may have been the masters of the 1980s as talented as guards. There are, no doubt, many finesse.

Yesterday’s NBA was all about size and design and demand. Bring your muscles, punk or “punked.” Although it offered many exciting games and moments, the depth of game play in the league was minimal.

From 1980 to 1998, 18 of the 19 games were divided by only five teams: Lakers, Celtics, Pistons, Bulls and Rockets.

In the 23 years since then, there have been 10 different experts.

Different league. good league. Unity deserves to be ridiculed or mocked that comes from a pointless “argument.”

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